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THIS IS A VERY IMAGE HEAVY ARTICLE. Also, please note that while there are no explicit items in this post, there are multiple figures marked as NSFW in the database, so I have chosen to mark the entire post NSFW just in case. All cast-off figures are clothed, but there are a couple debatable NGNL Shiro figures in my collection.

Also this is a VERY long post. I'm so, so sorry.

Hello and welcome to my very first tour! I've been talking about a sort of "remodel" project for the past couple of months in which I create a double-sided wall of Billy bookcases dividing my living room, essentially giving me space for 8 Billy's, 11 Detolfs, and all of my basic living room furniture. You may be shocked to hear that after completing it, everything actually fits quite comfortably.

I'll be starting with the remodel project, and will organize images under spoilers to keep things a little less overwhelming.

Under the first spoiler is the space I had to work with prior to introducing the new furniture. I'm not certain how many square feet it is off the top of my head, but you can see there are eight Detolfs and three Billy's at the moment, and all of my furniture and collectibles are pre-staged for the new furniture. The idea is for that wall of Billy's to be directly behind the couch, back-to-back in rows of three.

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler





Many of my Pokemon plush are stored in a closet at this time, and you can see there are a lot of figures without homes on top of the Detolfs. The boxes are all collectibles I'm selling on ebay; they've been taking up space in my living room during this process, but luckily I made space for them in on of my closets later one.

As for the building process, I forgot to take pictures! Here's some of the aftermath, though, and an explanation of how the wall is stabilized:

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler

First I measured out the width of the room and bought four boards that will stretch from one end to the other and cover the tops of the Billy's. We had to do four due to the size availability at the store we purchased from. For a similar future project, we may shop around more to reduce this number.

I stained them to match the Billy's as best we could. Due to lack of space, this was the longest part of the process, as it took multiple coats on each board. I could only do a couple at a time, and time/energy constraints caused this to take 5-6 days total with dry-time. I never want to do this again without an actual shop space. Staining wood on an apartment patio in Seattle (i.e. rainy weather) was sort of a nightmare.



All of the Billy's were lined up back to back. The tops and sides are connected by brackets, and the side-to-side ones have additional screws holding them together. We wanted this to have as big and sturdy a footprint as possible, considering these shelves are technically free-floating.




Next is laying the board across the top of the shelves, connecting them to each other and the Billy's. This way the Billy's are now connected to the wall, we've created a "doorway" to our living room, and also extended the amount of display space up top!



Lastly is the connection on the opposite side. While I did a majority of this project myself due to my boyfriend being in finals week for class, he did this part himself.

And with that, the wall is complete!

Alright, if you're only here for the room tour, here it is! The wall we made has split the room in two, one side being library/reading area (as well as where we eat, at the kitchen bar), and the other side the living room. After an extra week or so of organizing, the room itself is complete! The next spoiler tag is a closer look at the library area!

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This is the view when I'm coming out of my bedroom or bathroom. The kitchen is on the left.


View from inside the kitchen.


This is a really cozy spot. The panda is really squishy and serves as great lumbar support. The chair is an Ikea Poang. The great thing about it is that it rocks (more like bounces) without risking serious injuries to pets that rocking chairs can cause.


My 1/1 scale Mareep! This works well as a foot rest on occasion, as it's quite sturdy.


I didn't include pictures of my entire kitchen at this time, but this Bananya hanger is sitting on the bar. The Zelda print is by FinniChang.


My barstool has a Pusheen pillow on it. I usually sit on it to reach the bar properly; I'm short.


Above the Billy's is the Pokemon plush collection. I want to make custom risers for the Fit/Sitting Cuties because....



...there are a lot of them. They are three rows deep, and I can't see most of them at the moment. I'm just happy they all fit at the moment, but I'm still missing a lot of them.

Here are some close-ups of the first set of manga shelves. Feel free to ask if you're curious about any of the titles; with the exception of the two stacks that are further down this post, I've read all of them!

