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☺ Hello! ☺
Welcome to my March/April 2020 loot haul!
Amid our quarantine, what better time than now to admire our collections? Or, you might also enjoy taking a look at all the additions to mine over the last two months! If you're like me, at this point you're probably just looking for a way to spend your infinite amount of free time..

other than playing Animal Crossing.


MFC has undergone some changes in its layout since my last loot haul. Like many others, I don't find the changes very attractive and would much prefer a lot of the decisions be reverted in the near future.. that being said, I will give props to the dark theme for not only straining my eyes less while taking a decade to type these hauls out but also making my pink text MUCH more legible. I'd still like upvotes to be brought back though.

As per usual, a large majority of the items you see were either purchased on Yahoo! Auctions Japan or Otamart through a proxy. A few items were purchased on Aitai☆Kuji as well and some were gifted to me since my birthday was in March!

If somehow one of these rambly hauls isn't enough for you, then clicking "Previous Loot" below will provide you with more quarantine reading material! Hopefully, in about two months we aren't still stuck in our houses, but if we are then I've got some good news for you! You can also click "Next Loot" to check out a newer haul!

Text & Photo Heavy!
My hauls tend to be quite a long read since I usually have a bunch to show off. I've tried to condense many items into as little photos as possible, but I do like to showcase certain things I have an interesting story/background information for or just individual items I like that I think deserve the spotlight! Keep in mind that the captions are just for flavor, feel free to simply scroll through the images if you like!

Remember to keep a smile on your face, that's extremely important right now!
Let's check out some loot!

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Nendoroid - Megumin | School Uniform ver.


Starting off with a Nendoroid I never expected to own, from a series I hadn't even watched until after owning her, introducing..

Megumin, Arch Wizard! User of the finest magic Crimson Demons possess!
*Now with 50% less explosions, and an added 100% cuteness!

Like in the anime itself, Megumin just kind of landed in my hands unexpectedly. Browsing Yahoo! Auctions Japan for Nendoroid listings at the end of my shift one night, I came across a bundle of three items for around $70 which was ending soon. While not very interested in Megumin herself, the other two items caught my eye since together, they were already roughly $70. Adding onto that everything was sealed and this bundle included a Nendoroid? It seemed like an amazing deal, so I went back and forth on bids for roughly twenty minutes until winning at about $95.

It wasn't until afterward that I looked up the Nendoroid and recognized who she was (the box actually still had the packing paper around it, making it hard to see the Nendoroid itself). I knew about Megumin purely through her standard Nendoroid and it's popularity, along with a few of my friends being fans of Konosuba. I'd never taken much interest in the series myself, however. What really surprised me though was that this Nendoroid was initially a convention exclusive with only 1500 available. This alone felt extremely special, but checking her price elsewhere really shocked me since typically she sells anywhere from $80 to upwards of $120 just judging by listings.

So immediately I knew that I'd found an amazing deal and suddenly the item I was least excited for in the bundle had become my most anticipated! From the details I knew about Konosuba, it really didn't seem like my type of show. I'm not one for perverted comedy and the isekai subgenre in general is usually unappealing to me.. but I knew if I was going to own this figure, I had to at least give the anime a shot and watch some of it! To my surprise, I really enjoyed it!

While a few moments and episodes in specific were a bit much for me (Episode 9 & OVA 1 to be precise) but otherwise I genuinely enjoyed a lot of the humor, both the premise and idea is also a lot of fun. I was really surprised by the amount of worldbuilding sprinkled in too? I've yet to start the second season but definitely plan to soon! I'm excited to watch it, OVA 2, and the movie. A fair bit more content to sit through!


So, with all of that out of the way.. what do I think about the Nendoroid itself?

Starting with how it looks, I think this Nendoroid is absolutely beautiful. The darker browns of her hair and outer robe contrast well with the light pinks of her uniform, accented by a tiny amount of yellow, red, and even orange on different bits of her. It's certainly a strange mix of colors, but they all make certain parts of her pop! Especially her eyes as well as her boots! While her boots are such a minor feature, they might be my favorite part and somehow they really do a lot to tie her outfit together?

Not only do I love all of the faceplates she was given, but this Nendoroid actually comes with a substantial amount of accessories! I didn't show off too many of them and I'm not able to really appreciate the references to scenes in which they're from, but I really like the selection and even without understanding.. Megumin smugly holding lobsters or munching on a few sleeves of bread crust is wonderful. Best of all and probably the most desirable part of this figure I'd imagine is Chomusuke though. While I'm also not familiar with this little kitty yet, she is totally adorable and compliments Megumin so well. I love that she comes with two separate bodies so you can have Chomusuke standing on her own or let Megumin hold her!

