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gojo_best_boygojo_best_boyIl y a 15 jours
Scale figures on amazon JP have gotten a massive increase in shipping price to the point it's not even worth buying them off there anymore. The Joker megahouse figure used to be like $25 for shipping, now it's $70. Even smaller figures like figuarts zero are $40-60 for shipping.


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mirai-collectsIl y a 14 jours#121850396Their shipping just reverted back to what it was. I think that 3k shipping was just a promotion or something.

There is two increase in price lately. One is the 3K shipping that was only available for a few countries. After that was reverted to normal, a couple of weeks went by and another increase happened. This increase in shipping price also affects countries that didn't have the cheap 3K shipping period.
Il y a 13 jours
It's worth noting that the shipping prices fluctuate constantly. For the EU they exclusively use DHL Express, which adjusts prices continuously depending on fuel prices. Despite that Amazon JP is still by far the cheapest option for European residents due to the way they process taxes compared to any other shop. It just feels like more, because you have all taxes, fees and customs listed upfront.

Honestly they'd have to basically more than double or some cases even tripple the current shipping fees before e.g. AmiAmi would even have a chance at getting close and that with the worst option, surface shipping, vs. express from Amazon. And you'd still have to worry nonstop that you get shafted when the shipping prices suddenly spike again. For Amazon there are no surprises at least.

The above is obviously only true for the EU, I have no clue how they handle the US and even less how your import taxes work :D
Il y a 14 jours
Their shipping just reverted back to what it was. I think that 3k shipping was just a promotion or something.
Il y a 14 jours
I noticed this as well. I usually purchase from Amazon.jp due to fast shipping and competitive pricing, but I'm not really willing to spend 30k yen on an order that would otherwise be 20k yen. Last time I ordered from there tbh.
Il y a 14 jours
I think perhaps that 16k yen bump from 3k yen is actually DHL. Maybe I am wrong but never saw JP Post with that high of a price.

JP Post/EMS is lower than that in reality. Also depends on the company too. Some company like Amiami always have higher EMS/JPPost pricing than say HLJ.

Maybe depends on whatever contract they have from that shipping company and for how long they had that company relationship/deal.
Il y a 14 jours
I’m hoping once the yen vs dollar value rises again the shipping will go down again. It went very low then the shipping cost went up then it went back up and shipping cost dropped. It’s been down again for the last few weeks and the shipping cost went up. It’s rising again so hopefully the shipping prices are cut back again. I at least hope this is the cause as if not Amazon really needs to find a better deal for international shipping. I thought that was the reason they added the EMCS shipping but even it’s going way up.
Il y a 14 jours
I recently came across the listing I brought my Surtr from. (For some size reference: Were I to put her in a detolf, she would take up the shelf by herself). I brought her a couple of weeks ago and she shipped for around 17€ something. Now Amazon wants over 50€ in shipping for the same figure. I'm soooo glad I brought her before the change.
Il y a 14 jours
Again?!? Wtf. Sleeping Beauty by Myethos went from 130, to 155, to 167 now. As if fuckin' Amazon of all companies can't afford to ship cheap, what a joke.
Il y a 14 jours
Yes indeed some shipping fees did indeed get more expensive while looking around.

It better be a temporary thing because AmazonJP is going to be my go to shop for weeb stuff.

Cannot justify paying expensive shipping prices for rather small boxes, then i will buy locally or Chinese resins. The shipping for these is quite reasonable compared to some Japanese figures, and also no customs. European shops like Global Freaks ship for 3 to 8 euro, you can't beat that
Il y a 14 jours
amazon shipping is pretty much always cheaper on the preorder and gets more expensive after the figure gets released.
Il y a 14 jours
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