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A7xMadA7xMadIl y a 6 mois
Hello MFC, I am trying to gather information and write a meta-guide of the Japanese proxies out there. I get many friends asking me how do you use a proxy? is it safe? which one is the best? etc. so I thought of writing this in my free time.

I have tried 4 consistently for a while FromJapan, Zenmarket, Buyee, Dejapan. I would like to know your input about them, especially FromJapan as I have used it the least, and more importantly others out there like tenso, white rabbit express, sendico, neokyo etc. which I haven't used before.

To have a solid base to this meta-guide/review, the input about the proxy should be done based on at least 2 packages delivered to you.
Things discussed about the proxy can be anything, but the most important items that should be mentioned are fees value (do you feel like you got what you paid for?), packaging and shipping(especially if you noticed them overcharging (it's a usual complaint with some proxies)), and customer service responsiveness, politeness and professionalism. Incidents would be great to hear as well as it would give us insight to how they would deal with a problem if something goes wrong, but please keep it comprehensive. Be sure to include pros and cons.

The more opinions I get the less biased it will be.

Thank you and I appreciate your time giving me your input :)

(P.S. You can inbox me if you wish to keep your response private)

edit: Zenmarket and FJ have received enough input, no need to mention them again :)
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WeisserSchneeIl y a 6 mois#74898084From Japan is by far the best. Super cheap and fast. Customer service is also helpful.
I tried out Zenmarket one time, but they were kinda slow

can you say more about both, like why do you think that? (I need to take in reasons when I write this guide) Thanks :)
Il y a 6 mois
yolsyncIl y a 6 mois#74855421It's half a year since I discovered DeJapan and it's fantastic:
-They don't charge commissions except for mercari requests (500 JPY).
-They only charge you 100 yen per item when you consolidate your package.
-Your auction software is the best.
-They give you the option of payment with paypal or credit card.
-They also have excellent and friendly customer service.
PS: I forgot to mention that they have protection plans for shipping the cheapest is only 300 JPY and its packaging is excellent, the items are well protected.

their auction software is glitchy and inferior to many proxies actually. I lost a couple of bids before because of an "error in their system" (as they said) that happens sometimes.
Il y a 6 mois
I've used FromJapan and ZenMarket as proxies, and I've used Tenso's forwarding service.

ZenMarket is my personal choice of proxies at the time, mostly because of its credit system making it less of a hassle to deal with YAJ. The customer service has always been responsive and communicative when I've contacted them.

I like FromJapan's search system better, since it divides listings into pages rather than the infinite scroll of ZenMarket's, but my very first package from them (SAL) took a very long time to the point that I thought it was a lost cause, especially since I'd shipped and received multiple SAL packages from ZenMarket within that period, but it did eventually get to me. It could be because I purchased a small item (a ring) but the packaging got to me really messed up and partially open, though my item was luckily fine.

Tenso's prices are a decent bit higher than ZM/FJ when I've used them both in terms of fees and shipping, but they've been reliable for me. You have to personally fill out the order forms though, and some sites don't accept foreign credit cards, which makes it less convenient, but if it's the case where you can't just use a normal proxy to purchase an item, they aren't a bad choice.
Il y a 6 mois
From Japan is by far the best. Super cheap and fast. Customer service is also helpful.

I tried out Zenmarket one time, but they were kinda slow
Il y a 6 mois
I pretty much only use FromJapan these days although I'm thinking of switching to dejapan to save on fees. I think FJ's service is kick ass though, and I buy enough that the shipping discount is decent. There was a time FJ only charged you an item consolidation fee, but they put a stop to that. When I first started out I used jauce. Their service isn't bad, but I would not recommend them due to their high fees. They charge you 400 yen plus 3.9% of the items price. And if that wasn't bad enough, they even take a percentage of the money you deposit.-_- I'm surprised they're still in business tbh. Every other proxy is so much better.

There is one more proxy I've tried: sharp service. I don't know if they still do this (or still exist) but they charged no fees outside of required fees (shipping, bank transfer). The only thing is they're not very good at carrying out instructions or are not super responsive. I've lost more auctions with them than I've won. I'd rather pay a little more and actually be able to buy items. They were very polite though. I had a feeling it was a very small operation at the time. I can't find them anymore, so maybe the person running it gave up.
Il y a 6 mois
FromJapan is my main proxy, but others have pretty much covered everything about them, so I will mention my secondary proxy: Treasure Japan.

