Ayaname Rei - Project Evangelion Racing - SEGA - REVIEW 02Ayaname Rei - Project Evangelion Racing - SEGA - REVIEW 02Review

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Happy Friday, Everyone!
Many thanks for your kind comments on my first review yesterday! I look forward to offering many more in the near future. :)

Back Story
While awaiting the delivery of my first purchased figure (see BLOG #43973), I had been watching the anime series, Evangelion on Netflix, as I was really captured by some of the character development and intrigue of the story. I like science fiction relating to post-apocalyptic humanity, so a lot of the futuristic aspects of the story were right up my alley.

The initial story has two primary female characters (though there are many more ancillary ladies), and I gravitated toward the more soft-spoken, timid, and almost “spooky” Rei. She was unsettling to me, but I still wanted to know more about her in the story. No spoilers here, though – you have to watch it to find out what makes Rei so interesting.

I looked her up on MFC and found that the majority of the figures of Rei were lower end products (quality and production-wise), and weren’t really carried by many of the higher-scale Japanese retail shops. Checking on Amazon.com, though, I found a treasure trove of figures from this range of products. It was at this point that I began to understand more about the niche markets of specific brands, and was intrigued by the fact that the grouping at the Amazon level (Bandai, SEGA, etc.), had a lot to offer in really great looking sculpts at ridiculously low prices (compared to the majority of others I’d seen on MFC).

I decided to give one of these figures a try, figuring that at the worst, I’d have a better education on the product quality – a benchmark, if you will – that I could later use to compare the higher-end figures I hoped to purchase. I wasn’t disappointed!


Sculptor: Okumura Yukio - ENTRY #8313
Vendor: Amazon.com ($34.48 in July of 2019)

I purchased the Shin Seiki Evangelion - Ayanami Rei - PM Figure - Racing (SEGA), and it arrived within about two weeks from the reseller in Japan.

The Box
Like most packages from third-party vendors who want to keep their ability to sell through Amazon.com, the figure was well-packed, shipping box intact, with no bruises, dings, or marks of mishandling. The actual product box (pictured below) has a bit of shelf-wear, but nothing that would offend or bother me. While I’m a bit O.C.D. about the things that I purchase, usually opting for the higher-priced “factory sealed” options, I’m not one of those collectors who has to keep the boxes in mint condition. I know that for resale value, I need to keep the boxes and packing materials in good to great condition, but it usually doesn’t bother me if there’s a scuff here or there – I don’t showcase the boxes.

I liked that this box had anime renderings of the character on the sides and a good viewing window on the front panel.


The Figure
This being the first figure that I was actually opening, I really didn’t have anything to compare the experience with, so the plastic blister packaging was a pleasant surprise. The figure only had two parts – a base with the NERV logo in bright red, and the Ayanami Rei character, herself.


Mounting the figure to the base is quite simple, and I was surprised by how tightly, yet smoothly the pegs in the feet slotted into the provided holes in the base. I’ve learned since this purchase that most of the figures I have incorporate the pegs in the base, and the holes in the feet – so the reversal of this scenario wasn’t a surprise to me at the time, but taking these pictures reminded me of it.


Reviewer's Notes
Overall Sculpt
The base is clean with good definition and clean lines in the printing. I also like that it isn’t very big, as I plan to keep this figure on a shelf with many other “narrow” models.


Like the Rei of the anime, I love her reserved facial expression, though I had hoped that there might be a little more detail. I suppose this is the trade-off when purchasing a figure that costs so little.


Her pose is very feminine (which I never really thought of Rei as presenting – though she’s clearly a female, I always viewed her as more androgynous in the show). So, this pose that shows off her long legs, her slim waist, modest breasts, and delicate hand positioning was both a welcome change of character and a beautiful rendition of her.


Looking at her again today, I noticed that a number of the design elements on this figure are simply painted on – not the typical sculpting mastery that I have come to expect from the higher-end figures. But the effect is well done, as the painting is quite clean and vibrant.


I like that the seam for her hair is really nice and tight – it really bugs me when I see a figure with a noticeable gap.


As stated before, for the most part, this figure has really good lines, and the painting has been carefully and cleanly. There are, of course, very slight smudges here and there, but nothing that I would be upset about at this price point. If anything, I was quite pleased that the figure looked this good.


The paint used on the wardrobe has a very glossy effect, while the artists use a more matte finish on the body portions. This isn’t as distinct or noticeable as the more expensive figures, but it IS apparent when you view her up close.