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler

You might notice we have a bunch of random first volumes of things, as well as older titles. 95% of this collection was bought in person, and a large chunk comes from used bookstores, so we are frequently at the mercy of what is available at the time.


The cup is full of bookmarks. The plush is from Gravitation. I've had this for a pretty long time.



A Centaur's Life is one of my favorites, and I recommend it. It starts off rather slice of life, but it gets pretty metaphysical later.




My Conan FigFix and Kogorou Figuarts didn't really fit the themes of any of the Detolfs, so they're hanging out here instead.



I love these Humanity Has Declined fairies!


They've very whimsical!





I like to joke that this PunPun is the best purchase of my life.





Next up is the set of Billy's on the wall! You'll also get a sneak peak of what's happening down my hallway. We also keep the games and movies down here, though I won't show them at this time. It's really dusty for starters, but we're planning to upgrade this area as well.

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler

Right above the entrance to the living room!


As seen from the reading chair. Holo is playfully heading to the bathroom, which she fits into quite well, actually. Expect a tour of that soon; it's camping/forest themed and is covered in great art and Nendoroids!


Promised Neverland postcards above the hallway. Unfortunately I don't remember who made them; I picked them up in the Artist Alley at AX last year.


On the right in the hallways. I know I have a card for the Grimgar artist somewhere, and I'll update this post when I find it. The Princess Tutu art is by BOMHAT.


A closer look at Holo; this wall scroll is life-size. Again, this area is under construction so I won't show it too close. This area has my Harry Potter Nendoroids, a few Disney items, and all of my games and movies.


These are the stairs that lead to the dungeon under my home. This is where my boyfriend and I go to farm monsters for cash so we can afford all this crap.


This is a shelf meant for room corners, but my boyfriend got the idea to attach it to the Billy. We're happy with the result.



"Floating" Koffing delights me.



This Holo figure is too similar to my other one, so she lives on the bookshelf instead. I think she'd happy here.



Neko Atsume blind box figures. Again, don't really go well with items in the cases.



I'm actually missing some of my acrylic stands at the moment; we have the second of these Nanachi bakery stands, as well as some Yuru Camp and Golden Kamuy stands. I put them away before the remodel, but I can't find them for the life of me.


The Magia Record stand is actually a sticker I fashioned into a standee by sticking it on thick cardstock and fashioning a right angle stand from the same material. You'll see several others through this tour.





Iirc this Re-Ment Sumikko Gurashi train set isn't in the database. It's one of my favorite things, though!


Krauser is also not in the database, unfortunately.



Please ignore the hair/dust. My keeshond and I both shed like crazy.



These RightStuf and J-List standees also used to be stickers. They'll be joined by some AmiAmi ones soon!



This is the stack of books I haven't read yet. They are all light novels, as I have read all of my manga.


Before heading to the living room, this Journey wall scroll by Zetallisis also in the library area. You'll get a better view of its location a few pictures down. If you look to the left, you can see a tiny glimpse of the Re:Zero (mostly Rem) collection in my boyfriend's office!

And finally, it's time to enter the living room itself! We'll start with a 360 view, followed by a close up of the other side of the Billy's.

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler

The edge of the Billy's immediately on the left is pretty empty right here, so we are considering either adding a skinny Billy that faces to the right, or making this into some kind of rubber/acrylic strap display.


I noticed my funny-looking dog on the couch as I was walking into the room. She's a keeshond named Samurai Calibur (can you guess where her name is from?).






There's the 360! It's a very cozy area, and as you can see, the furniture fits in quite nicely!






At some point I'd like to figure out a better solution for the Pokemon. There's still a bit of wasted space behind some of them, as well as some that are barely visible (like Ash above the entryway!). At least they are out of the closet for now.



These little statues are super cute! They came in a set that had two of each. I only have one each displayed at the moment. I don't think they are in the database.





This is the other stack of books I haven't read, as I am missing the volumes that come prior. I frequently buy pre-owned, so sometimes I pick up later volumes in a series for cheap when I know I'm going to get them eventually anyways.


In case you were wondering what we did with the empty space behind the couch, we're using it for box storage! It was great to free up a little closet space.


