Daisy -- Peace Keepers - 4 Leaves - Tony's Heroines -- REVIEW 34Daisy -- Peace Keepers - 4 Leaves - Tony's Heroines -- REVIEW 34Review

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Stranger Than Fiction Greetings!
Just when you think that a novel or manga or anime series has gone a little too far with the author’s poetic license, and the storyline takes a turn that just doesn’t seem realistic at all … you take a look out your window and see a world that has become stranger (and scarier) than a lot of the stuff we like to read as entertainment.

I hope that you are all safe and healthy. I hope that you’re all practicing social distancing, and not being driven crazy by cabin fever or what must feel like solitary confinement to many. I hope that you’re each able to find moments in every day where you can focus on the positives in your life – the negatives will take care of themselves, they’re so ever-present.

To those of you who suffer from anxiety or depression or any other debilitating mental/psychological hurdle, please keep up on the meds, force yourself to find something beautiful upon which to focus, call a loved one and chat for an hour … anything that will help you focus on how good your life is, and why we all need you in this world!! I’m one of those who has faced these issues, and I can say that while this crisis has been a very curious change to my life, I’ve been able to stay in the hopeful side of my mind – it helps to have two kids and a wife that overwhelm me with love every day.

I wish all the best for every one of you. I send my love and hugs and positive energy out to you, and hope that you can feel it as you face today’s struggles.

Love one another!

Back Story
The figure for today’s review is one that I’ve admired since I first started looking through MFC, though I never really thought that I would be buying it. It’s not that it isn’t beautiful enough, or stylish, or artistically pleasing … it was more a question of whether I wanted to go in more of a fantasy / “girly” direction (please don’t be offended by that over-generalized term).

I’m not a very chibi kind of guy, and for me, chibi doesn’t refer to any one specific size or style – I refer to any figure or image of a character that looks overly childish or too cutesy or innately fairy-tail-ish as chibi – I don’t limit it just to short little cute folks.

When I first saw this figure (and its fellow figures in the series), I thought, “wow, those are really beautiful – too bad they have the wings!” And that thought stuck with me for months while I collected other figures that I deemed more … serious or grown up or … not cutesy. But this figure in particular kept showing up in my feed, and I continued to be interested in it because I have always been attracted to the overall presentation and feminine beauty and quality. The mental comments continued, but they got quieter at each inspection.

A couple of weeks ago, an ad popped up on my feed for this figure, and after looking again at the fun and flirty nature, the genuine feminine appeal and beauty, and the general happy mood/vibe that the figure sent me, I decided to ignore my previous inner monologue and just bite the bullet.

The figure arrived yesterday, and I’m so glad that I no longer care about her wings – in fact, they’re quite beautiful. As is she, overall!


Peace Keeper Daisy – Tony’s Heroine Collection – 1/6 -- ITEM #153069
Sculptor: Ozou -- ENTRY #8207
Vendor: private MFC seller ($75 in April of 2020)

The Box
The box is a beautiful presentation in subtle greens and blues with a big window in the front and a smaller window on the top. With both photos and illustrations of the figure within, the box is very pleasing to the eye, as well as a strong and stable protector. Specifications for the figure are printed on the bottom.


The blister packaging is quite good for a figure this large and complex. As the figure comes pretty much fully assembled, some of the more delicate parts would be more easily damaged if it weren’t for the great attention to detail in the blisters and extra plastic sheeting.

Notice, too, that there are two sets of antenna for Daisy in the lower portion of the blister plastic – a nice addition since they are so delicate.


The Figure
I’ll have to admit that I was originally surprised by the size of the base upon first opening the box, but after looking at the instructions for the figure, I realized that the base can be used right-side-up or upside-down, depending on how you wish to present the figure. In the upside-down configuration, you are actually encouraged to place flowers (real or silk) in the tray to simulate the garden in which Daisy is standing. I think that this is a really cool option that adds even more to the display possibilities of a figure.