  • Able to purchase from proxy-avoidant stores/sellers. (The company is primarily run by one person who uses their personal name for accounts. I mostly use them for Mercari JP.)
  • Purchases items fairly quickly. (I've always had a shorter than a 24 hour turnaround on business days, but keep in mind my time zone allows me to submit requests during Japan's work hours. You pay after you submit an order so you don't have to wait for a manual quote from the proxy. Any outstanding amount will be added onto the shipping invoice.)
  • Items are always packaged securely. (They use a lot of bubble wrap and tape to ensure items won't slide around in the package.)
  • Great customer service. (They were always very polite and prompt to reply on the few occasions where I had questions about items.)
  • Free order consolidation.

  • Proxy fee ranges on the higher side with the minimum starting at 700 yen per store (or seller in the case of YJA, Otamart, Mercari, etc.) which increase on a scale depending on the total cost of the order.
  • There are also additional Paypal and handling fees. (However, everything is listed out so you at least know how you got the total price.)
  • Limited shipping options. (They only use Japan Post iirc. But they don't overcharge on shipping from what I can tell.)
  • Website is a little clunky to use, especially when trying to submit a shipping request.

I would recommend using Treasure Japan only if you had a couple expensive items to purchase OR a rare item that can't be purchased by larger proxies. The proxy fees do not make it worth ordering tons of small items together as it may add up to more than the cost of the items themselves.

Edit: I've only ordered from TJ six times over the past two years due to the high fees. But each time I've had to use them, my orders went through smoothly and I received my packages without any issues.
Il y a 6 mois
FromJapan is also my to-go-to proxy. Low fees (or no fees, when buying from amazon.jp!) and great customer service. Good packaging and many shipping options, and very transparent. I have zero complains about their service and I have been using them for... one year I guess? I use them for Suru, Amazon.jp, Booth, Animate and also for auctions. I nearly tried any shipping method from surface, to EMS to DHL - DHL is my favourite, but it differs from country to country I guess. I always buy a lot so the package weight is mostly around 7kg, which makes DHL the best option for me.
Il y a 6 mois
FromJapan is my main proxy, and I'm always happy to recommend them. I've shipped 30 some odd packages from them over the course of a little over 2 years. Their site is super easy to navigate, and I love using their search function as it aggregates listings from all their partner sites, like Otamart, Surugaya, YJA, and Rakuten (Amazon.jp used to be an option too, but I think Amazon's since changed their website's formatting or something so it doesn't work anymore), so if I'm looking for a particular item or character it's really easy to see all my options in one place. I've generally been satisfied with their customer service, but there have been a few times where they took longer than a day to get back to me, and one instance where I asked if they could request that the packaging of a trading figure I had won in an auction could be included (as the listing's description said it was available upon request), and I had to explain this several times before being assured it would be included, but when I got the figure, the packaging wasn't there. Not a big deal, but frustrating nonetheless.

As for pricing, their fees are reasonable, though if you're buying from several Otamart sellers and/or several YJA auctions, the fees can rack up pretty quickly as the "by shop" fee only applies to individual sellers rather than Otamart/YJA as a whole (so for instance, if you order from 2 Otamart listings and they're being sold by the same person, you only pay the fee once, but if the listings are from different people, you pay it twice). It goes even higher with YJA, as they hit you with a ¥200 bank transfer fee on top of the regular fee. On the plus side though, buying from Amazon, Rakuten, or Zozotown doesn't incur any fees, and they frequently have Rakuten sales where all items are 10% off.

For shipping, I find overall if you can manage to get an order to be sent as small packet, the prices are pretty reasonable, but if it ends up heavier/bigger to count as small packet or you choose the ¥700 protection plan, shipping prices can be rather ridiculous. I find that while I consider their packing method secure, it's definitely bulkier than it needs to be most of the time.

The only other con I have against FJ is that they can be pretty slow to process orders that require quotes, so if you're looking to buy a time-sensitive item (either orders are only open for a small window, or you expect the item to sell out quickly), you may want to consider another proxy.

