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MoorinaMoorinaIl y a 11 ans
Unlike most Shana fans, I prefer Shana with black hair. So when I saw this Dengeki Daioh version with black hair AND nekomimi, I knew I just HAD to get it.

9/10, The sculpt is as expected from the nendoroid series, clean, sharp and faithful to the original character. The small details like Shana's uniform and the cat ears are perfectly done. The only part I dislike was the small box-shaped seam lines on the front side of the back half of her hair (if that makes sense). But you can't really see it unless you are in the right lighting, so it's just me being picky.

10/10, Perfect. At least for my Shana, I did not find any bleeds or smudges. Especially her hair, with no jarring chunks of paint on the visible areas. Even with the small details on her uniform like the gold buttons, the paint is precise and clean.

8/10, Maybe it's just me, but I find Shana's two 'sideburns' hairs to get in the way of posing. For example, I have great trouble recreating the 'urusai x3' pose with her arms up because of her hair and ears without showing the joint parts. Also, her hands and arms pretty much limits the type of pose she can have, at least compared to other nendoroids like Pastel Ink.

6/10. Although I usually enjoy the clean simplicity of nendoroid bases, Shana's base could have been better positioned. Unlike other similar seat-shaped stands that support the bottom and the skirt (like Kagami), the pole comes too closely to the seat that I found it hard to place Shana if the pole is inserted too much. So with the seat only partially plugged into the pole, Shana's feet doesn't touch the stand, which always makes me nervous. This also makes Shana stand closer to the pole and not at the center of the stand. (What i just wrote probably didn't make sense but those who own her will know what I mean.)

8/10. Same old style for Nendoroid boxes, but I thought the repeating flame symbol make the box look a bit messy and kinda cheap-looking.

9/10! Shana is so cute in nekomimi mode. I could stare at her for hours! This nendoroid is a must have even for those who do not watch the show, as she is just too cute to miss. Her smiling face is really adorable and the melon bread is always a nice plus. she would get a 10 but the posing problem with her arms is just such a big annoyance.

8/10, although this nendoroid's faces, acessories and nekomimi features are simply a must have, the lack of interesting exchangeable parts make her a tad less fun to play with. But if you are getting the Flame Hazen version too, then it would be more fun with the pointing hand and tsuntsun face <3
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If only I could find a good price for her..
Il y a 9 ans