Finally content w/ collection~ peace feels so good!Finally content w/ collection~ peace feels so good!Diary

kaityleekaityleeIl y a 5 mois

Since I began expanding my collection in September of 2018, I've never had an urge to stop buying. Every time I would get a new figure I would immediately look for another figure, either from my wishlist or just any figure from a series I liked. Eventually it got exhausting constantly caught up in a cycle of wanting, ordering, receiving, rinse and repeat.

A couple of months ago I started to sell some figures that weren't very dear to me, like prize figures and ones from series I was no longer interested in (sorry, FREE!). I began to realize the style of figures I liked and what I wanted in my collection, and as I weeded out things I no longer wanted my collection started to feel special to me. I felt like I had a theme, or at least everything I wanted had a similar style or appeal. That's when I felt peace with what I have.

I have a few figures on preorder and am still hunting for the last figures on my wishlist, but as of now I've come to a satisfaction with my collection and don't really have a huge desire to purge anymore items or mass-buy (more like impulse buy) figures. Honestly I just feel peace, and it feels pretty great!

So, where are you with your collection now? Where do you want to be, or what is stopping for from feeling content with everything you own?

My collection ♡
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Are you satisfied with your collection?

22%Almost, just need a few more
16%Not even close
33%Still Collecting
4%More than halfway there, and having fun every step of the way!
11%Absolutely, but I'm still collecting more
1%Just started collecting :'D
1%there are no action figures of shin megami tensei protags so no.
3%Yes and no, will downsize in future
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Congrats! At various points in my collecting, I felt this peace too. Unfortunately, every time I feel like I near the end, someone announces something that I want.
Il y a 4 mois
Congrats on getting to such a good place. I think I'm closer than I have been in years.

This year I have sold off more than half my collection as I also started to reevaluate what I really wanted. My wishlist has gone down significantly as well so I really feel good about it. I think the main issue with me is that my display set up is not where I want it. I would love to buy more shelves so I can spread things out how I would like. Once that is done, I think I would feel even more content with my current collection.
Il y a 4 mois
Are those Vittsjo shelves? They look great! I'm considering getting a double as a display upgrade.

Overall I'm satisfied with my collection. Once my current preorders are in I'll be pretty much set I think, other than a couple of stragglers I'm considering. I'll be keeping an eye on announcements though
Il y a 4 mois
I'm in a cycle of:
1. no figures of my favorite characters are getting made at all.
2. when something finally drops after a few months, it's super expensive.
3. I lament for my wallet, but by the time it's up for preorder, I have enough money because of step1...
I would've bought a few anime characters from this year and the last.
but action figure lines forgot about anime completely...
Il y a 4 mois
i'm personally not satisfied in the slightest yet with my collection. every time i delve into a new series i enjoy, it just adds more figures to my wishlist. i have more than enough room for them and my mindset is, "as long as i keep my bank account in check, it's not a problem!"

given, i'm typically very patient with buying figures until i find a comfortable price to buy it at, but no matter how much i order... there's always another figure i'll want to buy. it's just a never ending cycle, but i hope i can find peace with my collection someday, too!
Il y a 4 mois
Aside from the figures in my lists and wishlists, I'm pretty satisfied with where my collection is currently. I've ordered the most 'important' figures that I want to be a part of my collection (well, except for the Tanjiro Kotobukiya scale - I missed out on POs so hopefully he'll be available at release on AmiAmi or else I'll have to wait for him in the aftermarket), and I've just largely slowed down on collecting in general. I'm planning to make some major purchases this year - one of them being a Nintendo Switch Lite and a few games to go with it - so I've really cut down on spending everywhere else in my life, and that includes figures.

All in all, I'd say it's not a priority for me to get the stuff in my wishlist since I'm pretty satisfied with what I own currently, but I can't say I'm completely satisfied with it *just* yet. I'll only be completely satisfied once all my lists and wishlists are completely cleared, either because I don't want the figure anymore or I've gotten them all already.
Il y a 4 mois
I am definitely nowhere even remotely close to being satisfied with my collection. I've only got a couple of pieces that I would consider key figures in my collecting, but I just haven't got the cash flow to keep going. I look at what I have, and I consider it to be barely a beginning.
Il y a 5 mois
I'm reaching that point. Looking for a last couple figures, but almost. Enjoy and treasure that feeling.
Il y a 5 mois
You've got a really nice collection! I've definitely been in a rut where I kept buying either figures or acrylic stands when some spaced got freed up in my room, but it's come to a slow recently (my wallet thanks me lol). Now there's just a few select series I plan on adding to, especially since they constantly have new figures coming out.
Il y a 5 mois
darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
I hope to double my collection by the time I get 80... 1000 sounds like a good number.
But the question is where to put them.
Il y a 5 mois
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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