A complaint I do have about this Nendoroid is the limited posability caused by the restricting sash wrapped over her shoulders. While the plastic is quite pliable and easily bends, it makes it very difficult (at least in my experience) to switch out or even pose the arms in certain angles. While you could definitely just bend it to make poses work, I kind of fear stretching or damaging it by doing so. It's extremely tight around her shoulders and held in place by the medal which plugs in by a small pinhole via her tie, which means you could probably also break that if you weren't careful and simply taking the sash off leaves a glaring hole in the center of her chest. While I would have just preferred it to be a loose item that hangs around her, I can't really think of another way they could have done this other than plugging into her back possibly? But I'm sure that would look ugly. Just quickly I'll also mention, while likely just an unfortunate case, when unboxing this figure her support arm peg would not fit into the hole on her back whatsoever. Eventually, I loosened it by applying some light heat with a blowdryer which let the peg fit finally, but it's still not super snug and very loose which really sucks!

Overall I'm so extremely happy I stumbled upon this Nendoroid! I feel unbelievably lucky that I have the chance to own her, even if I might be a little less deserving when compared to a huge fan of Konosuba.. I never would have bought her if it weren't for the circumstances in which I did, so I feel like it was fate!

Megumin is such a loveable character, she has that chuunibyou charm which reminds me of Yoshiko from Love Live! at times. While not my favorite from what I've seen so far (Aqua is my favorite, but that could change in Season 2.. I really love Yunyun from her introduction in the OVA.) she did manage to make an
EXPLOSIVE impression on me.

Nendoroid - Honoka Kosaka | Training Outfit ver.

I'm only just realizing it now, but the two Nendoroids I got in this haul are both alternate outfit versions. Weird coincidence! Anyways, I don't have as much of a story to tell about the figure itself this time, but a reason as to why I picked her up, aside from her being a really great price and coming with pre-order bonuses.

About a year ago a few of my online friends and I decided it would be really cool if we could all meet each other in person finally after knowing each other for years. Since we all live a fair distance away from each other (in my case a different country), we decided a convention would be easiest to plan and travel to meet up at. I kind of got into Love Live! due to one of those friends in particular and we always thought watching a live performance in-person would never happen but would be soooo amazing. That's when we decided on AX being the convention we'd all meet at since every year Aqours preforms there.

Obviously, that was long before anyone could even predict the current events and how the world has changed due to COVID-19. I started seriously saving up for the trip about 6 months ago. Just before things got more serious with the virus at the end of February my entire work staff was told we'd be losing our contract at the end of March, meaning I would have to look for a new job. Because of that, I don't know if things even would have panned out as planned since I likely would have dipped a fair bit into my savings if I hadn't found work immediately. Currently, I'm not struggling financially too bad since I was luckily able to claim assistance, it helps that I still live at home with my parents meaning there's some mutual assurance that we'll be able to afford the cost of living fine enough.

Anyways, I'm pretty bummed out that our plans to meet each other will be put on hold and that I may never get the opportunity to see Aqours in person since they've meant so much to me! It's not been confirmed by any means but 2020 was looking to be their last year as a group until they disband, meaning that AX would be their last overseas performance. It seems less likely now that they've been announcing new projects like their sub-unit lives and such, but it's unlikely they'll be a group for too much longer even if I'd love for them to continue for many more years!


What do I have to say about this adorable Nendoroid though? First, let me just say that Honoka is one of my least favorite girls in all of Love Live! I'm so sorry if you love her, I personally just kind of dislike her. I don't feel as much for the girls from µ in general since I really got into the series during Sunshine. Aside from being a good deal, the reason I got her specifically was because Honoka felt the most appropriate as the first Love Live! girl in my collection. After all, she's the one who started this school idol stuff, right? As the original group leader, it just seemed right.

While I don't enjoy her character design or personality all that much, Good Smile did a great job of making her appeal even to me. Orange is one of my favorite colors and overall she's just got such a comfy feeling to her with such soft colors. I much prefer all of the training outfit versions of the girls as opposed to the Bokura wa Ima outfits, I'm not sure why but I really don't like how those outfits look on the Nendoroids with a few exceptions. I actually feel the same for the most part about the Aozora Jumping Heart outfits each Aqours Nendoroid has. Unfortunately, they didn't get another set release like µ did, only Nendoroid More sets based on promotional art that had all the girls corresponding with a different outfit from countries around the world. They're cute, but not the same and less fitting to each character.

Honoka didn't come with very many accessories, which I do think is fine enough. I would have liked more, but it isn't terrible as she comes with enough arms, hands and even a leg to switch things up a good amount. She could have done with one more faceplate for a neutral expression, but I do love both she was given. Honoka also has some yummy bread! One thing that does bug is that she was given a special holding hand piece to be used in conjunction with her other Nendoroid.. but not only do they expect you to have bought that Nendoroid to use it, but also Kotori's Nendoroid to get the full effect of it? It just seems strange, like they expected you to have three specific Nendoroids all to use this one part? Otherwise, it's pretty much useless to you. Cool bonus for those fans that do have all three, but if you don't it's sort of worthless!

