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Hello everyone!

I admit I have fallen into the FREEing trap for bunny girls somewhat. I have not fallen too deep because most of the bunny girls are not the ones I particularly like or series I have not watched.

Today, I will be reviewing Asmodeus Bunny ver. ¼ scale by FREEing. She from the series called, “Seven Mortal Sins.” It basically fanservice glory (mostly the anime) and I liked the character designs they gave for each sin. Asmodeus represent lust, therefore this figurine version of her and other figurines represent her quite well. I brought her through Neokyo, a proxy service. It cost me $270 for the figurine (handling fee + service fee included) and $55 EMS shipping.




I picked this up at the post office and thought they made a hole. Turns out the box already had these holes. It those pre-cut holes that have people put their hands in to help carry large boxes. I could see bubble wrap inside the hole, so all good.


So open the box from the top and there a card and a paper from Neokyo saying thanks for using their services. They put cardboard on top of the figurine box which does not cover the top completely. Thanks for the protection I guess???


Welp, now I get it. The cardboard on top was tape to the packaging box outside. Strange very strange. Someone explain plox.

Here a spin around the box. It’s a pretty standard box design. Nothing to note about, but huge space taker.







A view from the top when opening the box to get the blisters out.




The instructions are in Japanese, but by the power of using my eyesight and understanding pictures then nothing can go wrong. I swear nothing will go wrong. I swear by the unlimited power of my soul. I swear because this review does not have drama. I “mean” it. Hahahahahahah….. I lied.

Figure/Sculpt + Breast Plate Drama


Asmodeus comes covered in endless plastic. Please take your time taking each piece of plastic off!


Asmodeus comes without breastplate folded or on her, so her breasts are free to stare and be appreciated. Of course in this picture, you cannot see it because I like to give time for your thoughts to go wild. Has it gone awry? Don’t worry it is all part of the natural course of staring at this lustful demon!


Feel cheap, but does the job of being the tail. Plus super light.

Now let spin this demon around for some shots.





Based on viewing Asmodeus from afar she’s sculpted well. Her hair flowing down in the wavy form. The tail gives Asmodeus that extra seductive appeal of being a demon. Her face gives off a smirk like she knows what she’s doing. >w<


Here are the two breastplates she comes with.


Here is a below shot of Asmodeus with the folded back breastplate. Also now you do not have to imagine anymore.

Breast Plate Drama:
I am sorry everyone. FREEing got me. First their Miku Bunny Girl now Asmodeus Bunny. They did me in. I had no trouble putting in the folded breastplate. It only took a couple of seconds. However with these breastplates that cover the breast... 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES OF MY LIFE. GUYS WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! Is FREEing trying to make me way more invested than I already am? Is this a test of willpower? Is it because I am a fool?!!?! These are questions that will be answered one day. Anyway, the breastplate would not fully push into place so I keep pushing and pushing while debating if I should give up. Then I was like “NEVER” because I want to display Asmodeus with breastplate covering. I personally thought she looks more appealing that way. Eventually, I did it but the cost of my fragile soul. RIP.



Titled the angle, so you can see the nipples peeking out from the breastplate.



A close view of the sculpt for the horns and hair. The sculpt is clean as the hair comes down. There are no attached hairpieces of seam lines. The horns are beautifully sculpted because I swear it the horns you could use in those Medieval times. (P.S. Touching them you can wiggle them a bit. Caution for the horns appears to be fragile and possibly easy to break off)


The bunny is standard. Nothing special.


Asmodeus’s face really does have a smirk. My cats. She is smirking at me. Notice the mouth has depth. This really adds to the smirk I keep mentioning. Her veins are honestly sculpted smoothly as they do not look like blobs, but pieces of the vien covering the face. The cuffs and collar be standard, so nothing to note.



The heels are plain black. Asmodeus has her leg crossing each other as heel glints in the light. Hmm, the appeal. The bunny tail is pretty standard. I did not find it while powder like I did with Bunny Miku.


Obligatory shot of her bottom parts. It, not a panties shot because she ain’t wearing one, but ya get the point.


The painting done by FREEing is great, but not amazing. Asmodeus is in a plain bunny suit so naturally, it just going to be a pretty shiny black suit and black stocking with black heels. The painting on the hair a minimal level of shading done. As most of what could be shading are done by a trick of the light in the room. Perhaps that what FREEing plan was and it would seem it work out okay. However, I wish they did it themselves. I will say that the hair seems to this glitter like the effect but there no glitter. Do not know what is that about. Anyone feel free to comment and tell me. The skin tone was appropriate as seen by shading where the muscles constrict around the breast fingers, and arms. The horns have the best shading by far from the rest of this figure. It is just beautiful ;~;. Anyway, there are very minor paint flaws like mispaint or paint transfer, but I took the liberally using the eraser to get rid of most of it.


Asmodeus does not have a base. However, we can not vote 0/10 for the base on MFC unfortunately. Fortunately, I was able to provide one.


+1 for my paper towel base. Truly efficient and easily replaceable.


As usual the bottle will do its job.


Not tall as a bottle.


Long as a bottle. Interesting. Interesting.


Asmodeus Bunny next to Tabby-san from Progress.


Domo is behind of Asmodeus.

Asmodeus is fairly large but she not in a standing pose, so you can find ways to make space for her. Plus she does not have a base. Well except by giving her a paper towel.

Verdict/Final Thoughts

Ya ever want to want more bunny girls in your life? Ya ever wanted to watch a show for almost fanservice of demon girls? Ya ever thought of having a bunny girl ever? Then here it is! Asmodeus is an appealing demon in a bunny suit that will captivate you in more ways than one. FREEing again struck gold with another bunny girl. They keep on going.

Where to buy her?
She somewhat limited to find a few shops that have Asmodeus in stock. A few stores I can name are Solaris Japan, Ninoma, and proxies (i.e. Neokyo, Yahoo Japan, and etc.). I recommend checking the MFC’s page for Asmodeus to see if shops post her and if people are selling her. She did recently come two days before Halloween or the end of October. So keep an eye out!

Did I watch the anime of Seven Mortal Sins?

Have I seen the anime of The Seven Heavenly Virtues?
Oh, yea. I need to watch that. So I can see both sides. Then decide which has more fanservice going on and which one conveys the plot. (honestly what plot)
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I'm glad it wasn't just me struggling with the breast plate. I was starting to question if I even needed it...
Il y a 8 mois
Love your review! Everyone who considered her should definitely go for it.
Il y a 9 mois
I have this lovely one on my wishlist and seeing her pics makes me wanna get her ASAP! Amazing review thank you!
Il y a 10 mois
Fair rating! The base is good enough for now, I'm glad to see a review of this figure!
Il y a 10 mois
LOL I love your base!

Thanks for the great review! The pictures and details really make her look great.
Il y a 10 mois
Thanks for the review! I've been eyeing bunny figures from FREEing and this figure looks great. This kept popping up in my radar for bunny figures quest and even though I didn't buy it, I've been curious about the anime because of it.

This review makes me excited for the two bunny figures I'm planning on buying soon too \^.^/
Il y a 10 mois
+1 for your makeshift base
Il y a 10 mois