I was also pleased by the subtle shifts in the use of the white paint to differentiate the more transparent parts of her bodysuit. It has a realistic look, while not drawing huge attention to itself, creating good depth and realistic texture to the character.


Overall Presentation
She’s not full of “pizzazz” like some figures, but then again, that’s consistent with Rei’s character. But she has a very elegant nature in this pose, she’d long and trim and lovely in her stance, and her outfit denotes a very feminine attractiveness.

The first comparison is teamed up with Takao -- Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio - Takao - 1/8 - Bunny Style, Black Elegance (Ques Q) -- ITEM #485235

While they’re not exactly from the same price point, and the design of their costumes is quite different, I don’t think that this version of Rei is ill-suited to share space with higher-end figures. Like many of the “prize figures” of this type, I think they hold their own when it comes to the poses and presentation, even if they aren’t made with the same attention to detail or finesse.


The second comparison is with another Rei, though this version is one of the prizes of my collection so far -- Evangelion Shin Gekijouban: Q - Ayanami Rei (Flare) -- ITEM #463483

At 8.5 inches, the SEGA version Rei doesn’t really stand up at all to the 9.3 inch Flare version, but I like how these two figures show very different sides to the character. On the one hand, she’s been created within an anime, and therefore can have a more “cartoonish” presence. On the other hand, there’s no reason that an artist capturing her in a more realistic and daring presentation isn’t appropriate as well. I love their similarities AND their differences!


The third comparison is with another figure of post-apocalyptic persuasion – Angela Balzac, from Expelled from Paradise -- Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled From Paradise - Angela Balzac - 1/8 (Alphamax) -- ITEM #279274

I include this comparison because it highlights some basic differences between low-cost figures and their more expensive counterparts. First, is the wardrobe – as I stated before, the bodysuit and wardrobe pieces on Angela are almost all separate pieces of the sculpt that have been added and painted separately, while the same can’t be said for Rei. Second, is the skin – Angela has that silky perfect matte skin that is smooth to the touch and still boggles me as to the technique they use to create it, while Rei is really just a matte finish paint. Both lovely ladies, and both characters that I wouldn’t mind having on my team if the day ever comes that humanity needs to survive near extermination.


Lessons Learned
I would HIGHLY recommend to new collectors the purchase of at least one or two figures of this grade and price-point. I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by the quality for the dollar you spend. I’ve seen plenty of images on MFC of entire collections made up of prize figures and similar styles, and they are every bit as impressive as the minimal collections of high-end figures. It’s all about what you enjoy, and you can certainly get more “bang for your buck” with this grade of product. I’m usually a quality over quantity kinda guy, but it’s hard not to admit that I could have four to five times as many figures in my collection if I went this route instead.

Food for thought!

As always, please feel free to leave questions or comments, including constructive criticism! I like hearing from you all!

Until next time!
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I fully agree. Prize figures are kicking ass now.
I'm probably in the minority but it's nice to see such a happy Rei.
Il y a 9 mois
I've always thought that the color scheme on this Rei was very interesting, with the semi-transparent bodysuit covering her midsection and the electric blue accents on various parts of her outfit.
Il y a 9 mois
I cringed a little when you said Evangelion on Netflix... I have a few Evangelion prize figures. These ones are my favorite.

ITEM #174741 Not too many flaws and her face is pretty nice in person.

ITEM #90149 I really like this test suit Asuka one. She's my favorite prize figure and I like her as much as a lot of my scale figures. She must have flown under everyone's radar. Her quality really surprised me for a prize figure. And she looks nice from every angle.

That racing Rei figure looks nice. I like the variation of her white plug suit. But I tend to stick with what they wear in the show. Although the test suit Asuka I have is her metallic version. Close enough though. But yeah I agree, sometimes prize figures are worth it. Most of the time I'm viewing them from a distance where you can't see the flaws.
Il y a 9 mois
Completely agree about giving a chance to prize figures, especially Sega! Most of them are so underrated, I have many prizes from many manufacturers, some are bad, some are decent but most of them are pretty good!

Anyways, another great review! Coming from a huge Eva and Asuka fan ^^
Il y a 9 mois
it's always fun to read your reviews because i love your photos you take. thanks for a look at this figure! for me, she looks great, but ive never been a fan of how they do her hair in her figures.
Il y a 9 mois