These are the super special volumes! These are all hardback except for Blame. In a month or two, we'll be getting some special Berserk bookends of the Dragonslayer sword and isolate that series from the others. It'll look awesome!


You may have seen Galablue's review of this figure recently! We got it from the same GSC sale, and it's absolutely amazing! The box right behind it contained the PunPun plush seen earlier in the review. I liked the art on it and decided to display it.


The Koro-sensei figure is actually a bank! I don't think it's in the database.


On the shelf below AssAssClass is my super special Higurashi volume signed by Ryukishi07 himself! I plan to get some book stands so I can display this a bit more nicely. I'm considering shrink-wrapping it for a tiny bit of extra protection.


The last Billy is for art books and my small collection of non-Aikatsu doujinshi. For those curious, my Aikatsu collection is kept in the bedroom; I'm planning a tour of that soon! I also highly recommend the Granblue Fantasy art books. If you like to draw fantasy at all, it's a great inspiration not just for character designs but weapon designs. These books are gorgeous!

Also, the Magic the Gathering box is full of items like cute business cards and Pokemon QR code cards that I didn't want to throw away. I use them when I want to mark a lot of pages in an art book!


Vocalohistory on the final shelf, which also really need a book stand. I once left it upright for too long and gravity made the cover bow out.


Before leaving this section, I have a recently acquired grail (Nuko, from Girl's Last Tour) fit perfectly into this corner.

Next up is the couch, mantel, and coffee table area! This section has a close-up of a few parts of the Happy Party Train collection, my couch cushions, and the things I have hidden under my coffee table...

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler

Before best girl Hanamaru got her own single, Happy Party Train was my favorite Love Live song! Since Mitaiken HORIZON hasn't yet been granted much merch, however, I'm going to continue casually collecting the Happy Party Train merch line. There's a surprisingly large amount of it, but I'm happy with my display for now.


For the record, the puzzle is in a custom frame. I believe it cost around $135-ish iirc. Doing puzzles is a fun hobby for me, but I have to be careful of my dogs eating pieces. Densuke (Shih-Tzu/Bichon Frise mix) once caused me to buy the same puzzle three times in a row due to eating a piece from the first two purchases. I set up a few precautionary measures and he's never managed to eat a piece since.


Not Happy Party Train specific, but he fills the space nicely. As for what he's sitting on, though...


These are the guidebooks for each of the performances! The contents are all the same, but when you put the covers together...


The form one picture! I haven't decided how I want to display these yet. I have a few ideas, but I'm not in a hurry.


One of my favorite items is my Happy Party Train KingBlade! I took this to the recent theater showing of the 9th anniversary concert (before quarantine, of course) and was happy to find that many of the other attendants did the same. We all contributed to the light show; it was really fun!


I still haven't even watched the concert. At first I didn't want to for very specific emotional reasons (it's oddly complicated), but I've since gotten past this. I honestly just keep forgetting about it, so I'm setting it on my coffee table so maybe I can watch it this week.


My incomplete set of mini Nesoberi! I found these at AX 2019, but the last three have been difficult. I can frequently find Yoshiko for around $85, but I have never seen Riko and You for sale.


Lastly, I found these pillows on Mandarake and had to have them. They obviously don't fit on the mantel, so the couch next to it will have to do. I got the Shiitake pillow at the same time as compensation for not being able to get the 1/1 scale Shiitake plush......which I recently acquired!


A close-up of one of the Micchiri Neko pillows.




The Angely Bear pillow from Aikatsu should really go in the bedroom with the rest of that collection, but it doesn't really fit right now. It also suffered some recent damage, so I'm considering trying to replace it. The Hylian Shield actually has a grip on the back so you can hold it like a real shield!


I won't unfurl it, but this blanket has my waifu on it so it's amazing.


The contents of my coffee table. The pile of light novels is what I was reading at the time, but I'm down to No Game No Life vol 6 at the time of this post. The Shiro mug is really adorable; I have a matching Schwi one as well. I believe AmiAmi has them back on pre-order last I checked! And yes, my phone has a shattered screen. No it's not in a case. Yes I'm stupid.


