May 2020: What are you getting for your collection?May 2020: What are you getting for your collection?Ask MFC

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TyjosAzariTyjosAzariIl y a 4 mois
What are you getting for your collection this month?

Since I have been busy cleaning out the collection over the past few weeks I haven't felt like getting anything new for the collection and only have 2 items on Pre-Order and have picked up a few models and Anime DVDs for the collection before cleaning out.

These are the latest additions from the end of last month:

ITEM #347514 Arrived Friday with a new DS9 Station Model for the Trek Collection and an old Trek figure I had been after for years.


ITEM #943574 is the only Anime item on pre-order for this month and the only other figure on Pre-Order is the Star Wars Black Series 6" Commander Bly that may be in hand before the end of the month.

Waiting for 2 Model Kits to get in and 1 X-Men Emma Frost Poster.


ITEM #36334
ITEM #250792

Only item I'm planning or might plan to get this month is ITEM #840279 and I may pick up some more Star Trek Posters and continue to convert my displays over to where it's Trekked out.

I am tempted to pick up the MuvLuv PSVita games and Super Robot Wars X for PSVita.

Only other things I'm waiting for are a few food orders from Amazon and with things as they are I'm reducing spending to essentials only for the next few months and the budget can handle a few figures or model kits here and there so for now things are moving along.

-Picked up 2 more Star Trek Posters:

1701 Enterprise from The Original Series

Deep Space Nine Crew Poster

Down to deciding on if I want to get the Gundam HGUC Penelope this month after selling more Transformers this weekend.

What are you getting into your collection this month?
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ITEM #604781 & ITEM #806016 are probably coming tomorrow. I've also ordered ITEM #849654, hopefully it won't be delayed.
Il y a 4 mois
Hopefully I will able collect the entire Persona 5 nendoroid team. Although I can’t find Makoto for a reasonable price...
Il y a 4 mois
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Not much... No preorders, all got delayed.
Nog that I had many po left.

Then there's my loot of surugaya, which probably gets here in 2 or more months

Consisting of my final Louise fig (Chara Ani) plus a chibi of selnia iori flame heart and merch.
Il y a 4 mois
Big Emma Frost fan too, been debating if I want that J Scott Cambell or the Adam Hughs variant to pick up as a CGC slab. I HATE poster since they are so big and are just so low quality most of the time, I rather display slabs.
Il y a 4 mois
Sadly nothing; May is usually my big haul month, but with the convention I go to every year being cancelled this year, I won't be able to do so.

But, when everything clears up and the post office is back in full swing, I plan on picking up a few smaller items from my wish list, like the pairs of ITEM #886274 and ITEM #855737
Il y a 4 mois
Melon_pan4Il y a 4 mois#778739502,400$?? Which figure is it if you don't mind me asking
ITEM #871530
Il y a 4 mois
With everything delayed, I decided to pick up this ITEM #676037 figure from a US shop.

Other than that, I just picked up some domestic media releases, including Blu-Ray sets of Tanya the Evil ENTRY #120704 and Tenshi no 3P! ENTRY #119570. For the latter, I was just browsing one day and I was shocked to learn the series was getting a physical release. Sometimes, I feel compelled to vote with my wallet in hopes of seeing other similar shows get a release on disc, so I did so there.

I also picked up some new manga releases, including the first volume of Gigant ENTRY #160564. The premise sounds delightfully bizarre, and it's the mind behind Gantz, so it should be interesting.
Il y a 4 mois
If by some miracle SkyTube's Chiyuru is actually released on time, I'll be springing for DHL to make sure ITEM #740443 arrives this month.

I'm also a breath away from pulling the trigger on Robot Hero's MP-13 Soundwave reissue with tapes included.

Il y a 4 mois
RikoeiIl y a 4 mois#77872610Nothing so far...saving up for a $2,400 figure so no spending pay checks till the end of August
Yay (not)

2,400$?? Which figure is it if you don't mind me asking
Il y a 4 mois
I only bought her this month.
ITEM #198436

And I am thinking about buying Azur Lane - Duke of York ITEM #899488

But I saw the prototype of Sasamori Tomoe figure from WF2020. It’s tough to choose.
ITEM #872936
Il y a 4 mois
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