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I've been collecting for a short time, but as someone with an addictive personality, these have been an intense couple of months.

I own about ten figures at the moment, ranging from Item #604384 to Item #861751, and there are about 15 on the way. It's honestly such a thrill to just curate your own collection specific to your tastes. I've learned that I'm pretty picky with my figures which tends to translate into REALLY expensive figures.

That being said, I have recently hit a big personal goal this Christmas day: I've saved up for all of my preorders until December 2022!!!

In my google spreadsheet, each figure cost is green. Needed balance? $0.

I'm 100% sure this won't last forever, or even a couple of months, but to not have to worry about my current preorders takes a lot of weight off my chest and means I can look into moving a few figures out of my wish list and into my collection.

To celebrate, I ordered Item #872760 to jump-start clearing my wish list and pretend I have self-restraint.


I hope everyone had a great holiday season and is excited for the new year!!
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Your situation is eerily similar to mine! Haha

Actually I manage my money very bizarrely. But in short -- first I won't even PO unless I have the money already. But especially with the super expensive things I try and be responsible and subsequently re-earn the money for my PO's (that I already have the money for). I incurred about $5,500 of preorders starting in April of 2021 that release as late as "Quarter 4, 2022" which I've been busy listing/selling other figures. Just this month, around mid-December I finally earned it all back so my 2021 preorders are neatly paid off. :)

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I’m the same way ;_; plus I always go “I’m going to stop” then there is another pre order of a beautiful figure and it’s out the window with that ordeal
Ah well plan to probably pre order ITEM #904999 but I’m really unsure about it since I’m doing it cause of the size, I’m not a fan of the series, that’s my dilemma. ah well, I might not go with her and just pre order ITEM #1317518 cause she’s stunning or pay off ITEM #1077319 to reduce my spending limit on my card to $40 to save up money next year (cause I need some sort of restraint on my purchases ): )
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I think this a great method, and helps keep it in perspective. Its very easy to pre-order too much. I keep a list of my unpaid orders and make sure I have money physically set aside to cover it. I got some money for this holiday instead of gifts which I appreciate greatly. I hope you have a happy holiday too, and look forward to your new 2022 figures!
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