Random stuff under here, like remotes, coasters a box of console game accessories. Nothing too exciting. Around the corner of the coffee table, though...


...is my external anime hard drive with a Shelter sticker on it!


But what is UNDERNEATH the coffee table?


MORE PUZZLES!! There is a matching cat one under the dog one, but the dog one isn't glued so I can't move it to show you. Eventually these are going up on the bedroom wall once I get frames. The Yuru Camp one is for the bathroom, though; once this is framed, I'll be doing a [significantly shorter] bathroom tour. Yes it will be worth it; it's a pretty cool bathroom.


I still can't believe Doge is on the dog puzzle, though.

Next up is the entertainment center! This is a pretty short section.

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler

As you can see, my laptop background is currently from Carol and Tuesday. I prefer a darker background, though, so I'll probably be changing it soon. The black box to the right is a photo cube! I'm planning to take a lot more pictures from here on out.


A GRAIL!! 1/1 scale Shiitake is incredible. I actually purchased her back in December on ebay only to have the seller act shady and ask for more money to ship her overseas. We ended up cancelling the transaction, so I bought her from ANOTHER ebay seller the same day....only to have the seller cancel her because she sold on one of their other platforms! It was a sad day, but I left notifications on for her and a month or so ago she finally popped back up. Snagged her immediately, and I'm thrilled.


She's big.


I like the Ice King. I have a bunch of other figures/tins from this Adventure Time toy series, but I don't have them displayed. The tin houses memory cards.



My PS3 Project Diva mini controller, as well as the Let's Go Pokeball controllers. The straps are so my boyfriend and I know whose is whose. The Makochi one is mine, and the Rem is his. The Switch is currently in the bedroom, so it's not pictured. It's just the basic Switch with red/blue Joy-Cons.



Enjoy my cluster fuck of World of Nintento figurines/Amiibos. I'll find a better display option for them eventually. You probably can't see it well, but my favorite item in there is the Metroid!


Aside from Shiitake, this section really isn't special. We still need curtains for the big windows, but we're being unbelievably picky about them.

And so finally we've reached the Detolfs! Again, there are 11 of them. I'll tell you in advance that I don't remember the artist for any of the prints above the Detolfs, so I'm sorry! I believe the Tokyo Mew Mew and Princess Tutu ones are the same artist, as well as the Pop Team Epic and Kemono Friends prints. Don't look too closely at the prints above the Detolfs to the left to avoid Land of the Lustrous manga spoilers. I'll include an extra spoiler tag in there for closer looks at them.

The first section is just the overall lineup, as well as what's up top. Skip to the next spoiler for the individual shelves!

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler



The corner detolf is not secured at the moment, but we haven't had any issues with it. Still we intend to secure it to the ones on either side once we make our way back to the hardware store. Again, there are 11 of these things.

Avoid this spoiler tag to avoid a closer look at the Land of the Lustrous prints (manga spoilers):

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler


I am in awe of these Land of the Lustrous prints. As one of my favorite anime/manga, I really wish there was more merch for it. RIP to the Phos Figma.


Guts was placed here temporarily, but has actually been since moved to the same shelf with the Berserk hardback manga. He fits well there.





Ammy is the exclusive version but does not light up due to an unfortunate break. F4F shit is beautiful but fragile.


This placement was not intentional, as Team Skull was moved here from another location by chance. When I took the picture, though, I realized that between Team Skull and the B-Styles, there is definitely a story being told here lol



The last of the Pokemon plush! That is a 1/1 scale Detective Pikachu plush, although I'm not convinced Pikachu is actually that big. Either way, I absolutely love having a life-size Ryan Reynolds in my home.

FINALLY! We've reached the last section! These are the individual shelves of all eleven Detolfs. That means a total of 121 shelves, some of which have multiple pictures, so expect this final spoiler tag to be the heftiest of them all. We'll be starting from the top left and going from top to bottom of each detolf until we reach the bottom right!