There is a small sheet of instruction for the assembly of the antenna, as well as the display options for the base.


As stated above, there are two sets of antenna provided for the figure, though only one can be used at a time. While the antenna look like they’re made of some kind of metal, they’re actually just plastic/PVC – rather delicate. I was very careful while inserting these into the very tiny holes in the head, and even with the care I took, I was quite worried that I’d snap at least one – fortunately I didn’t, so I have two extras for future disasters.


The actual figure of Daisy comes as a single piece, including the small insert upon which she stands – this piece fits beautifully into either the top or bottom of the base, depending on how you wish to display her.

The small insert is actually screwed to the bottom of Daisy’s foot, so it has a great deal of stability.


Reviewer's Notes
Overall Sculpt
The overall sculpt of this figure is really fantastic, and I love the use of various parts of differing opacity to create a lifelike impression.

At the base, Daisy’s feet are covered in what look like very fairy-like slippers that might have been fashioned from flower petals. The effect is strong, and the stability for the figure is excellent! The top of the inset portion of the base is actually covered in a felt material, so she looks as though she’s standing atop a small mossing outcropping.


Above the slippers, Daisy’s legs are clad in delightful white thigh-high stockings with dark silver bows as adornment. From a guy who loves long legs, this is (in my opinion) one of Daisy’s strongest features – beautifully sculpted legs with great detail in the muscles and knees!


Beneath the beautiful, extended baby-doll top that Daisy wears, she has a pair of knickers with a cute little aquamarine butterfly bow at the front. Though this feature is small, and somewhat hidden from view considering all of the flare of the other parts of the figure, I think it really aids in making Daisy a feminine, flirty beauty.

I also LOVE the use of the transparent black material for the sheer top that Daisy wears beneath her baby-doll. The scalloped edge is adorable!


From the back, you can get a very nice peek at Daisy’s beautiful bum, accompanied by another bow at the back of her baby-doll. Great details!


Daisy’s baby-doll is a great use of a transparent material, and the sculpting does a wonderful job of presenting the weightlessness of the fabric, as well as the motion in which it is being flipped by the breeze.

The matching bow at the breast line is wonderful – as is the sculpt of Daisy’s bosom. She’s not overly-endowed, but perfectly proportioned.


On her hands, Daisy wears a pair of full-arm, fingerless gloves that are simply adorable! The attention to detail in the musculature and ornaments of the gloves is superb, and they wonderfully complete the outfit she wears, complimenting the stockings perfectly.

Daisy’s hands are great sculpts with well-defined fingers and a realistic pose that is anime gold!


Which brings us to the biggest and boldest aspect of this figure – Daisy’s wings! While this was the one feature that kept me from purchasing this figure for so long, now that I’ve had a chance to look at the work up close, not to mention shooting and processing the amazing blue tones that they display, I’ve completely changed my tune. I LOVE these wings!! I don’t know that I’ll make purchasing fairies a habit, but I’m certainly glad I took the leap with this figure!


The sculpt for Daisy’s face is really delightful with a full open-mouthed smile, bright eyes, and a general welcoming expression that would make nearly anyone smile in response.

I love the silver necklace that she wears as a simple addition to the wardrobe.


Daisy’s hair is the perfect combination of detail and simplicity. While there isn’t really anything that stands out about the hair itself, the addition of a light transparent blue bow on each side and the bronze antenna that are propped above each pigtail are wonderful examples of little things going a long way.

The seam at the top of the head is well hidden and beautifully overlooked when taking in the bows and antenna.


Here’s a quick look at the figure with the base inverted .. I’m not sure if I’ll display it this way, but I DO have a lot of silk flowers in the basement from my days as a fashion photographer. We’ll see.


As you’ve seen from the photos so far, the color choices and technique used to paint this figure have been spectacular! There isn’t a single line that isn’t smooth and perfect, nor a feature that hasn’t been handled with amazing dexterity and skill.

