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    Hey Chi!!!

    So I read this entire post and it was very relatable! I am in a Figure Collecting Group and sometimes I feel like Im the only one who thinks that you shouldn't just only buy a figure because it has some cuteness, exclusive, or looks sexy. Don't get me wrong, I still make some purchases due to those factors, but I think long and hard before doing so. But anyways, how do I keep self control? Well, I ask myself right away if this purchase/figure means anything to me. Then, if yes, I will ask myself will I have the funds to pay for the purchase (either now, or if I can make it up for pre-order). I do monitor my spending. I keep a certain amount of money in my bank account no matter what, try not to touch my savings and never use my credit card. My requirements are that it must means something, I must have watched the anime, if nostalgia- must be a strong connection, how much the character means to me in an anime, is the price reasonable... (that's all I can think of off the top of my head). Sadly, I usually do pre-orders (AmiAmi or hobby search- but only if I really like the figure because you can't cancel on there, fuuuuuu-). Pre-orders are very very very dangerous though. I hate hate hate delays because some figure will group up into one months and make too big of a payment. I try and space out my orders but delays make figures attracted to each other. So... I had Len, Rin, and Homura (1/8) all in August. It was just horrible! I don't know I survived! Ironically, I sold Rin and Len for half of what I paid. I was not happy either, but I needed my money back. Ugh. Now my boyfriend and I split the purchase of a figure so it is not so scary to pay for. So yeah. :)
    Il y a 5 ans
    I am a newbie haha, but It's really hard for me to afford almost any figure. The first Nendoroids I met were Linkin Park Nendos, then I knew the standard size Nendoroids like Sebastian and Hatsune Miku (for example) and I wanted them, but I couldn't find them at that moment haha. But when Sakura Miku opened pre-orders I had to order her ("I have time to save money" I told myself). Then Iron Man Nendo appeared, I had to preorder him, I swear haha and then I saw Wakai Sakana, THAT PIANO! I couldn't help it, I ordered her... And then I wanted a keyboard for my Nendo Mike Shinoda xD, so I ordered petit Tsumugi form K-ON (she was considerably expensive, but it's really hard to get her that I paid without thinking twice haha, and by the way, she is adorable :3), she will arrive maybe in 2 weeks. Then was when I started to think that I should find out if I will be able to get the money to pay all the preorders... It SEEMS like I will, the problem is that now I want a lot of Nendos :S And I think that the money I save after all the preorders will be to buy Nendoroids D:. It´s really hard to me to get the money 'cause I am 17 years old and studying... And in my country LOL. I even want to get a vacation's job hahaha. The only thing that made me stop was that I don't have enough money u.u
    Il y a 6 ans
    I'm currently experiencing that same phase as well. For me self-control really just boils down to "Do I -really really really- want it?" (ex. ITEM #97002 vs ITEM #110164, since I'm a devout fan of the latter, I don't even consider the price to own it; I adjust AFTER I commit to it. But for the former, I can still say no and just pass up on it.) That's usually the case, but after spending $500 in one month, I had to rectify the mentality a bit and just set a cap. $300 w/ship per month (Can be broken if any particular item [ex ITEM #129521] has that primal DO-WANT tugging), but will then reallocate budget for the following months.
    TLDR: Fair budget per month w/ allocations to (un)expected impulse-driven-buys. But sometimes it's really HARD to say no. :(
    Il y a 6 ans
    I totally understand what you're experiencing because I'm may be going through the same thing right now.

    After joining this board, I started acquiring figures that were past releases and got into the pre-order bandwagon to "complete" my figure collection. It feels like I'm in this period of buying frenzy.

    My requirements for buying figures:
    * Is the figure sculpted beautifully enough to suit my taste? If yes, then I'd buy it. For me, it's a matter of not jumping on the first iteration of the character. Waiting for other companies to come out with their own rendition offers choice. I go for quality over quantity.

    * Am I familiar with the anime/series and really love it? I use this as my biggest point to consider when buying a figure. If I hadn't seen the anime/manga, I don't really purchase the item. Moreover, if I didn't really like the anime, then I won't buy the figures that are related to it either.

    * I only buy figures from manga/anime series that I actually watched and buy the figures of characters I enjoy/really care about.

    Here are a few things I do to keep myself in check financially:
    1) Priorities first. I pay all my bills first. (Bills first, toys later.)
    2) Check my space. Right now Im limiting myself to just one shelf level to fit all my figures. If a figure doesn't fit, I won't buy it (this may not work for everyone).
    3) Check to see if I have extra money to put in the PayPal account after I paid all my bills.
    4) I should have some saved money for necessities and other hobbies as well. If I spent all my extra money on figures only, then I'm in big trouble. I want to have extra money to buy essentials for my home, too.
    Il y a 6 ans
    Luckily I can keep myself in control with collecting. Because if you buy too much and too often, that also means you enjoy for figures for a too short period. If I get new figures in, I'm happy for a while, that doesn't mean I want to buy more and more quicker. However, the internet and pictures are sometimes stronger then money. With a lot of figures I wait to buy them, but if I see a really rare figure I need, then I buy directly. If I pre-order, I check first if I can pay it at that time and also schedule not to buy anything around that time. I buy a figure quick if the character is special for me and the sculpting of the figure is perfect. I don't buy directly if it's just a figure that I don't know, but is cute or a figure that's really expensive and nice, but don't have the money.
    Basically buying rare figures I really need are my main priority.
    Il y a 6 ans
    sabrielle_ann 花-ちゃん (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
    Thanks for sharing this article. Had similar problems, but toned down since due to space and money issues. I think the first step to shaking off this addiction is to recognise that you actually have a problem, so well done :). I try not to randomly search for nice figs to buy, but subscribe to series i might want to buy figures from and stick to those (you can do that by searching in the database tab-click encyclopaedia-search the series/charas you want- subscribe). I find it helps. Also, as suggested by other people here, putting things in your wishlist definitely helps with the initial urge to buy any figures you're interested in. Thinking about where you'll be storing them helps too, i personally feel that if i buy too much figs, i'll end up overcrowding the display shelves and each individual fig sorta lost their appeal. Quality trumps quantity for me. Hoarding/completing stuff esp when they are so cheap (the 'why not' mentality) has gotten me lots of regrettable purchases, redundancy and figs of suboptimal quality.. sigh... learnt my lesson. No more.