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler





I had a lot of fun posing the K-On girls! Due to breaking Ritsu's drum (I glued it...badly) and missing guitar straps (i.e. GSC didn't give them to me), I decided to give them a more whimsical pose! Walking home from school felt like a really fun scene. I had a difficult time with Ritsu, but she is meant to be walking backwards to talk to Mugi and Mio, if you can't tell.



Also on this shelf hidden in the back are my Pinky Street figures. Does anyone still collect these? I'm thinking about buying more since Manadarake sells them for cheap. I've never played the games, but the figures and their interchangeable parts are adorable!


Cluster fuck. I haven't found a good way to display these yet.


The Shikishi are from PriPara.


I'll complete these sets eventually. I don't know how to prioritize.




I need an extra riser for the third years!




I used the cats from ITEM #13831 for this shelf! I thought it was a good fit with Sonico and Mashiro.




Again, I need risers for the third years.


My husbando! Sanzo is one of my favorite figures in this collection. I regretted not getting him at Sakura Con 2018, and then his price shot up. My boyfriend got him for me for my birthday this year, though!


Secretly this is my favorite pose for any of my Figma. Can you imagine someone actually shooting like this?


On of my favorite shelves! Phos is my absolute favorite in the collection.


I know a lot of people didn't like these two, but I think they are delightful!





The Aria shelf is my #1 favorite shelf. I acquired the Aria Company playset, one of my ultimate grails, earlier this year from AmiAmi pre-owned. The standees were originally stickers from the Aria dub Kickstarter from several years ago. I particularly like the Pokoteng that is jumping; I twisted some wire and attached it to a base to make him look like he's floating! Before adding the standees, it was a very serene shelf, but I feel that the Aria series is equally serene and lively. The standees brought the "lively" out that I wanted!




School girls! Noa from Wataten gave me a major scare recently when she was hardcore leaning, but I carefully bent her back and glue her right foot to it's stand and she has been stable for about a week. The Shikishi was the pre-order bonus from the Wataten Hinata Nendoroid, which I'm keeping on my desk at the moment. Hinata is my favorite anime imouto!


My boyfriend prefers THIS Hinata, though!



Mecha Musume! I want to protect the smile and crying faces of the Franxx Nendos respectfully. The Shimakaze ship was the most complicated model kit I've ever put together, and also my first experience painting a model (the musume Shimakaze needed the paint, the ship did not).


The first Beargguy shelf! I'm a huge Beargguy fan. To my knowledge, I am only missing one Petitgguy, and then my collection will be complete. This shelf contains the Bronze Petitgguy that was only available as a raffle prize. I didn't win, but I bought it from someone who did!



Spring theme! Anyone who skipped the Rabbit House due to size missed out (though to be fair, a larger one was released). This was such a fun papercraft kit that I ordered the second in the series as soon as I was done! It looks so good too, like it isn't even paper!


In the back is a Loveless pencil board I received from a friend back in high school. I've had this for at least 12-13 years!




Shiro/Schwi shelf #1! They are both my waifu, and I headcannon them as the same person through reincarnation.


This shelf will really benefit from some risers...


Tomango21 recently did a review of this Hisone to Masotan model kit. I think their's came out much better than mine! My colors came out to dark, and I actually forgot to paint Masotan's tail! (I still haven't painted it lol) It was a very fun kit, though, and I recommend it!


Beargguy shelf two! Neon Beargguy 3000 was another raffle prize, which I purchased from another user on this site. I had some issues with his decals staying on, so I've had to glue some of the edges.


This Ayame is delightful. The episode of Build Divers where she pretends she doesn't like Beargguy was the cutest episode of the series.


I need to rewrite his signboard darker. Who can tell me what the quote is from? I kind of wonder if I was in a dark place when I wrote that lol


My Sonico grail! I actually prefer displaying her topless, but she's in view of a window right now so I'll keep it on!


