Commentaires Ayaname Rei - Project Evangelion Racing - SEGA - REVIEW 02

  • I fully agree. Prize figures are kicking ass now.
    I'm probably in the minority but it's nice to see such a happy Rei.
    Il y a 9 mois
    I've always thought that the color scheme on this Rei was very interesting, with the semi-transparent bodysuit covering her midsection and the electric blue accents on various parts of her outfit.
    Il y a 9 mois
    I cringed a little when you said Evangelion on Netflix... I have a few Evangelion prize figures. These ones are my favorite.

    ITEM #174741 Not too many flaws and her face is pretty nice in person.

    ITEM #90149 I really like this test suit Asuka one. She's my favorite prize figure and I like her as much as a lot of my scale figures. She must have flown under everyone's radar. Her quality really surprised me for a prize figure. And she looks nice from every angle.

    That racing Rei figure looks nice. I like the variation of her white plug suit. But I tend to stick with what they wear in the show. Although the test suit Asuka I have is her metallic version. Close enough though. But yeah I agree, sometimes prize figures are worth it. Most of the time I'm viewing them from a distance where you can't see the flaws.
    Il y a 9 mois
    Completely agree about giving a chance to prize figures, especially Sega! Most of them are so underrated, I have many prizes from many manufacturers, some are bad, some are decent but most of them are pretty good!

    Anyways, another great review! Coming from a huge Eva and Asuka fan ^^
    Il y a 9 mois
    it's always fun to read your reviews because i love your photos you take. thanks for a look at this figure! for me, she looks great, but ive never been a fan of how they do her hair in her figures.
    Il y a 9 mois
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