Review: Dustiness Ford Lalatina - KD Colle - 1/7 - Oiran Ver.Review: Dustiness Ford Lalatina - KD Colle - 1/7 - Oiran Ver.Review

Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!
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Never wrote a figure review before, however I wanted to share my excitement about this figure with you and thought, why not make some pictures and put together a few words.

Konosuba is one of my favorite series out there. I started with the Anime Season 1 & 2, but then went over to reading the Light Novels and even bought the Managa for the Megumin Prequel.

What I like about Konosuba is, that it is not taking everything super serious. Instead it has this very over the top sense of humor, sometimes a bit "pervy", sometimes sarcastic or even dark humor. And all of this is delivered by 4 excellent lead characters: Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin and Darkness (let's call her just Lalatina from here on ;)).

Don't ask me who my favorite character is, I love them all! :D

As I am getting more and more into figure collecting, I decided earlier this year, that instead of focusing on the pop-up parade figures, which are not bad for the price, I really want to focus on high quality Konosuba scale figures.

I do have the China Dress Megumin (ITEM #1055757) & Yun Yun (ITEM #1055758) pre-ordered for later this year and I am also waiting for the Aqua Oiran figure - which means the first figure in my collection is the Lalatina Oiran figure.


Pre-ordering is not even true, because I missed the pre-order period. But could see that after release some shops like Hobbysearch and also Amazon.co.jp had them in stock. So I was really lucky and could order her with Amazon.co.jp. I do live in Germany, so I had to pay something around 9000 yen only for Shipping & Customs - but it was still cheaper than in some of the local shops. In total I ended up with 200 Euro as a price. Delivery was super fast, it only took 3 days to arrive here.

Enough talk, let's show some pictures:


This is only my second 1/7 scale figure and my first one (ITEM #549367) has this very dynamic pose, which makes her smaller than she actually is. So my first impression was more very excited about the actual size of the box and the figure.


Overall I cannot say anything special about the package. No nice gimmicks or anything, just does the job fine and matches very nice with the Kimono of the packaging.

Figure unpacked

I was actually so excited with unpacking the figure and finally getting it out of the package, that I absolutely forgot about the base. So the first photo I took was without the base and without really realizing it first, she is absolutely fine, thanks to the Kimono with just placing her on a table without the base.


Of course I also unpacked the base and set her up accordingly, which was quite easy and without any problems.


The base itself with the glossy black is okay, but to be honest I think there are much nicer things you can do.

The figure itself

I think the combination of colors is really spot on and a perfect fit for Lalatina. You have a her beautiful blond hair, which goes great with the orange Kimono. Then we have the secondary color elements with red & purple, which are a great addition. I really like traditional Kimono figures and I feel she is very unique the way they made her.


Pictures from every angle:


Overall I would say it looks very elegant. I am glad that they did not go with a that heavily aroused face of Lalatina, which she sometimes is showing us ;). I would say it would not be a very good match for the more classic design. But of course we all know, that Lalatina is well built and therefore I took one more picture for you:


They did a good job, didn't they? It looks like I imagined it, but not over the top sexual.

I would give a 9/10, the painting looks super clean with one exception at the front. The sculpting and pose are good. As mentioned before, they could have made the base more unique. That's it, I do have some more pictures in the respective album.

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great review! I wish Lalatina *cough* Darkness can get more decent figure + designs. I ordered China dress Megumin too! I wanna PO Yunyun but since I'm aware that the paint of the golden anklet may wear off as time passes, I decided to give her up as I don't wanna have that risk.
btw would you mind linking the item ITEM #851340 in the related item? thx! <3
Il y a 2 mois
Nice review and great photos! I haven't see many figures with an orange colored kimono and the overall color scheme looks good.
Il y a 2 mois
My goodness, she is beautiful. I'm still waiting for amiami to invoice me for my March preorder, and I can only afford surface, so I probably won't see mine until july :( I heard that ordering an in stock item could make them invoice you faster, so I might order a pack of nendoroid easel stands or something.
Il y a 2 mois
I’m still waiting on my pre-order, this has made me look forward to getting Lalatina even more!!
Fingers crossed for Aqua’s prototype soon
Il y a 2 mois
Oh snap, I’ve seen that figure around on sale in a few stores and have been contemplating it. How could I not when she looks that good in that kimono. Great balance between graceful, elegant, but with a touch of feminine sexuality.

She almost looks like a proper classy lady which we all know she really isn’t deep down, but that’s ok too. Had no idea she came with a little umbrella so that’s a nice little bonus. Great article my dude.
Il y a 2 mois