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TyjosAzariTyjosAzariIl y a 10 mois
What series do you like to collect figures from?

The series I enjoy collecting as of late are Transformers, Mobile Suit Gundam, and when I get to looking at Anime figures I end up getting a few figures from Sword Art Online since I enjoyed that series and I like certain characters from the SAO Series.

Transformers currently is my favorite series to collect.


Was thinking about this today because I picked up a few more Prize Figures for the collection since I was tired of looking at Robots and wanted to shift over to something else for a little while.

ITEM #619109
ITEM #222546
ITEM #743967

Ended up picking up 2 more after checking figures in the database and I like the SAO EXQ Figures.
ITEM #797106
ITEM #729349

I'd love to get more Sinon figures for the collection next month.

Picked those up for the collection and I like the EXQ figures they are neat looking Prize Figures.

I'd love to get more Sinon figures for the collection since I like her Character design and she's been a favorite of mine from that series since she was introduced so I'm glad there are several Sinon Prize Figures out there to check out. -Plus I like her color scheme with her outfits!

Prize figures are my favorite thing to collect at the moment.

Looking at what's coming next year I might pick up more Gundam and look into ReZero Prize figures since I do like the ReZero series and I haven't gotten around to picking up figures from that one and the only ReZero figure in this collection currently is ITEM #415032 and will have to pick up a Prize Figure of Rem and Ram sometime next year.

One series that keeps getting my interest is Evangelion and there are a few nice Prize Figures for that series coming out next year and I am still tempted a little bit to preorder them but I'll wait till they get released since I don't want to deal with preorders again.

Fate Grand Order has been a favorite series of mine as of late and I like the Prize Figures that are coming out for the series so I'm content to collect those shortly after they get released.

One of the main series I did enjoy collecting was the Yamato 2199 Series figures and the Shining Series over the years was the main thing I collected with anime.


I am not doing a lot with Anime as of late but I still like collecting a few Prize Figures from some various Anime series but after being fixated on Transformers and Gundam the last few months I'd like to check a few things out before I shift to retirement from being an active collector.

What series do you like to collect?

-This will be one of the last few blogs I make here because the attitudes and behaviors I've seen on this site as of late have made this site a place that's not that fun to be on and with what's gone on in the blogs here as of late I don't think this site wants to talk about figures anymore since I see more complaining and that's what I've seen the most of during my time here-
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Strike Witches =3
Il y a 10 mois
Fate because there are soooo many to choose from.
I understand why people are sick of it, but damn as a fan, I can't say I don't love the vast amount of choice I am given.
Shoutout to Sword Art Online too, while not as big as Fate, it's still a decent lineup (until you try to get a hold of a side character...)

Date a Live is also pretty nice... or would be, if there were more cheaper options. A decent Tohka either costs an arm and a leg or is a chinese bootleg. Ugh.

I would love to collect more Keijo, buuuut there is barely any merch in existence.
Il y a 10 mois
Il y a 10 mois
Recently I’ve been on the search to collecting all the monogatari girls from the GSC scale series. It’s been pretty exciting hunting them down on websites for deals lol. I’m almost there just need Senjougahara and I will have the primary set! In terms of smaller figures I’m getting all the persona 5 characters in nendoroid form, soon the phantom thieves will be together as a team!
Il y a 10 mois
Well, I'd say like to collect Vocaloid figures since that is what 90% of them are! I want to collect more than just them but money has been tight ha... But Nendoroids specifically are really cute and I'd love to get and collect more!
Il y a 10 mois
It's so tough to say because I like so many different series! But I definitely like to collect slice of life and magical series stuff the most!
Il y a 10 mois
I know this is nearly absurd to say, but for me its Sailor Moon. Bandai really likes to toy with us and their Sailor Moon licence, but oh my goood there is no other merch of a series that litteraly make me cry and scream out of excitement! I just love the proplica, I love to hunt for rare vintage henshin items and all those great smaller merch there is to Sailor Moon. Still I wish Bandai would treat the series (and us) with more... well, respect? More quality proof and just in general... more figures. There is so much Sailor Moon merch and while I love so much of it (not everything), figures are still lagging and the comparison with other Bandai series like One Piece and Dragon Ball just huuuurts so much ;; I also want an ARMY of price figures of Usagi and her senshis just like Son Goku and the other Z fighters. I want all of Sailor Moons forms as Figarts just as Son Goku. I want villains, side characters and freaking Princess Serenity.

But, well, back to the point. Even with all of Bandais issues they still make me scream in happiness ;w;
Il y a 10 mois
nyugvo6Il y a 10 mois#70651356
I've just finished collecing the 3 protags from nier automata. I have no intention of buying the side characters unless they go for half the price. square enix quality is just not there.

This is so true! I wish we had more Nier Automata options to collect! They would easily be one of my top items to look for.
Il y a 10 mois
it's kinda hard to tell since nothing is coming out. disappointment maybe?
I've just finished collecing the 3 protags from nier automata. I have no intention of buying the side characters unless they go for half the price. square enix quality is just not there.
previously I collected all kirakira precures, since I love the designs even if I wasn't all happy with the show.
before that I wanted to collect all SHFSS kabuto riders but they stopped producing them as a whole.
I was really hyped that 1000toys started releasing nihei stuff but they're so damn slow with the release dates that I can't exactly call it collecting at this point.
Il y a 10 mois
It's obvious just taking a look at my profile, but Fullmetal Alchemist! Although I collect Arakawa Hiromu stuff in general, FMA is my favorite manga and the one that has more goods associated, so...

I used to buy stuff from other series I liked (Gintama, Monogatari, etc.), but in the end I decided to just focus on Arakawa. I still buy quite a bit of manga in general, though.
Il y a 10 mois
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