Nothing really restricts her at all other than the hair at the back of her head making it hard to tilt her head in certain ways due to the stand arm getting in the way. Besides that, both arms and legs can move very freely since nothing is holding them back!

Her backdrop is sorta cool and includes some plastic supports to help it stand. It was one of the pre-order items which was kept in pretty good condition considering the Nendoroid released originally in 2015. There was a small crease but it was only noticeable on the back. Finally, I like her special baseplate a ton, it has some really nice mocha tones.


While the box came in beautiful condition and was unopened, her hair did have a small paint transfer which really isn't that egregious. Most of the time I completely overlook it when she's on the shelf unless I'm trying to spot it since it's sort of hidden away near her ear. Depending on how I twist her hair I can even somewhat hide it more. I may just end up buying a new hair piece to replace it, but honestly, I'm not super bothered by it.

So that's Honoka! Not much more to say about her, I think she ended up being like $25? Maybe someday I'll bring her to AX with me, but for now, she's just a cute addition to my shelf! You might have picked up on a little hint to what's next in one of her photos, but let's move onto some Nendoroid accessories!

Nendoroid More - After Parts #01

More Nendoroid stuff I didn't expect to purchase. I actually got three of these sets bundled together brand-new for $30. As far as I've seen, that's like the price of one. I don't know if I'll ever open the others or just sell them, but it was a good deal and I love these dress-up segments in my hauls so I had a lot of fun with this! I apologize for not taking a comprehensive shot of all the items included in this set, I simply forgot to. Everything included in the set is in this photo however, aside from the music notes & attached arms I used in the first Honoka photo which is also part of this set. Also, two extra foldable plastic tabs to attach the head accessories, some different plastic arm attachments and instructions of course.

I'm a huge fan of everything in this set. You've got the selection of both an angel outfit and a devil outfit, adding onto that a whole bunch of great little accessories that could be included with really any Nendoroid honestly just so spice up your display! The clusters of stars specifically I think have a lot of creative uses.

There's a whole lot of interesting design decisions for the functionality of how these pieces connect and such which I won't get into entirely for the sake of time. How you attach the devil horns (and halo) are by inserting these half circular tabs which have been folded over to create little protruding points that you can slip them onto. I much prefer this to the super small tabs which were glued to the horns in the Halloween set, while those allow for more free positioning and look seamless, the way these are attached seem much more sturdy and perfectly position the horns for you since it's centered by the shape of the Nendoroid's head.

Maybe it was just due to negligence but after hardly twenty minutes of the angel wings being attached under Uraraka's hair there was a small bit of paint transferred onto the tips of them which isn't great! I also don't like that the devil pitchfork didn't include any hand to hold onto it? They either expected you to already own a Nendoroid hand which holds items or.. you're out of luck? I actually didn't and if it weren't for the Halloween set which I borrowed a hand from, I wouldn't have been able to have Shigaraki hold the pitchfork at all.

All in all, this is a really great set and I wish Good Smile would do more of these simple generic accessory packs.. I really can't see why they don't? Do people not like these, do they not make enough profit to be worth it? I'm curious as to if anyone has any insight into why they don't?

Nendoroid More - Pikachu Face Parts Case

If they ever release a Kaminari Nendoroid, I'm set.

This was one of the items included in that bundle of three where I got Megumin. This is one of the more expensive faceplate cases, and of course, why wouldn't it be.. don't you want all your Nendoroid's to be kept safe inside of essentially a Pikachu onesie?

Since I didn't really have any Nendoroid's that fit well with the case right now, I felt like a smug Megumin was appropriate. Plus, Megumin would totally be an electric type trainer, right? Hear me out, immediately you'd think "no way, she's all about EXPLOSIONS.. she'd definitely be a fire type trainer!" Aha! That's where you're wrong.. do I need to remind you of the most explosive Pokemon of them all?

That's right.. Electrode.


So, the faceplate case is super cute. Nothing else for me to add! Moving on!

Nendoroid More - X-mas Set Female ver.

This was the third thing included in the Megumin bundle, pretty much the reason it caught my attention too! While I love Megumin, this outfit is so unreasonably adorable.. on Uraraka too!? Gaaaaaaah!! The absolute best thing of all, is that because Uraraka comes with two separate front and back hair pieces since the one with her helmet attached fits different, I can display both this Christmas outfit and her standard Hero outfit without buying any extra pieces!

