Let’s Review: Artetokio Seamless Tamaki!Let’s Review: Artetokio Seamless Tamaki!Review

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Well that was quick. I'll spare everyone the trouble of talking about Tamaki or why I spent way too much money (see here). As a side note, due to the fact I'm moving and because silicon is a dust magnet these pictures aren't going to be the best but we'll manage I hope. Let's jump right in and review giant Tamaki!


So let’s start with the box. It’s a box. Nothing fancy about it; just a plain, white box. Inside (because I took everything out before taking pictures, sorry) you’ll find

-Tamaki’s Body
-Tamaki’s Head
-Tamaki’s Hair
-Tamaki’s Swimsuit
-Extra pair of underwear
-Little thing for rooting hair
-Makeup brushes
-Some little jar
-White stuff I don’t know what it is
-Tiny scissors

Pictured. Stuff you don't care about!

Quite a lot in the package. Now, mine was second-hand from Manadrake so the components were already used. The former user even applied the makeup, so that was kind of them (make a “hot glue” joke and I will slap you). Course we’re not here for that stuff, we’re here for giant Tamaki! And how is she?


Alright, let’s address the major elephant in the room. She’s not great. Do I like her? Yes, very much. Given the giant price tag I’d better like her. So, what’s wrong? Well, her selling point. A full, seamless body made of silicon. Silicon attracts everything so dust, dirt, and her hair get stuck very often. This is survivable, but the biggest flaw is she can’t stand under her own wait.

Here she is with the other Tamaki. Notice the other Tamaki can stand.

This brings us to her “skeleton”. It feels sturdy, you can get a fair amount of range from her and I’ve go over some points in a bit, but they seemed to have packed on the silicon as she can’t stand. Unlike other dolls who use hard plastic, resin, vinyl, etc her full silicon body adds weight that the inside skeleton can’t support. Her head also being silicon doesn't help matters either. Also the silicon is peeling around the fingers, something I was well aware when I bought her.

Like I said, dirt is just attracted to silicon. She's cleaned, don't worry.

The other point of annoyance is her head. You have this nipple thing that attaches to a plastic square at the base of the neck. With a screw.

Pictured. Not the nipple you were hoping for.

As mentioned the head is a silicon and this nipple-thing doesn't do a good job holding her head in place. Most of the time she looks like someone broke her neck. Good news is headswaps should be much easier! Now, let’s focus on her head for a bit. I love the little ":3" grin she has. Many Tamaki figures never captured this, and I always feel like it’s a shame. Tamaki, as I discussed last time, is a tease. She’s intelligent, smart, popular, but also mischievous. This captures her so perfectly and why I chose this one over the Dollfie (it was also “cheaper”). Since we’re talking about the head, how about the hair? Hair is fine... except one big issue; the hair intakes.

Tamaki's do is rather iconic with her cat ear-like hair intakes and while this doll has them... they don't show up on camera.


But they're clearly there.


The intakes attach to the hair by hairclips, which I think is quite smart.

They also look like they crawled out of someones nightmare!

So the problem is you can't see the hair intakes due to the hair clips being too high up. This leads me to believe the doll in the promo picture used a different wig. Also yes, I know, her hair is frizzy. I never dealt with hair-hair before, just plastic. I'm working on it!

OK, so now let’s move onto the body. First thing you notice is she has giant tits.

The nipples you were looking for!

Are they in-scale with canon Tamaki? No. Way to big! Not that I’m complaining. The breasts and nipples are nicely molded and detailed, and benefiting her silicon body they’re squishy. The nipples have to be manually painted on with the makeup and the right one is peeling. You may notice Tamaki has some peeling makeup on her cheek as well. Again, working on it. Now, in the comments one user pointed out her cameltoe. Well... she has a vagina.

It's decent looking.

She also has an ass.

It's a nice ass.

Boy, that sounded creepy! Let’s quickly change the subject. She can flip you off!

At long last, Tamaki can give people the finger.

Her fingers, as bad as they look, are all articulated and she has a pretty good grip with them... get your mind out of the gutter, you perv. The fingers don’t feel too delicate and really the entire figure doesn’t feel delicate... but because of the silicon nature you should be delicate if you decide to buy her.

So, overall is she a good doll? I like her, but for others this may be more difficult to answer. Her company re-branded itself as Tokyo Doll and then made two more Tamaki. I don't have either, obviously, so I can't say if those are superior or not. They don't have the cat smile so that's not in their favor. Anyhow, while her head can fit easily on other dolls, being a silicon head and lacking glass eyes might be a turnoff. As would be her inability to stand. For doll photographers this may be a real chore to pose her and get a good picture.

Like holding the underwear she came with that I was too lazy to make her wear!

Despite her flaws, I still really like her. Firstly because she’s Tamaki and secondly she’s really unique. You don’t often see 1/3 seamless figures, yet Tamaki got three seamless figures. This one and two Tokyo Dolls.

So, end of the day I’m happy with my purchase and can’t wait to start buying clothes and realizing they’re too small and then screaming. She can’t stand and her skin attracts every fleck of dust in my house but I can’t help but love her. So for the doll lover out there I can give her a thumbs up just because of her uniqueness. If you’re wanting an actual good Tamaki doll, the Dollfie will work despite its age.

Looking back on the pictures, it really sells the doll short. Trust me, she looks much better in person. But again, silicon. It's a bitch. Finally, last complaint, would've been nice to have had her come with clothes. Oh well! But despite the flaws I still am happy with her and I can't wait to now never shut the fuck up about her!

So that's it for me today. I'm ZF2, signing off. Enjoy this questionable feature content of a December issue of Popular Mechanics from 1956!

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Able To Stand Up


I appreciate your dedication to collecting Tamaki stuff! You are a madman :)
Il y a 1 mois
MattewIl y a 1 mois#79616185The white powder is talc/baby powder, apply it with the makeup brush that was included. Make sure to wash the doll first. Talc/baby powder will absorb the moisture and oil off the silicone and keep dust/hair from sticking. It will also increase the longevity of your doll. If you need more, buy some at the makeup or baby section.

I've been curious about this. After applying the talc powder to the moisture, is there anything else you should do? I've tried once and the powder didn't really dissolve into nothing (maybe this happens after waiting some hours though) so I had to remove the powder remains with water. A good tutorial for this stuff would be most welcome xD I just wasn't able to find one.

P.S. LMAO @Tamaki flipping us all off xD
Il y a 1 mois
It might depend on the wig type (I don't know what material Tamaki's wig is made out of, so the following might not apply) but I found that brushing a doll wig with a clean, dry toothbrush really helps smooth it out. I enjoyed this series of articles, by the way!
Il y a 1 mois
The white powder is talc/baby powder, apply it with the makeup brush that was included. Make sure to wash the doll first. Talc/baby powder will absorb the moisture and oil off the silicone and keep dust/hair from sticking. It will also increase the longevity of your doll. If you need more, buy some at the makeup or baby section.
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darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
I also have one nice Arte Tokio doll. ITEM #7999 I really wished I had Kuro too.
Just left her in sitting pose as I don't like messing with the hair so much. It's so long. Also the balls of her hair were a bit annoying to keep on (it's just styrofoam with some coating it seems). I ended up using some cable ties.
Mine doesn't have individual finger posing.
Also came with one powder box.
Anyways, I need to get a 1:1 scale DS doll or something.
Il y a 1 mois
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