July 2020: What deals have you found this month?July 2020: What deals have you found this month?Ask MFC

TyjosAzariTyjosAzariIl y a 27 jours
How are things going with your collecting this month?

Have you found some good deals?

Found a few good deals for some figures that I wanted to get and right now am satisfied with what's been spent, nothing too expensive and picked up one of the scaled figures I wanted to get at a great deal so I'm very happy to have Meiya ITEM #143936 coming into the collection and after playing the Muv Luv Visual novels lately she was a must get for the collection and came across the Kotobukiya statue and grabbed it using Best Offer at $50


Picked up one of the Mobile Suit Gundam figures that had been on and off my list to pick up at a excellent deal that I couldn't pass up so ITEM #884483 the RGM-79-C is coming in and I'd love to get more Robot Spirits but this month's goal for collecting is to limit new additions.


Got a Gundam figure for just under $20 ITEM #39604 and that is a neat looking figure to me, I'd love to get more MSIA figures for the collection but after cleaning out a lot of action figures from the collection this month don't feel like looking for a lot of them plus will have a few Gundam figures coming in Trade so don't need to look for a lot of others since most of the ones that I do want for the collection will be coming in Trade.


And lastly picked up ITEM #943574 from one of my usual sources and this is a new release so looking forward to this HG Kit getting into the collection.


Overall have spent just under $200 and looking at what's been picked up that's a satisfactory amount spent, now down to waiting for Gundam Universe Wave 3 to be released.

Don't have anymore preorders to deal with for this year and that leaves the rest of the year freed up so can focus on saving up more and pick up something whenever I feel like it.

How much have you spent on collecting this month?

What figure deals have you found?
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Nothing figure related but I did find a vacuum for $200($120 off) and a purse for $300(50% off) and that was a coach purse great deal if you ask me(original price was almost $500)
Il y a 26 jours
Lol that made me look through my ordered list and think "hmmm, when's the last time I got a good deal...nope....nope, not that one...definitely not that...ehh, nah..." basically reaching the conclusion that I've not had a good deal in months.

ITEM #727708 Maybe this, if you ignore the fact that some dude has 10 of them in stock in Taiwan at $130 each while not having sold any in years. I got it at 11k Yen, yay? I guess you can count the satisfaction of patience for at least some kind of discount as the biggest + lol.
Il y a 27 jours
Found ITEM #855075 on AmiAmi's preowned section for 10k Yen and being a A/B+. Ordered her a couple of days ago through DHL and hope she gets here soon!
Il y a 27 jours
This month was very expensive, but only cause i put in several pre-orders for figures releasing later this year, or next year. I got 2 Preowned figures i bought off a fellow MFC member, and I have an order of Doujins/Other odd items coming from Mandarake.
Preowned Figures:
$120 Both were on my wish list, and a very good price.
Mandarake Order:
$700 for 5 Figures i ordered from TOM using about $160 in TOM Points aswell.
Il y a 27 jours
I found this Spice & Wolf poster I've been hunting for $30 on Goods Republic. They still have some.

Il y a 27 jours
I actually scored: ITEM #249886 for around 200 NIB on ebay. I wasn't going to collect all the Yuzusoft girls; but, looks like I am now!? They are sculpted very well for individuals and I am a big broccoli fan ever since they switched from 1/8 to 1/7. Warned others there were couple more up; but, if you listened good for you.
Also, PO ITEM #676174 using leftover points from nin. I got her on the day my 1 year loyalty points expired. Since they had it 20 bucks cheaper than every other shops and another 20 bucks in coupons made the deal. I didn't know the character; but, I liked the style and the sculpt. Will look good next to ITEM #317827.
I know I shouldn't be spending so much as I don't work anymore and don't know how long it will last. So had to pass on the SAO goddess figures; that set is going to cost 600+ and couldn't justify even I know they wont get cheaper than PO price. I probably want something else even more... and may need cash for that.
This 20K-30K per figure thingy is taking toll on my pockets... It feels like there is less cash to spend on figures than it used to be.
Il y a 27 jours
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