Truthfully, is this little set worth it? Other than two other arm pieces that just mirror the ones attached on either side in the photo.. this set doesn't come with anything else. But the outfit alone is so precious!? I'd say.. no, for the price people are selling it at, it isn't really worth it, but if you get a great deal on it like me or just really don't mind spending so much due to others hiking the price.. yes, this is such a cute little outfit.


As a little bonus here is another seasonal outfit for Uraraka! I didn't get another female set, but I promised to show off Uraraka in this witch outfit to match her official Halloween art and while I had the opportunity to do so last time, I felt like it would be better to show off this haul since I knew that her Christmas outfit would be arriving! So here she is, and she's just as adorable!


..and something else I'm going to tag on here since I completely forgot about it last time, which is a good thing since it's also from Halloween.. a wonderful little charm I commissioned from someone in Japan! I don't think normally this would be accepted by a proxy, but amazingly FromJapan did relay my request to a very talented artist on Otamart who was selling these little charms. I sent a few references and asked for a couple of specific details but it was a relatively easy transaction despite having my proxy in the middle relaying messages back and forth.

I really desperately wish I could promote them further by linking their Otamart shop, but I noticed a few months ago their listings stopped popping up and I can no longer find their shop! I don't know if anyone else would have been able to order from them anyway since you had to jump through a few hoops to do so and any proxy agent might outright deny you if they don't feel like the hassle.. but at the very least I wish I could have shown off more of their little handmade stuff, it was all so great and I'm super upset that I won't even get the chance to commission them again in the future or personally thank them? They even included that little ghost charm as a surprise bonus for free.. so cute!

If you're curious,
attached in the spoiler are the reference photos I sent which were used to create her! Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/J3z4SJ1/Pics-Art-02-06-02-53-26.jpg

Let's get back on track, I have a few more figures to show!
WCF - My Hero Academia WSJ 2020 #1 & #2

A bit more expensive than the standard WCF sets, these four figures were exclusively sold through application tickets inside one of the 2019 issues of Weekly Shonen Jump. They were just released not too long ago at the beginning of 2020 with one set including Endeavor & Todoroki, the other
Midoriya & All Might.

Since they're a bit more expensive, these figures are actually a fair bit cleaner and detailed in comparison to the regular prize figure sets. Their paint jobs all look wonderful, I love their poses and expressions (Midoriya being the highlight). These guys also plug into their bases with pegs in their feet, but as you can see for whatever reason the Enji & Todo set have support beams as well? Not sure why that decision was made, it makes them feel less sleek in comparison.

Endeavor specifically is the most interesting of the bunch, not only because of his super awesome orange opaque-ish fire, but also because this is the only way as of now you can get an Endeavor WCF figure. I'm sure a set with him will be released in the future, likely with Hawks and possibly Mirko.. but I'm almost certain that will include his updated Hero outfit design and not this original one which I kind of prefer?

I'd love it if they were to do more of these special set releases, the first BNHA WCF set was actually one of these mail order ones of Bakugo & Midoriya which are still some of my favorites. I think these highlight just how good this series of trading figures can be, even if they're sometimes a bit strange looking.

WCF - My Hero Academia Heroes Rising

Another wonderful special BNHA WCF set, though these were just sold like any other WCF set as prize figures, they were released separately from the numbered sets. I tried a collage for these six this time since all of them had very different dynamic poses, heights, and widths. It was hard for me to get a group shot of them all in focus that looked appealing, so I opted to take standalone shots for each and compile them together!

You've got the four lead students along with two new villains from Heroes Rising, Nine and Slice! This Midoriya and Uraraka have to be some of my favorite WCF figures to be released, but as painful as it is to admit.. I kind of wish this movie set got more characters from the movie. I think Katsuma and Mahoro obviously had way more significance in the movie than Uraraka and Todoroki, but releasing a set with only Midoriya and Bakugo + 4 movie original characters was too risky I guess.

They all look stunning though, so I really don't have much to complain about with the figures themselves. I'll only mention how Slice's hair sort of makes it difficult to insert her support beam since the peg hole is hidden behind it and while pliable, it's pretty finicky in general to fit those into skinny characters like her and really hard to see what you're doing!

Funko 5 Star - All Might & Izuku Midoriya

Aside from a little keychain figure, ending off the figure portion are these Funko 5 Star figures that I got for my birthday. A while back I purchased both Bakugo and Uraraka Funko 5 Stars and I actually liked them for what they were.. these two are a bit creepier, but still fine enough I think?

Okay, All Might kind of looks like he's got an enlarged baby head and I'm really not digging Midoriya's chipmunk-esque facial features, but otherwise, the sculpts and paint jobs aren't too terrible and I really appreciate the little accessories they include. Especially Midoriya's miniature All Might figure, even if the paint is a little wonky on it. It's a close enough size that I could easily see it working as a prop for a BNHA inspired display, same with any of the other accessories really? For that alone, it gets a pass from me.

