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Neko_OniNeko_OniIl y a 7 ans
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Attention, Mini Pirateers: there be some NSFW elements in this here review. Ye have bin warned!

Ahoy there, Figure Fanatics!
Do ye get wistful when ye hear the Song of the Siren?
Walkin the plank?
Love mermaids?
Or simply a ONE PIECE fan?

Then today, I have a review for you! 'Tis with great pleasure that I give you a look at this here wonderful item!

Shirahoshi H.O.O.K. DX


...And that would be the jumbo lovely situated in the back.

Ok, enough with the pirate talk. (Been subjected to too much Spongebob of late and it seems to be affecting me. XD)

Got this...ginormous box from Play Asia the other day and opened it in disbelief. The POP arrived earlier this year, and I had also picked up Shirahoshi's GLL. The Hook was for my husband, NOT a OP fan. Heresy, I tell ye, and he's now sleepin' with the Sharks in the famous Locker that belongs to some guy named Davey.

Ok, so I'm lying about that last bit. Still, since I was the one who saw this package first, when I opened it, I was not amused that this particular item looked larger than me beloved POP. Well?


Neptune's Pantyhose, but that box was already a mite larger than the POP!


Mutiny! She's the size of the Moby Dick! I'll concede that perhaps she should be larger than said POP: at $125 USD without shipping, it's a nice chunk of gold from Ye Olde Sea Chest! The Megahouse one didn't even set me back that much! (Almost, but no seaweed.)

Since this isn't a figure per se, but a hook, this won't be a traditional review either. She can't pose, no accessories (but an odd shocker), and half of her is...flat. Instead, I'll grace ye with beautiful pictures of said booty. X3


Dammit, Woody, not now!!!!!


So, ye fancy that a Hook can't compare with the beauty of the real thing, do ye? Might want to rethink this, matey, as this Siren is a real charmer.




Check out the pink fingernails!




The pictures don't show it, but she's painted in pearl colors that reflect the light very nicely.








I also noticed that she's flawless paint-wise so I give her a perfect 10

Sentinal did a fine job with the sculpting too, right down to her axe hooks.





Perhaps sculpted overly well for what this is.
Spoiler alert!
As I was posing the Luffy from the POP for this picture...


...I noticed that her top slipped off. With ease. Not even attatched other than a small bit near her hair. They made her faux Cast off!


You can see that there's noooooo glue holding this in place.



Blazin' Barnacles, King Neptune is going to stike them down for looking at his daughter this way! (Neptune: Jamon!)



Woody? He be a lost cause. One day that Scurvy Dog shall walk the plank, he will. >_>


Taking the size and cost into consideration, I'm quite happy that we ended up purchasing this. Might be a lot of gold for a mere hook, but oh what a hook! (Better than Capn' Hook's hook!) I'm not even jealous anymore that this ended up in the treasure cave of me husband...because his treasure cave is also my treasure cave. *insert evil laugh here*

If you've been thinking about picking this up, but weren't sure, treat this like the catch of the day! You won't be sorry that you picked up this precious Sea Siren.

More singing sirens



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Shirahoshi HOOK...

13%She's HOW big?!
16%Nice addition to anyone's OP collection!
0%Wasn't even thinking about getting this but....
3%I still only like Magical Girls
10%Shirahoshi contracted w/Kyuubey to get all these figs
10%Cast off Shira?! Anchors away!
10%Pirate talk be cool, yo
3%I like turtles
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sulukungIl y a 7 ans#1223060now i know why it cost that much, boobies = ultimate win

...True, but again, if they were planning on making her cast off, they should have painted her "correctly".

I will agree that boobies sell. XD
Il y a 7 ans
now i know why it cost that much, boobies = ultimate win
Il y a 7 ans
@ Rai
She's surprisingly not heavy at all: just that we're a mite skittish about hanging her up due to the fact that she can only be hung up by that one keyhole opening. On the bright side, with her base she sits quite stable on a shelf....which is why we have her under glass with the other two Shirahoshis. It ended up in me cabinet after all! I win! *insert manaical laughter here* XD

@ Steffykin
If you can snag her for a good price, do so: after you look at her you forget she's a hook at all.

To all:
Thanks for the kind words Me Hearties! Boozin and booty fer all! X3
Il y a 7 ans
I wasn't interested in buying this because her semi flat side bothered me, I wonder why not just make her full... but that size is FANTASTIC! Maybe if I could find a good deal on her I'd consider getting!!!
Il y a 7 ans
Leosach Born this way
very good review!
Il y a 7 ans
omg this review. So hilarious, I love the pirate-speak for a piratey anime series.
Il y a 7 ans
Raithos Stagnant
Viewed each photo and read the review, hmm
I really didn't know the hook was THAT big, I knew it was big when you were telling me about it before you got it and then when you actually got it. But I think it was when I saw this: PICTURE #558341, that I was legit taken aback. That's MASSIVE. Like seriously large. The POP is already big, and this DWARFS that, like what??! The only choice is to put that on a wall somewhere, lol but I'd be afraid of it falling. Is it really heavy? Could you secure it to a wall without it falling off? I don't know if the weight would just lean on the screws and cause them to fall out?
Great review as usual from you. You can see it in the way you express yourself in your written word and how you go into detailed descriptions about every aspect of the hook that you find relevant - with a critical eye and a collector's mind. I love it. Keep it up.

PS, lol'd at Woody on his knees in sheer awe at her majesty and size. Excellent!
Il y a 7 ans
This was so fun to read! And she's a wonderful...HOOK...figure? I still want the POP Shirahoshi, but this one ain't bad either!
Il y a 7 ans
That's not even a hook anymore -.-
Il y a 7 ans
Gah! Posted the pics in medium size like usual and they turned out full!!!!
Tis the Spirit of Shirahoshi!!! O_O

Edit: I had to put all the pictures in small in order for it to even show up right. Sorry guys. T_T
Il y a 7 ans
Import from Japan

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