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  • I had to chuckle at "those gym bloomers that apparently they stopped using in the 1980s but are fetish fuel regardless". I always found it absurd how with anime even produced today, the characters still get put in those bloomers. I guess people will riot if they can't see their favorite school girls in bloomers. :^)

    Anyway, nice review! MegaHouse has a super interesting history (much more interesting than the mediocre and small scaled figures they churn out today). Except for the gym clothes set, this doll/figure doesn't even look that aged to me. The fact that she has nipples surprised me though! And except for the tiny feet the quality of the doll body looks very good to me. I also like how her hair is sculpted.
    Il y a 5 mois
    Tama-nee brotherhood is alive nyahahaha!!! that was a fun read... I can't believe there are still fans/collectors of this long forgotten figure line... thumbs-up to you...
    Il y a 10 mois
    I thought Megahouse's obsession with big boobies was recent, but I guess that's been their MO for a long time.XD
    Il y a 10 mois
    This figure really does feel like it's from an era long gone by. Love your opening, made me laugh. I also like that her boobs are squishy? I don't know why but it just seems like a good thing? Fun review.
    Il y a 10 mois
    Ty for the parrots, but now you enjoy these: https://media2.giphy.com/media/8zCmylwilObfO/source.gif

    Anyways, a great review. Usually I barely read reviews but I really enjoy your’s. A fun read, as always, written with admirable passion and humor. :)
    Il y a 10 mois
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