Colorfull Collection - My Hero Academia Vol. 3
Ochaco Uraraka


Throwing her in here at the end like I usually do, I got one of the adorable Vol. 3 Color-Colle keychain figures! This was like $1.50 or something ridiculously cheap during an Aitai☆Kuji sale so I picked her up with some other stuff! I found a deal recently with 4 of the characters in the set for ¥800 with her included so I'm just going to have to live with two of them now. The detailing on these for their size is outstanding, these seriously blow me away and I need more sets announced!
A very quick showcase of some plushies!

I have so many different plush variations of Uraraka now. This is one of my favorites! Even though I say that like every time I get a new one, the face on this one just cracks me up. Plus I love her summer camp outfit! Along with her, I scored a Monoma Tomonui plush which I was trying to find for a long time at a price that seemed good to me, and finally did!

Some duplicate plushies, all of which I got at a really good price otherwise I wouldn't have bothered purchasing them. I kept the ones that were in bags still wrapped up since I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. I decided since there were two of the Uraraka Nitotan's though I could show off her huge, pretty bow on her back this time!

While not a plush, it's close enough. I think this was probably a mistake but Aitai☆Kuji had these Niginigi mascots on sale for ¥300 each? These are the exclusive box benefit versions from the Animate Online Shop which means that each box of nine characters would include a single exclusive Todoroki and each box of nine costed close to ¥6000. So, what normally could have cost ¥18000(!) ended up being only ¥900 in total + shipping. Pretty insane! I only purchased three since that was the buy limit for them and I felt pretty bad exploiting a possible mistake like that more than necessary.. but I knew others would find them and have no qualms purchasing them for such an insanely low price, so I just took advantage of it and got my three!

Last time I showed off two of these "Hero Macadamia Latte" cups and mentioned that I found the entire set, so here it is! Uraraka's was really the one I desired most, but being able to complete the set with both Midoriya and Bakugo is awesome and these look great displayed together! Unfortunately I still didn't get to taste them.
Next are a few acrylic stands.

I ended up getting more of these Collabo Cafehonpo BNHA acrylics. I've complained about how much space these take up and that's still true so I'm forced to stack most of them together and put my favorites at the front, but I couldn't pass these up since there were a bunch of unique characters being sold as a set for cheap on Yahoo! Auctions Japan. I got some 1-A students (Ashido and Koda are my favorites) and also..


Some 1-B students as well! The characters from left to right are Shoda, Kamakiri, Shiozaki, Fukidashi, and Yanagi! I'm so happy to finally have some merch of Fukidashi since he's one of my favorite 1-B students. Shiozaki is really cool too, I love this art of her but she is HUGE. I actually have more of these coming since the seller I bought from had more listings I found later on of a whole bunch of bulk characters for even cheaper? I'm going to have to figure out something to display all of these, the rest of the bulk I won't be displaying though and just keeping sealed.


I'll point out that this is my first proper acrylic stand of Todoroki which sort of surprised me considering just how many acrylics I have now. I love that he's matching with Uraraka's, they look so cool and I approve of merchandise pairing them up. In the middle is just a cute little acrylic from Bunbougu Cafe.

Some tiny acrylics from the recent Animate Cafe collab! I want more from this set, specifically Fat Gum, Kirishima, Nejire, and Toga but the prices on these are still sort of high whenever I see them. They totally snubbed Ryuko from this set for no reason? Very cute and I'm super happy to finally have Twice merch as well. Hopefully there's more in the future!

Finally to finish off the acrylic stands are the Jump Shop birthday ones. These go hand-in-hand with the birthday can badges and 365 days birthday stickers, but they sure do cost a lot more. They are cool, I'm a bigger fan of Tsuyu's than I am Todoroki's but I like how both are laid out. I'm not sure if I'll continue to collect every single one like I have been doing with the can badges and 365 stickers, but for now I'm trying.

Recently however I haven't been able to purchase any 365 stickers, or the birthday can badge and acrylic for Bakugo since the quarantine stuff got more serious, I guess Jump Shop has been shut down and stated they will distribute these items at a later date. I've seen some acrylic stands for sale, but I think they're just people making online pre-orders for them and then trying to gouge a high price on Otamart. I'm really hoping in these aren't insanely expensive in the future, since at that point I might just give up and stop collecting every single release of all those items.

Moving into more general merch.

Since I just showed off the acrylics, here are both Tsuyu and Todoroki's birthday can badges for this year! I accidentally purchased one of Todoroki's before finding a set with the acrylic, can badge, and 365 days sticker together for a good price, so I have two of his I just haven't unpackaged the other and decided not to include it in the photo. The cosmic-y styled background on Uraraka's is really nice.

