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sydforgetfulsydforgetfulIl y a 1 mois
J'ai plus de 18 ans
hiii, this is my first haul and I'm excited to share with everyone !

so basically my plan is to split the year into 4 parts: jan-mar, april-june, july-sept and oct-dec. and then have two parts of my hauls, what i ordered and what i received, within those months ofc and of that it will be figures, goods then media, if i get goods\media. and finally, whats the first figure im getting next

so on june 16 i ordered two figures from tokyo otaku mode, the beetlejuice bishoujo by kotobukiya


and the final season lucy heartfilia pop up parade figure by good smile company


beetlejuice was $131.99 and lucy was $38.99, i also got free shipping because i spent over $150. i’m super excited to get them, lucy is a childhood fave character, and im just in love with everything beetlejuice. beetlejuice released on july 1st i believe and since im in the us, i had a choice to either pay for fast shipping, wait for the us stock or get it shipped by email. they said the us stock could come before sea mail so i picked that. lucy is set to release in october, and if the time comes again where i have to pick what i want to do with it, ill pick the same as i did with beetlejuice

i received two figures from ebay, the cammy white second ed boshoujo


and the danganronpa 3 nagito komaeda figure


(i always like to take a box, full figure and portrait pic of them lmao)

cammy was $84.79 and nagito was $72.23. nagito is my all time fave character, and this one was my fave of all his figures so i had to get him, and in the back of my head cammy was there just waiting to be remembered again lmao, then i saw her bishoujo and i looooved how she looked. so when i saw a cheap priced listing of the two of them i instantly saved a little and got them asap. nagito actually sold out before i had the chance to get him, but someone else listed him for around the same price so as soon as i had just the right amount i got him.

cammys muscles are defined very well and i love that, and nagito is just amazing all together lol

finally, the next figure i plan to get is,,, super pochaco patissier choco mint ver


ive been searching far and wide for her, and ive found her in some places but they're just way too expensive, but i finally found her on ebay for a decent price, i have to save like $70 to get her and hopefully no one buys her before me lmao

anyway thanks for reading :)
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ChocolateSpiderIl y a 1 mois#80327374Very cute loot. I like the Cammy figure. :3

thank uu <3
Il y a 1 mois
Very cute loot. I like the Cammy figure. :3
Il y a 1 mois