In the back is my very first figure! Okay, so this isn't the actual one. I broke my original first figure as a teenager and glue wouldn't hold her together, so I threw her away. Stupid, right? These days I could have fixed her or at least would have found her a new owner. This specific one I bought from a friendly user on MFC!


More Pinky Street figures! Moe (in the pink) was my first Pinky and is missing a lot of her accessories. Now that I actually take care of my collectibles, I may buy another one.




My second Shiro/Schwi shelf! I ran out of risers, so this is still a WIP. Luckily I'll be able to fit Tuck-Up Shiro when she comes out.


Cluster fuck shelf 1 of 3. I kind of ran out of figures that fit a theme, and just slapped this shelf together for the meantime. It'll come together eventually.



Beargguy shelf #3!


Please note that these three are not official. I bought them since the colors were different than the official ones, though, and they are quite cute. The decals they came with were all wrong, though, so I used the extras that come with official Petitgguys for their eyes and noses. Much better!


Magical girls! I love this Uranus/Neptune combo...if I don't look too closely at Neptune. Her feet are completely messed up, and it I hadn't bought her through RightStuf I might have thought she was a bootleg. Ripple, from Magical Girl Raising Project, is one of my favorite figures just because I'm so happy she exists. MGRP got very little merch, but it's one of my favorites (particularly the light novel series).


Cluster fuck shelf 2 of 3.


Cluster fuck shelf 3 of 3. I just ran out of good themes, not to mention risers.


Final Beargguy shelf! This is the remaining Petitgguys, plus the original Beargguy design.


Motivational signboard Petitgguys.



The Breath of the Wild shelf! Shelves from here on out really need risers. I currently have Link's other head on the male cheerleader body on my desk. The Koroks are from GizmoForge!


Oh, I was wrong. One more cluster fuck shelf. Emily is currently awaiting her Taisho clothes so she can match Ryou.




WIP. I like to use the Face Swap parts for the face parts cases. bkub's design is [probably] my favorite.


That's right, a Haro just dabbed on you. The pink one near the middle is doing Chika's dance (Kaguya-sama).




SERIOUS WIP. I'm trying to make a "living space" for all of the Snow Miku Nendoroids to interact in. I mixed up their Yukine on purpose; just experimenting a bit! Here's a closeup of each of them:






And these guys are just awkwardly in the back corner. I think they should be set up like plush on a shelf, but I'm still figuring it out.





God these need risers.





The final image is of a Yamato charm I got from a friend. I don't know the artist unfortunately! I'm a pretty big Digimon fan and I like to rewatch the first two seasons every few years or so! And yes, I'm going to be that person: The sub is better. You really can't beat Butterfly and Brave Heart; the English theme and Hey Digimon really just don't compare.

Whoa. Did you make it all the way to the end? I don't blame you if you just gave up lol. Can you believe I did this all in one sitting?

If you have any questions about anything in this tour, please ask! I mentioned that the Aikatsu collection is in my bedroom, but I should also mention that the Re:Zero collection is in my boyfriend's office. There are also various items around the home, so if you didn't see something I own in this tour, it's probably just in a different room entirely. Also, due to the length, there are likely mistakes in some places, so I'm sorry if you run into any of them. I've already done a bit of editing to remove doubled pictures and weird wording/misspelling.

I hope you enjoyed this EXTREMELY LONG AND WORDY tour (I'm so, so sorry). Thank you for coming along with me on my first tour!
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Wow, such a well-thought out set-up. Thanks for the cool tour! :D
Il y a 1 mois
MajesticOtaking Odayaka janai!
MarshmallowpieIl y a 1 mois#79901884Wow, really impressive post! Like even just posting all these photos is impressive, lol. The bookshelf wall really looks good! Cool manga collection, great mix of new and old and all kinds of different genres. I love the Nuko and I didn't even know it existed. The dungeon staircase mat really confused at me first... I was like what are those pointless stairs, and then I thought it was supposed to be a cellphone signal symbol, and it wasn't until I read the text that I realised what it was supposed to be, haha.