Completing the trifecta, the 365 days stickers for this haul! For once I did just stupidly purchase a duplicate since I thought I didn't have it but was too lazy to check I guess? That one would be the Uraraka sticker in the bottom left corner. Two years in a row Jump Shop did a valentines series of BNHA 365 stickers released around February, this year though it feels like they replaced that tradition with a non-descript themed set of 5 stickers with matching artwork throughout January as you can see across the top row + Uraraka's in the middle.

Uraraka's birthday sticker and the Hawks sticker in the bottom right actually finishes off my entire set of 2019 365 stickers. I really didn't expect to actually complete that until it started getting closer to the last few months of the year.. but yeah, somehow I did it! Though I doubt it, maybe I'll be able to do the same for 2020! ..Jiro's sticker is also amazing.


Just a few items that didn't seem to fit with anything else so I decided to lump together. All of them are from JF2020, but the can badge (which is from a blind pack) has been re-released at Jump Shop since then. Two cute Nitotan rubber charms of Yaoyorozu and Tokoyami too!

Some very pretty shiny can badges! The glittery ones at the top are from a Namco Pop-up store while the three at the bottom are from some sort of winter event at Jump Shop similar to the BNHA 5th anniversary event they had not too long ago and also the extremely sought after can badges from the Valentine's Jump Shop event last year. The shatter looks great on them, I'm glad my camera was sort of able to pick up the effect for both.

Tons of Uraraka bulk. All of the duplicate items and the hand towel were purchased to meet the requirements set by a seller to purchase some really special items I'll show off next, but I actually didn't have the hand towel or keychain and the can badges were pretty cheap so it wasn't a bad deal at all! The rest is very cute as well, my favorites are the snowboarding Uraraka keychain which is from a recent collab with Hakuba47 & Goryu Hakuba, a japanese winter sports park and the winter chibi charm from this years Sapporo Snow Festival.

Some of the items in this picture are very rare, but the keychain and can badge on the right were just included because I ran out of space in the other photo! I'll try to cover this all quickly. Starting with the smallest can badge, it's a super old J-World can badge which I think was probably a prize for some sort of game? To the right of that is a can badge from the Aomori Nebuta Matsuri Summer Festival collab 2018(?) for whatever reason all items from this event are super scarce and expensive, I have a few keychains but I've wanted this can badge forever!

Above that is an Uraraka can badge from the original BNHA 2016 SEGA prize can badge set. They re-released these in 2017 and aside from the year printed on them, the colors seem to vary just slightly on them between releases from what I've seen? Maybe it's just fading, I haven't seen enough to be able to tell. Both this can badge and the one below it were the items that I could only purchase if I purchased that other bulk in the previous photo too. The SEGA can badge in specific I haven't seen too many sold individually, but for a long while now there has been one from 2017 up on Yahoo! Auctions for ¥4500 or something crazy? Just to give you an idea of the price.

Finally, the block acrylic keychain in the center was from JF2020. Eight different character designs of these in total were available, but they were raffled off randomly through tickets you would purchase for ¥300 each. You could only purchase 30 per individual and if you won then you'd be given a random character meaning you didn't even have a selection if you were lucky enough to win. I got this soon after JF2020 concluded and surprisingly didn't pay a HUGE amount, even though I don't think there are that many of these out there. I ended up paying ¥2700 which was entirely worth it to me. These also have a really cool 3D-ish effect I wasn't able to really showcase in this photo. Super proud of all this stuff, some really rare, cool additions to my Uraraka collection!

A few paper related items next!

A few handouts from JF2020. The round stickers were handed out as you went around to different booths I'm pretty sure, and this is the entire set of them. Also a promotional handout for the Heroes: Rising movie with a lineart rendition of the key visual. The most interesting thing is the New Year's card though since it uses artwork that was originally used as a PASH magazine cover.

A whole bunch of Shikishi boards, I managed to get 8 of the 9 from the recent Kuji "Fighting Heroes feat. One's Justice". Each of them only costed me ¥100 each! The only one I'm missing is Bakugo, Kirishima and Kaminari's which I'm actually sad about not owning since it has a strange error where they misspelled Kaminari's quirk as "Erectrification" instead of "Electrification".. make of that what you will. I really like how these are all designed to resemble old superhero comic covers. In the center is an Uraraka Shikishi which I actually have no clue the origins of, but it's pretty.

Okay, I think these are beyond cool. Starting from the bottom, the green and pink cards were "business cards" you could purchase in blind packs at JF2020. They look more like profile cards to me, but whatever. Todoroki and Bakugo complete the set but I wasn't able to get them. In the bottom left corner is a collab card from Tokyo Dome City promoting the movie.