The overall palette is such a delight of blues and greens, and when these are put in contrast with Daisy’s natural skin tones and the white stockings and gloves, you have a wonderful medley of color.


And Daisy’s face is just stunning in its presentation and beauty. The subtle color changes at her cheeks, the peach and pink tones used for her mouth, and the giant anime eyes in striking blue are gorgeous!!


Overall Presentation
As Daisy is a 1/6 scale figure, she towers above most of the other figures in my collection, but I have to say that with her wonderful colors and very cute pose, she is the perfect addition at this stage in my display! While the base is a little large, it doesn’t out-reach the span of her butterfly wings, so there really isn’t a problem there – you simply need to allow some extra space for a figure of this size.

Overall, she is a real beauty with amazing curves, fantastic lines, and a strong feminine undertone that can’t help but make me smile.

For Daisy’s comparisons, I chose three of my more recent purchases …

The first comparison is with Misty – Shining Hearts - Mistral Nereis - 1/7 - Swimsuit ver. (Max Factory) -- ITEM #153426

I like this matchup because both figures are showing a lot of sass and flirty-ness with their poses – though Misty is probably USING hers a little more than Daisy. LOVE the combination of colors that they present together, and even though their different in scale (Misty is 1/7 scale), I think they do well side-by-side.


The second comparison is with Inori – Guilty Crown - Yuzuriha Inori - 1/8 (Good Smile Company) -- ITEM #78618

This comparison is for size and color, and I just can’t get over the different styles that each figure represents – with them both still nailing the presentation so well. I’ve started to watch Guilty Crown, so I’m building a fan crush on Inori, but if Daisy were available on the big screen, I’m pretty sure that I’d own that series as well!


The third comparison is with Luka – Vocaloid - Megurine Luka - 1/7 - Tony ver. (Max Factory) -- ITEM #72522

Here we have two Tony figures, and they’re both so gorgeous! I show them together primarily because of the flare of their wardrobe, but I also love the tones of their colors when placed side-by-side.


Lessons Learned
When all is said and done, hobbies like this are all about breaking down our inhibitions or pre-conceived notions. I’ve avoided figures like Daisy because I thought they might be a little too childish or immature when combined with the rest of my collection, but the reality is that there is a little boy in me who still believes in fairies, and much like the lost boys of Neverland, the only way we can keep them alive is to invest our imaginations, our courage, and yes, sometimes our money into them!

“I do believe in fairies, I do believe in fairies, I do, I do, I do!”

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions or comments! I love hearing from you all!

Until next time!
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I love Tony's figures, and this one has always been in the back of my mind. I know there are a few other girls in the set: any plans on getting them? I think you should liven up your display with a few flowers, hehe!

I absolutely love how the wings look like stain glass. Somehow this figure actually looks BETTER than the prototype photos I've seen on MFC.

Great review as always, and glad that I didn't miss this one :)
Il y a 4 mois
This figure has always been on my "someday" list, as I like Tony Taka as well as the color scheme of this figure.

Plus, Heroes of Might and Magic III has always been one of my favorite computer games, and the blue color scheme of this figure makes her look like the Pixies from Heroes III. Unfortunately, given the shipping shutdowns, it will probably be a while before I do any more preowned figure hunting. Hopefully, when the next big box o' stuff from Japan arrives, that will be a sign that things are finally getting back to normal. With a little luck, maybe some of the items I've got preordered will actually get released in 2020...
Il y a 5 mois
Nice review! I love winged figures so i've been wanting this line for a while, but personally i don't like that they are just wearing underwear, all of them. Otherwise they would be a must buy, but as it is i'd feel bad about it, i think. Still undecided. But great review! I love the pictures!
Il y a 5 mois
Thanks for the review and nice photos! I enjoyed reading it and she sure is cute. This figure reminds me of another Tony illustrated figure that I have which is also very well done. ITEM #530086
Il y a 5 mois