Thank you! That Nuko ITEM #674826 took me over a year of frequent searched to track down! If you're also after it, AmazonJP still has some in stock (I used the proxy Buyee). If you think you want it, I'd recommend getting it sooner than later. It's a bitch to find lol

And I totally register those stairs as a cellphone signal as well! They are specifically from Dragon Quest, though they aren't in the database (last I checked, anyways). I want to find a nice out of the way place to "hide" them, like an Easter egg in my own home.

Julia125Il y a 1 mois#79901810I saw you mention somewhere that you were going to post this and was really looking forward to seeing it! And my gosh it looks amazing! The amount of work you put into this definitely paid off! Lack of space definitely makes people get creative but this is a whole new level and super impressive. You have an awesome collection too, I’m really excited for the next tours you’re going to do! If you ever need company then please invite me over X’D

Thanks so much! I mean, hey, if you're ever in Seattle I'm totally open to meetups. I won't even charge admission lol
Il y a 1 mois
MajesticOtakingIl y a 1 mois#79901784Thank you so much! I think my dogs were more sad because I said the "s" word ("stay"); they don't really care about Shiitake at all lol. And yes, I LOVE puzzles! It's always hard for me to decide if I want to glue it and frame it or not just because it will mean I can't put it together again without buying a second. Luckily the dog one is actually a tight enough fit that I can frame it without gluing it, but I didn't realize that until I'd already glued the cat one underneath it.
And I don't think the desire to see my bathroom is weird at all. I'm kind of trying to hype it after all lol

Omg same, I always feel a little bad gluing my puzzles so I just try to have a bunch that I can do over and over, it’s gotten to the point where I’m running out of space for puzzle boxes (as if figure boxes weren’t enough trouble haha). I have this one Japanese Disney puzzle that has the pieces click into place and stay together without glue, I reeeally wish more puzzles would be made that way! But I’ll keep buying them regardless haha.
Il y a 1 mois
Wow, really impressive post! Like even just posting all these photos is impressive, lol. The bookshelf wall really looks good! Cool manga collection, great mix of new and old and all kinds of different genres. I love the Nuko and I didn't even know it existed. The dungeon staircase mat really confused at me first... I was like what are those pointless stairs, and then I thought it was supposed to be a cellphone signal symbol, and it wasn't until I read the text that I realised what it was supposed to be, haha.
Il y a 1 mois
I saw you mention somewhere that you were going to post this and was really looking forward to seeing it! And my gosh it looks amazing! The amount of work you put into this definitely paid off! Lack of space definitely makes people get creative but this is a whole new level and super impressive. You have an awesome collection too, I’m really excited for the next tours you’re going to do! If you ever need company then please invite me over X’D
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MajesticOtaking Odayaka janai!
TheGreatGordyIl y a 1 mois#79836792You have an awesome room and collection. Kind of a random question, where did you get your couch at?

Thanks! It's the Ikea Kivik. It has a bunch of different options, and you can even make it into a huge sectional if you have the space. For us, it's the perfect balance between soft and firm!

CriscokidIl y a 1 mois#79836911Great concept on using the Billy's to divide the room. I just love seeing otaku homes, glad to see yours.

Otaku home tours are my favorites! I wish more people with their own place would show off how they decorate their entire homes. Splitting up the collection and theming different rooms is so cool to me. For instance, our bedroom is more kawaii themed, the bathroom is camping/forest themed, and the kitchen has some food-related items (including Nendoroids who are eating). My boyfriend's office is still under construction as in addition to the living room redecoration, we also switched the bedroom and office, but he has whole a wall of Re:Zero (mostly Rem) figures!

I'm always on the lookout for tours so I can get new ideas for how to decorate our home!
Il y a 1 mois
MajesticOtaking Odayaka janai!
gwendal738-2Il y a 1 mois#79837002Oh gosh, I love your whole setup! At first I thought it was going to be closed off and claustrophobic because of the dark shelves, but as I saw it come together it gave me the impression of being warm and cozy instead! Being surrounded by manga and figures like this is heaven and I hope to be able to have something like this someday...
Just a question, what frames did you use for your art prints and/or where did you get them? I love the minimalistic, thin black border look. Did you have them custom made? I want to do something similar for my posters too...