Above the green and pink cards are a student and mock-up fictional business card for Uraraka! These are a bit older and I've shown a few here and there of the student cards, but they can be pricy and hard to find so I don't have many! Above that though are many hero license cards which are really flimsy in comparison but they were sold at certain venues that hosted the Heroes: Rising movie around Japan during its initial run I guess? You bought them randomly and peeled a "HERO" sticker off the top to reveal who you got! I really love the idea of these but they're super thin and not that well made which meant I almost ruined the front of a few by trying to peel off the face. I definitely ruined the back on many of them, since..


As you can see, the standard back just had information about the movie but what I think you were meant to do was stick the "HERO" sticker on the back, since if you align and apply it correctly you get a flawless Hero License card! Once again so cool but I messed up a TON of them since it was waaaay harder to do this than it seemed. Luckily I had lots of duplicates, but I still messed up a few of the girl's backs, specifically Yaoyorozu's. Both the green and pink business cards have super pretty backs as well!


The film strip and Midoriya Shueisha card are both things I already own and have showcased, but they came bundled with this All Might card that looks cool by itself but the back has a special surprise! On the bottom row are a few Jump Shop tiny bromides which I think were just purchase privileges at some point.


Here is what's on the back of the All Might card, a really fine sketch of the main trio from Vigilantes! I desperately need more merchandise of any characters from Vigilantes honestly, they're all amazing and I'd kill for like.. a WCF set, just one! Though that's an extremely unlikely dream currently.



Just one clear file this time! I thought this was super cute, a few screencaps from the 4th BNHA ED (one of my favorites!) all themed around donuts.
A few media related items, then Hirobato and that's it!

One's Justice 2! Originally I was super upset this game was even getting a sequel so soon since everything added felt like it could have easily just been DLC added over time on the original? After playing this though, I was beyond wrong. This game is such an improvement to the original in almost any way that I've actually continued to play it every now and then since it launched and really enjoy my time while doing so!

I'm pretty bad at most fighting games but actually find myself winning a fair amount of fights online in this game? I'm actually sort of decent with a few characters but mostly play Uraraka, Ashido, and Shigaraki! The extra game modes added into this game are a ton of fun, the customization is so much better and I love that they have online events pretty much every week or so with new items to unlock for a limited time. I'm so enthusiastic about this game that I actually even bought the DLC pass already? I'd highly suggest you at least give it a try if you're into fighting games, I think it's a lot of fun!


Two Weekly Shonen Jump's, one with a Heroes: Rising cover and another with all the Shonen Jump characters heading down a ski slope! I really love how Tanjiro and Midoriya are side-by-side in that one. Those both include some cool bonuses along with two parts of a one-off story revolving around Midoriya and Bakugo in middle school and some backstory about Nine.


Cutest of all however is this official art spread included inside the ski slope one, of a whoooole bunch of Shonen girls in maid outfits. What I love most is that Uraraka and Nezuko are side-by-side in this art as well! Truly a historical and precious moment we must preserve!



A few English versions of the BNHA manga, Volumes 19, 20, and 21 which were gifted to me on my birthday. Along with that I also found the light novel version of the first BNHA movie, Two Heroes. Nothing super interesting in there since I can't read it, but it does have a few black and white screencaps from the movie sprinkled within.
A couple of Hirobato cards and you've reached the end!

All really lovely cards, some full arts of Fantasy AU Jiro and Uraraka which are hard to find. Some really sweet Valentine's cards of Midoriya and Uraraka which have golden signatures and such a pretty shine to them. There were also Todoroki and Bakugo versions but I couldn't find them for a good price. Finally, two birthday cards for Tsuyu and Uraraka! I really wish that I could afford a special version of Uraraka's birthday card are, but I've literally only seen one XR++ and it was like $40 or something crazy. So I really doubt that will ever happen.


On the back of these Valentine's cards there is also some really neat color-coded renditions of the artwork on the front with the same beautiful sprinkly shine.

That's it!
I've shown off absolutely everything I have to show for you this time, I say it every single haul that I make so I probably sound a bit disingenuous to people who have checked out a few of these, but thank you so much for taking the time to check this out and unbelievably making it to the end!

It really warms my heart and I always smile at all the nice comments, like I said at the beginning as well, that's super important right now! So hopefully this brought you a bit of joy, even if this just distracted you for a little while from everything going on currently then I feel fortunate that I was able to give you that tiny bit of escapism or enjoyment!

I haven't looked into it too much but I'm aware that shipments are being delayed due to COVID-19 in certain countries now, I don't think that will affect me too much since I'm pretty sure I don't even use the shipping methods that are being postponed, but if my next haul is a bit lighter that will most likely be why! Also, I just haven't been spending as much lately since money is a bit tighter with everything, naturally. That being said, I did drop a fair bit of my savings on Nendoroid's since Good Smile has that 20% off sale going right now.

