Kono Suba Figma #EX-056 Megumin : Swimsuit Version ReviewKono Suba Figma #EX-056 Megumin : Swimsuit Version ReviewReview

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WOW, it's been WAY too long since I did a review! There is no real excuse other than there just hasn't been anything coming out lately that I wanted, sadly. And this figure was really delayed for me, since I had to wait for the retail release. But alas, I am finally able to do the review for this figure! ^__^

From the "Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!" / "Kono Suba" anime, this is Figma Megumin : Swimsuit Version:

Each photo can be clicked on to give a full-size view of the image, even if the image itself doesn't display.

Here's her in the box:


Megumin is one of the main girls/heroines in the anime, "Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!"; which is often abbreviated as "Kono Suba".

As a special release (#EX-056) in the Figma figure series, this version of Megumin one of the latest in the ever-growing and increasingly popular Figma figure series! I have already reviewed Figma Aqua, Figma Megumin (normal version) and Figma Kazuma, as well as all 6 of the currently released Kono Suba Nendoroids.

Like all Figma's, Megumin comes in the new, much smaller standardized box. Her box is actually smaller than the normal version's box, however (in height).

She's got most of her parts displayed in the window as well as the figure itself. It also has all of the normal information on it, like the series logo (in the top left corner), Good Smile Company (GSC)'s logo (top right corner), and of course the figure's name, number and image on the bottom.

Unfortunately for me this got released as a convention exclusive while I was on vacation...so I was not able to get her when she was originally released back in July. Because of this, I got the mass release which was even after the Kazuma release 4 months ago. I doubt there are any differences between the two releases of this figure, however.

Back of the box:


Just like the front of the box, the back has all of the usual information, logos and images that have become standard to Figma figures recently. The background for Megumin's box is a dark color with some of her alternate parts and accessories shown in use.

She comes with a small number of parts; so most of her poses and accessories are shown here on the back of the box (or on the sides).



Keeping up the standard (as it is now) of Figma (and Nendoroid) figures; Megumin's instructions are in both English and Japanese. The English is on one side, and the Japanese is on the other. It is the same on both sides, otherwise.

The instructions show all of her parts, including the standard how to change the face parts directions and how to brace the figure on the stand directions.

There are a few special parts with Megumin that are featured in the instructions, which are her hat, staff, popsicle and cape.



Megumin comes with a few parts (less than the normal version, however). Here's the list:

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler-- Megumin herself
-- Standard Figma base with stand
-- Extra joint part
-- 3 sets of alternate hands (thumbs up, grabbing hands, & closed fists; both left and right)
-- 1 slightly grabbing hand (right hand only)
-- 2 alternate faces
-- Popsicle
-- Staff weapon
-- Cape
-- Hat
-- Instructions

Sadly there was no Good Smile Company bonus with this release; unlike the past Kono Suba Figma figures.

Out of the box:


Megumin comes ready to go out of the box once her protective plastic pieces have been taken off. She comes with her happy expression in place as well as opened hands. Of course this version of her is wearing a swimsuit; something not seen in the anime.

As with all Figma's; the arms, hands, and legs are interchangeable and very easy to swap out with other arms, hands and legs. The same holds true for the face and the base as well.


Megumin's base attaches like a normal Figma base with a jointed peg; but this time there are 2 holes on Megumin's back. This is because one hole is for the cape (the top hole), and one hole is for the stand (the bottom one).


Unfortunately this version of Megumin shares the same hunched-neck that plagued the normal version of Megumin. This is not good at all, as it was one of the many problems with the normal version's release...something I was personally hoping would be corrected. It might be to accommodate the cape; but Figma Kazuma has a cape and no neck-hunch, so that's probably not it.

With hat and cape:


Unsurprisingly, the hat is...still not a great accessory. While the hat is something that Megumin really needs as an accessory; the design of the hat's attachment is really bad.

In fact, it is the EXACT same as the normal version's hat...right down to the terrible connection design:


I don't want to just repeat myself from the previous Figma Megumin review (you can read that part of the older review, if you want to here), but seriously this is just bad. The hat is literally the same hat as before, with ever-so-slightly darker colors:


Old version on the left; swimsuit version on the right.

But really, I was hoping they would improve this design from the last one. But it seems that GSC would just re-hash old parts instead of learning from their mistakes, it seems.

With staff weapon:


The good news is that the hat can be held with one of her grabbing hands! This probably works with the older version as well, but I didn't actually check.

This is good because, as it is, the hat doesn't really sit on the head as flush as it should. It just kind of floats on her head, because of the terrible connection design. So, with her hand holding it, it kind of looks like she's tilting it off of her head slightly; making it look much more natural. She can even hold it off of her head entirely, though this is much harder to do and it can easily fall out of her hand.

Much like the hat, the staff weapon is exactly the same as before (the same exact sculpt):


Old version on the left; swimsuit version on the right.

The only difference between the two versions is the color of the grips, with the old one being grey and the swimsuit version's being white. Also it does seem that the connection peg on the staff connecting it to the lower half of it does seem to be stronger this time (though I just might be lucky and have a version that isn't prone to snapping the instant it is separated, as people complained about with the 1st version's release).

Because of all of the same parts shared between the two versions of Megumin, the parts can be swapped and used between the two:


Like this photo above, which is actually the staff from the swimsuit version with the effect parts from the older version, as well as Chomusake.


Shockingly, the cape that comes with the swimsuit version of Megumin IS actually different from the original's cape! The main part of the cape is actually the same, but the two side flaps are different: The older one (on the left) is curled at the ends, where the swimsuit version (on the right) is straight at the ends.

Alternate Face:


One of her accessories is an alternate face. Despite having a previous Figma release, this version of Megumin does not duplicate any of the faces with the older one. This means that Megumin could have up to 7 alternate faces, if you got the GSC bonus with the 1st Figma's release.

