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  • Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
    Might be considered a spoiler so Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler her dull eyes remind me of when she casted the world portal, where it suddenly happened and her eyes tutned blanco, but thrn they had yo remove the white too i agree her hair is a bit p.. Different. I think they based it off the LN i guess where her hair is less bright but still brighter than this yes. Her book is also a flaw, too big. She has a tiny book for her void spells.. And has zero ability for other magic and never used a book for regular spells :) her cape is amazing but then you could buy tabitha who has the big cape as well :)

    Like your review. I plam to make reviews of all louises i have soon ^^
    Il y a 5 ans
    Lol the Siesta joke was hilarious
    Il y a 10 ans
    Thank you <3
    I've always loved this pose, but never jumped on it when I saw her at cons because of her face, now I realize she isn't that amazing~

    Il y a 11 ans
    Lenneth the blue valkyrie
    It did the same for me. I saw it rereleased and wondered if it was worth getting. I then headed to the number 1 source of info when I knew I could find info on any figure. (xDDDDDDD) and I read this. Mona, my favourites too are the Bustier ver and the ladder ver.! I can't wait to see them get the same treatment as this one.
    Il y a 11 ans
    Very good review Moorina.

    I really was thinking of getting her but after reading your report I felt my doubts confirmed. The figure is nothing like Louise. The figure as no emotion at all and everything except the base seems boring.

    I think the Bustier version and the ladder version of her are still the best!

    Thank you! ^o^
    Il y a 11 ans
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