Stay inside and keep safe everyone! I sincerely pray that this virus hasn't affected any of you, your friends or your family in any profound way! We'll overcome it soon enough I'm sure, but my best wishes go out to everyone, especially my friends on here! I hope you're all healthy and happy!

That's all everything for you right now though!
I'll maybe catch you again in a couple of months!

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JawbreqkerIl y a 4 mois#77784815They are super cool and the error with Kaminari's quirk is pretty ironic given some of his antics in the series. Almost makes me feel like someone intentionally let the 'error' slip by into manufacturing. Thank you for checking out my haul! Also, did ya notice I even expanded my Monoma collection a tiny bit with that plush this time too (^ᴗ^)ノ

I did notice, haha! The Tomonui plushes are so cute. Seeing the 1-B students in the Cafehonpo line has me mildly tempted to try to get Monoma's. I saw the design for his and he looks adorable, but idk how into acrylic stands I am.
Il y a 4 mois
OtoriKohakuIl y a 4 mois#77771200Amazing haul once again! Those Nendoroid accessory packs are like perfect on Shigaraki and Uraraka. So cute! And those circle stickers? I don't think I've seen that art for Tsuyu before, but I love it! Her birthday merch this year looks so nice too! I had a friend that was gonna try to find her badge for me when she went to Japan, but she had to cancel her trip due to the state of everything right now.Thanks! I agree, I think they both look amazing with those accessories and I'm really happy with how that photo/display turned out! I thought about keeping them like that on my shelf, but the arm peg that fit into the angel wings for Uraraka wasn't super sturdy for whatever reason, so I didn't want to risk her falling and getting damaged.

I really love her acrylic and her can badge is super cute too! I don't know if you've ever seen the full art spread that it's from, but the whole thing is gorgeous. I remember the first time I saw it kept reminding me of Persona 4 because of all the TV's in the background. Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttps://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/bokunoheroacademia/images/d/df/Chapter_246.png

The Tsuyu art used in that sticker is lineart from Episode 68 of the anime. It's from a still shot of her at the beginning of the episode right after she uses her combo attack with Uraraka for the first time called "Fafrotskies!" Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttps://static2.cbrimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/tsuyu-episode-68.jpg

Here's a clip from the scene.

They also used a shot of Kirishima from this episode for his sticker too! https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/bokunoheroacademia/images/9/9b/Episode_68.png

That's super unfortunate that your friend wasn't able to travel due to COVID-19 as well. We can only hope things will return to normal soon enough! I hope everything is well for you and your loved ones!

SeikiIl y a 4 mois#77771373The comic book boards look so cool! And "Erectrification" sounds hilarious. Congrats on your haul!They are super cool and the error with Kaminari's quirk is pretty ironic given some of his antics in the series. Almost makes me feel like someone intentionally let the 'error' slip by into manufacturing. Thank you for checking out my haul! Also, did ya notice I even expanded my Monoma collection a tiny bit with that plush this time too (^ᴗ^)ノ
Il y a 4 mois
The comic book boards look so cool! And "Erectrification" sounds hilarious. Congrats on your haul!
Il y a 4 mois
Amazing haul once again! Those Nendoroid accessory packs are like perfect on Shigaraki and Uraraka. So cute! And those circle stickers? I don't think I've seen that art for Tsuyu before, but I love it! Her birthday merch this year looks so nice too! I had a friend that was gonna try to find her badge for me when she went to Japan, but she had to cancel her trip due to the state of everything right now.
Il y a 4 mois
BlazeDazzleDuskIl y a 4 mois#77755813Really nice loot! Those Nendoroids and acrylic stands are so cuteThank you, thank you! (・ᴗ・ )

rissoIl y a 4 mois#77763877Always such a joy to read your posts! I'm not familiar with the series or character but that was an amazing deal for Megumin o.o Also, congratulations on managing to collect the set for the 2019 365 stickers omg!!Yeah, thank you so much!! Megumin was definitely the best deal on a figure I've ever gotten. I've noticed it's pretty impossible to find really great prices on any sought after / exclusive Nendo's, so she'll likely be the luckiest I strike out for a long time. I always like to think my luck has a bit to do with my birthday being St. Patrick's Day. I also just realized that I purchased her exactly two weeks before my birthday.

Collecting the 2019 BNHA 365 stickers was definitely the longest commitment I've made to my collection. Lot's of time spent keeping track of days they would be on sale, scouring the secondhand market for the cheapest or sometimes only listing to pop-up. Amazingly I managed to obtain them all though, so it was worth it!
Il y a 4 mois
Always such a joy to read your posts! I'm not familiar with the series or character but that was an amazing deal for Megumin o.o Also, congratulations on managing to collect the set for the 2019 365 stickers omg!!
Il y a 4 mois
Really nice loot! Those Nendoroids and acrylic stands are so cute
Il y a 4 mois
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