Thank you! We had four of these Billy's prior to purchasing the new ones, so we made sure to measure everything carefully and stage it before dropping the money just so we could be certain it wouldn't feel claustrophobic. We put a couple of months of planning into this to be completely certain we would be happy with it! Plus, it'll make a great backdrop. We've been considering a YouTube channel focused on figures for some time, so if it ever actually happens, then we're all set lol

As for the frames, almost all of them are pretty much the cheapest ones you can get at Michaels. Here's a link to them! For larger prints, you may have to go with a different brand, though. You should be fine for postcards, though!

The_UnforgivenIl y a 1 mois#79837023Wow! It seems like your psuedo remodel was quite the undertaking, but it turned out really nice! I've always hated open concept houses (well, at least when multiple people live in the house) for the lack of privacy and separation for smells, sounds, etc, so it's nice to see a fun way to create artificial walls without actually remodeling. It's got a nice modern, clean feel even with that impressively large collection!

Thank you! While I like open-concept to a degree, I think the main reason is for the adaptability. Creating my own walls lets me manipulate the spaces in a way I like rather than being stuck with whatever the original designer decided on. Being able to customize my space is super important to me! We actually moved into this apartment a year ago specifically because of the adaptability of this living room; our last apartment was bigger and cheaper, but it just didn't suit our needs and belongings.

galablueIl y a 1 mois#79901069Your manga collection is extremely impressive. I think you did a pretty good job attaching and modifying the billy bookcases. I would be nervous for it to fall over, to be honest, but it seems quite study.

Thank you! I was mildly worried at first, but it really is pretty stable. I may add an additional "pillar" system in the future to attach it to the ceiling as an additional precaution. There's no such thing as too careful, especially with a curious cat and two small dogs that like to roughhouse.

Wario54Il y a 1 mois#79901295Wow!! I actually like open concept but I love what you did with the shelves, it’s like a cozy library/living room. It actually looks pretty spacious for being totally surrounded with shelves too. You seriously have such an impressive collection. I didn’t even know 20th Century Boys was getting a new release and now I need it. xP Also nice to see someone else who likes to frame puzzles!! They’re so fun and very satisfying to see up on the wall once completed! The Happy Party Train puzzle especially looks very cool, I freaking love that whole setup you have there haha. And that Shiitake omg. I hope your dogs didn’t feel threatened. Anyway, this was a really fun read! It feels super weird saying this but I‘m interested to see your bathroom haha.

Thank you so much! I think my dogs were more sad because I said the "s" word ("stay"); they don't really care about Shiitake at all lol. And yes, I LOVE puzzles! It's always hard for me to decide if I want to glue it and frame it or not just because it will mean I can't put it together again without buying a second. Luckily the dog one is actually a tight enough fit that I can frame it without gluing it, but I didn't realize that until I'd already glued the cat one underneath it.

And I don't think the desire to see my bathroom is weird at all. I'm kind of trying to hype it after all lol
Il y a 1 mois
Wow!! I actually like open concept but I love what you did with the shelves, it’s like a cozy library/living room. It actually looks pretty spacious for being totally surrounded with shelves too. You seriously have such an impressive collection. I didn’t even know 20th Century Boys was getting a new release and now I need it. xP Also nice to see someone else who likes to frame puzzles!! They’re so fun and very satisfying to see up on the wall once completed! The Happy Party Train puzzle especially looks very cool, I freaking love that whole setup you have there haha. And that Shiitake omg. I hope your dogs didn’t feel threatened. Anyway, this was a really fun read! It feels super weird saying this but I‘m interested to see your bathroom haha.
Il y a 1 mois
Your manga collection is extremely impressive. I think you did a pretty good job attaching and modifying the billy bookcases. I would be nervous for it to fall over, to be honest, but it seems quite study.
Il y a 1 mois
This is all amazing! I love the sectioning off of your living space and your collection is SOOO impressive! ♥
Il y a 1 mois
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