    iTheShirt (Il y a 6 ans) #1202088Uwahh.. I think I'm in the same seat as you but not with Nendoroids, but 1/8 scaled figures! I started 7 months ago and found MFC after my first figures. Then I all went downhill from there in this exact same fashion. I have over 30 figures and 23 on pre-order all the way into March of NEXT YEAR!
    I've also bought overpriced figures. I paid $150.00 for ITEM #61510 from J-List! That was before I knew about MFC. Totally raged but put it to the side. She was worth it. Bad part is that I broke her hand trying to do some changes to her face and alternate look. T_T
    Some questions I ask myself now is:
    • Will this figure look good with the others?
    • Is it up to par with Momohime or Houmei's quality
    • [ITEM #27637] [ITEM #42031]/Holy Grails?
    • Is the price below $100? If not, is it worth that much?
    • Are all of my bills and debts accounted for FIRST before I make any purchases or pre-orders?
    • High playability? Will I keep looking at this figure and taking pictures?
    • Personal Joy. Does this figure make me forget about my troubles?
    • What am I sacrificing to get this figure?

    Those are just some off the top of my head. I have refined the genre I look for too instead of getting by impulse. Swords, Armor, Guns, RPG, Booty, High Detail, Cast-offable, COLORFUL, High Attention to Proportions/Adaptation of Artwork, Wow factor, Affordability, and characters that I truly love.
    That pretty much sums up my collection/collection to be.
    My only problem now is making a final decision on whether or not I want to break some rules and purchase [ITEM #75578].

    Great advice!! Will take it onboard :) I also appreciate other users' practical advice ^^ Here's to wiser purchases in the future! =))
    Il y a 6 ans
    Oh god I read this and I have been going through the EXACT same thing over the past 4 months, it started when I got the Figma Miku for 30 bucks brand new sealed on ebay and it was official, then I started looking for more and more stuff on Ebay... From there I was gone!

    I found out about MFC and shopping here and sales, and then Amiami... and now I just sit on all these sites like this- www.youtube.com...
    Il y a 6 ans
    I went crazy before....it happens. I just like the ones I know the most as when I get them not only are they cute...I like them more since I know who they are. I do the same for Figmas...though sometimes accessories cause me to get those without knowing the characters well. I do have a budget for figures...so I can keep saving still and have other expenses well. It's all good...just don't go too crazy or you wont appreciate things as much and your wallet will just cry more. Good luck in figuring it all out!
    Il y a 6 ans
    I share your feelings ;___;

    I was in the same exact situation man. After discovering MFC, I started going nuts after browsing the database. When I first saw Nendos I thought they weren't really attractive, but eventually, I found them super adorable after seeing a couple pictures of them in funny & cute poses.

    So, my obsession for Nendoroids grew :/ (and PVC figures too)
    There were a couple that I actually kind of regret buying because they were all impulse buys. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I got too excited as a newbie figure collector.
    And now, I learned my lesson...

    Not sure if this may help you, but try to stop yourself from pressing the Pre-Order button. Wait a couple days (Nendos don't get sold out that fast at least).

    Is the hype dying out? Are you still thinking of the Nendoroid after a couple days? What do you like about it? Is it only the face plate (if so, you should join a Split instead of buying the whole Nendo).

    Also, restricting yourself to a certain number of Nendos per month really helps.
    I forced myself to only buy 1 or 2 Nendos (and PVC) per month and that kinda helps... xD
    Nobody can help you but your own self :'(
    Il y a 6 ans
    Personally, I don't buy things unless they're really special to me or I really like them. I used to have a completionist attitude, but that really, really dragged me down, and it landed me with a bunch of stuff that I didn't really like in the end. After I got rid of most of it, I learned my lesson, so I'm much more conservative about what I buy nowadays. I'll admit, though, I kind of went insane this past July and August with my BRS and Vocaloid stuff. I don't really have an excuse; I just stumbled upon something that I didn't know I really liked.

    FutSanNoShadowK (Il y a 6 ans) #1202375I set a rule for myself to prevent impulse buys.
    Whenever there is something I want to buy or pre-order, first I must add the said item to my MFC wishlist for at least one week. If it is an impulse buy, after one week I won't want it anymore so I will just delete it off my list. And if after one week I still feel unsure (even just a tiny bit), then I won't buy it. The figure will stay on my list in a "decision pending" status until I have a definite answer.
    This way everything I buy has to go through at least one week of consideration. It is unlikely for impulse buys to happen.

    This is a good method! I think I'll use it. :D
    Il y a 6 ans
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