Commentaires July 2020: What deals have you found this month?

  • Nothing figure related but I did find a vacuum for $200($120 off) and a purse for $300(50% off) and that was a coach purse great deal if you ask me(original price was almost $500)
    Il y a 25 jours
    Lol that made me look through my ordered list and think "hmmm, when's the last time I got a good deal...nope....nope, not that one...definitely not that...ehh, nah..." basically reaching the conclusion that I've not had a good deal in months.

    ITEM #727708 Maybe this, if you ignore the fact that some dude has 10 of them in stock in Taiwan at $130 each while not having sold any in years. I got it at 11k Yen, yay? I guess you can count the satisfaction of patience for at least some kind of discount as the biggest + lol.
    Il y a 25 jours
    Found ITEM #855075 on AmiAmi's preowned section for 10k Yen and being a A/B+. Ordered her a couple of days ago through DHL and hope she gets here soon!
    Il y a 25 jours
    This month was very expensive, but only cause i put in several pre-orders for figures releasing later this year, or next year. I got 2 Preowned figures i bought off a fellow MFC member, and I have an order of Doujins/Other odd items coming from Mandarake.
    Preowned Figures:
    $120 Both were on my wish list, and a very good price.
    Mandarake Order:
    $700 for 5 Figures i ordered from TOM using about $160 in TOM Points aswell.
    Il y a 25 jours
    I found this Spice & Wolf poster I've been hunting for $30 on Goods Republic. They still have some.

    Il y a 25 jours
    I actually scored: ITEM #249886 for around 200 NIB on ebay. I wasn't going to collect all the Yuzusoft girls; but, looks like I am now!? They are sculpted very well for individuals and I am a big broccoli fan ever since they switched from 1/8 to 1/7. Warned others there were couple more up; but, if you listened good for you.
    Also, PO ITEM #676174 using leftover points from nin. I got her on the day my 1 year loyalty points expired. Since they had it 20 bucks cheaper than every other shops and another 20 bucks in coupons made the deal. I didn't know the character; but, I liked the style and the sculpt. Will look good next to ITEM #317827.
    I know I shouldn't be spending so much as I don't work anymore and don't know how long it will last. So had to pass on the SAO goddess figures; that set is going to cost 600+ and couldn't justify even I know they wont get cheaper than PO price. I probably want something else even more... and may need cash for that.
    This 20K-30K per figure thingy is taking toll on my pockets... It feels like there is less cash to spend on figures than it used to be.
    Il y a 25 jours
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