This expression is a slightly shocked expression, perfect for embarrassing situations (such as wearing a small, revealing bikini).


If posed with her on her knees, it is actually possible to get the figure to stand without the base. This also allows for a good view of both pegs holes on her back as well, without the stand or cape in the way.

On a side note her butt is actually decently sculpted. And no, her bikini does not come off; it is sculpted in place.

Popsicle/Alternate Face:


Few accessories say Megumin as much as the smug expression, or "Smugumin". It is a really defining expression for her, so it is good that it was included with at least one of the Figma figures.

The popsicle accessory is kind of odd in that it can be actually held with two different hands, but not the 'grabbing' hand. Instead it is used by the slightly grabbing hand, as shown above, and the right 'thumbs up' hand, shown below:


The right thumbs up hand is actually different from the left one, in that it has a small opening in it in order to hold the popsicle in it. But it wouldn't be noticeable without actually looking at the hands from the top, so she can still give a double thumbs up just fine.

One more thing to note is that the face plug on my swimsuit version Megumin seems to be too big. This might just be a defect with my personal copy, but this makes swapping faces between the older Figma version of her and the swimsuit version rather difficult, as the faces have to be pushed really hard and almost forced onto the figure (unlike most Figma faces, which can be very easily swapped from one figure to the next and vice-versa).

With older version of Megumin:


These two Figma figures do share quite a number of the exact same pieces, including (but not limited to) the staff weapon, the cape's central part, the hat and her head (front bangs and back). The skin color between seems to be ever-so-slightly different, with the swimsuit version being slightly darker. This might either be something with the two copies I have of the figures, or maybe just Megumin having a slight beach tan.

With Aqua:


There really aren't any parts for Megumin to interact with Aqua, but of course they can be posed together in any number of poses or situations.

With Kazuma:


The Figma Kazuma figure does come with Megumin's panties as an accessory...but since this version of Megumin is in her swimsuit and (presumably) not wearing panties under her bikini, it wouldn't make much sense to use it with the two figures.

As a set:


It is ironic that Megumin would get two different versions of her as a Figma before Darkness even gets her release. But I do have Darkness ordered, so she will be joining the set very soon. Hopefully that won't get delayed, so I don't have another long gap before my next review (I do have other figures ordered, however).



I can't say that she is the crap-fest that the 1st Figma Megumin was...but this version of Megumin isn't perfect either. In fact, since they share a lot of the same parts, this version does have some of the same problems from the 1st version; such as the hunched back, the hat design problem, and the potentially breakable staff.

However, she lacks in other areas that the 1st figure did not. This would be the general lack of accessories compared to the 1st release, and the lack of a Good Smile Company bonus. While I understand that this was a convention exclusive first; they still could have given a GSC bonus with the online release to encourage people to wait and get this release of it. And with her overall lack of accessories, a GSC bonus would have been a welcome addition!

So, while not as a bad as the previous Figma Megumin; I can only recommended for someone getting the full set of Figma Kono Suba figures (honestly there is a much better swimsuit version figure of her out there). Lots of play value and display value with a bunch of options.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy the review! Be sure to check out the other reviews here: users.v4.php?mo...
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CloudberryIl y a 9 mois#72717412Thanks for the review! I've been eyeing on Megumin for awhile but after reading this, I'm not quite too sure.
I do like her embarrassed facial expression though.

Most of her problems come from the reused parts from the older regular release Figma Megumin, sadly. So I can understand your feelings about her. She's very expensive, all things considered...so I'm not sure if she's worth it on her own. But if you really want her, the embarrassed expression is a nice one to have! ^^

I'm glad I could help, Cloudberry!
Il y a 9 mois
Thanks for the review! I've been eyeing on Megumin for awhile but after reading this, I'm not quite too sure.

I do like her embarrassed facial expression though.
Il y a 9 mois
EsvaldForceswoopIl y a 9 mois#72553213So they didn't even bother to fix the hat smh...
Plus the EX line is usually pricier that normal.
I wanted her and Archer Artoria for a special display but now I am having second thoughts.
Thanks for the review!

Yeah...they left a lot of the problems from the old one, sadly. But I'm glad I could help you with this, EsvaldForceswoop! Thanks for the comment! ^^
Il y a 9 mois
So they didn't even bother to fix the hat smh...
Plus the EX line is usually pricier that normal.
I wanted her and Archer Artoria for a special display but now I am having second thoughts.
Thanks for the review!
Il y a 9 mois
GoodyHoodyIl y a 9 mois#72530948This is a great figure! Unfortunately, like her partner release Maid Artoria Alter, I can't justify picking either of them for 90$ above. Plus, I have Darkness in pre-order and I don't really need a 2nd Megumin.
I thought I could use the Swimsuit Emily body for Megumin but noticed it was a lot taller than her. So disappointing.
Also, know any figures I could use to make a summer Astolfo?

Thank you so much for the comment! ^^ Yeah, Figmas are starting to get expensive, sadly. It's part of the reason why I haven't gotten much lately or done a review in 4 months (that and nothing much I wanted coming out as well).

For a body for Astolfo...I am not sure. It would have to be someone flat like Megumin, since he's a boy with a feminine body-type...but I really don't know summer swimsuit figures all that well to make a judgment. Sorry...
Il y a 9 mois
This is a great figure! Unfortunately, like her partner release Maid Artoria Alter, I can't justify picking either of them for 90$ above. Plus, I have Darkness in pre-order and I don't really need a 2nd Megumin.

I thought I could use the Swimsuit Emily body for Megumin but noticed it was a lot taller than her. So disappointing.

Also, know any figures I could use to make a summer Astolfo?
Il y a 9 mois