The only other proxy I've personally used so far is Japan Shopping Service (jpshopping.jp), generally only for places where FJ can't or won't buy from, most often Mercari. Their site is MAJORLY outdated and can be a little difficult to navigate or understand, but I've been pretty happy with them the 5 or 6 times I've used them. Their fees are less general than FJ's, having different tiers depending how much the item(s) cost, but overall I find the fees fair. Their customer service is is pretty quick, and they're just as quick to process orders, which saved my ass at least once; I wanted to buy the Kingdom Hearts tsumtsum set, which was going up on the Disney Store Japan site in limited quantity, but when I tried to use FJ, I was immediately informed they'd already filled their allowed quota, so in a panic I ran to JSS, and they had it processed and ordered with absolutely no difficulties.

With regards to shipping, I have the same opinion regarding their prices as FJ; everything I've bought through them so far has been able to be shipped via small packet, so prices have been reasonable. I have noted that sometimes they simply forward your order as-is if you don't request any sort of repackaging or consolidation, which is nice in some cases; to use my KH tsumtsums story as an example, they forwarded the set in the box from the Disney Store, which came as a pleasant surprise to me because the box had a bunch of Christmas-themed pictures of Disney characters on it (as this was around the Christmas holidays)! As if receiving the set didn't brighten my day enough, seeing Baymax stuck in a chimney wearing a santa outfit and carrying a bag of toys on one side of the shipping box just made it all the better (as did the Stitch in a gift stocking with Scrump on one of the inside flaps). Small detail, but a nice one nonetheless.

And that concludes my proxy experiences; I havr others bookmarked to eventually try out, but I inevitably end up falling back on these two as I've had no major issues with them.
Il y a 6 mois
FromJapan has pros and cons, but they're the proxy I use mainly because of their low fees. They charge by shop rather than by item, so if you buy doujinshi/merch/magazines in bulk like I (used to) do, the fees come out cheaper than most other proxies.

Another thing they have going for them is that they often have discount deals with shops (like I think at one point all orders from Surugaya were free from shop charge). Plus, if you haven't shopped with them for more than a few months (I think it was more than 3 months for me; I don't remember the exact number though) they send you free points that you can use towards your order.

I haven't used them for auctions, but their customer service is very responsive (they legit do get back to you on the next day - and if it's a business day, sometimes even within the day) and if you're ordering something from Otamart or an item that needs to be quoted before you can add it to cart, they usually give it to you within a few hours or the next business day so you can order it almost right away if you want to.

They've also taken measures recently to improve their services by getting feedback from their surveys and actually taking them into account.

The only problem is shipping. They tend to overcharge for shipping and if you choose their protected plan, you can't choose SAL even if what you ordered is only one keychain; everything will be forced EMS. But I've never had a problem with their normal plan so I can vouch that it's safe to go with it. I would only recommend the protected plan if what you're buying is expensive and/or you've REALLY been wanting it and you can't find it anywhere else.

They're the only proxy I've extensively used since I don't really feel the need to try out anyone else. However, if I can't use them because of proxy restrictions (e.g. Mercari JP, or the seller on Otamart doesn't want to sell to a proxy), I use wakuwakumono. It's run by only one person I think (last time I used them was in 2018 though, so things may have changed), but they are very responsive, super quick to reply, and also very pleasant to deal with. And they can bypass the 'not allowed to sell to proxy' limit because they order things from online shops through their own name rather than their company name. So through them, I've managed to order very rare keychains (my grails, really) from sites I wouldn't have otherwise been able to order from. Their fees are reasonable too (though I think if I remember correctly they do charge per item rather than per shop, but don't quote me on that). They also send you an invoice where all of the fees are broken down clearly and you're not paying for anything hidden. Pretty good proxy, would definitely recommend!
Il y a 6 mois
It's half a year since I discovered DeJapan and it's fantastic:

-They don't charge commissions except for mercari requests (500 JPY).

-They only charge you 100 yen per item when you consolidate your package.

-Your auction software is the best.

-They give you the option of payment with paypal or credit card.

-They also have excellent and friendly customer service.

PS: I forgot to mention that they have protection plans for shipping the cheapest is only 300 JPY and its packaging is excellent, the items are well protected.
Il y a 6 mois
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