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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS - Takamachi Nanoha - FigmaMahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS - Takamachi Nanoha - Figma

Hey all. Despite owning a large amount of Figmas (though nowhere near as many as some people on this site!), I have never actually reviewed one. Several of my favorite characters are in Figma form, so I would like to change that. One of those is a character that has actually been in the Figma line three times: Nanoha.


Nanoha is the main character of the popular series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. For the first two seasons she was a young girl, while in the third season, StrikerS, she matured into a young woman. This Figma of her, the first made of three so far, is based off her StrikerS appearance. When Nanoha dons her Barrier Jacket and uses her Intelligent Device, Raising Heart, she is one of the most powerful characters in the series.


(I apologize in advance for the shifting between flash and non-flash photos. Some of my pictures would not come out clearly without using flash, while others would, hence the swapping between the two.)

For those not familiar with Figmas, note that Nanoha’s box is bigger than most. Nanoha Figmas seem to often have bigger boxes in width. They certainly are not the only ones (Black Rock Shooter also has a big box, for instance) but it is interesting to note.


There are some nice poses shown off on the back of the box. Nanoha is the fifth of the numbered Figmas, which is very early in the line. She can be called a Figma veteran! How will she hold up compared to the new and highly acclaimed Figmas Max Factory has been pouring out? Let us open the box to see.


The inside of the box is pretty to look at, with another picture of the figure. The plastic guarding her is taped on all four sides and keeps her parts secure. All is well on the inside, and overall the box is done well. My only wish is that it was a bit more exciting. Some of the later Figma boxes have really nicely done coloring and background scenes. While Nanoha’s is fitting to her, it leaves me with a small desire for something more eye catching.


Any Figma owner will recognize this stand. It is rare for them to change in even slight ways. The shorter peg is for going into the base itself, which has a copyright on the back. It also helpfully informs the owner that Nanoha was made in China, like ninety-nine percent of the things in the United States.


The long peg is for going into Nanoha’s back. I often have issues with getting the peg into my Figmas. Nanoha was no exception to this. The hole is thankfully not obstructed at all, which makes it easy to get the peg lined up for inserting. However, it is a tad too big to fit in easily. I had to struggle to get her into it. It does do a good job of supporting her once in place, so for holding Nanoha I cannot complain.


Nanoha can stand on her own if positioned carefully. It is hardly reliable though. The base seems necessary most of the time, or at least something to lean against. At least there is justification in making her look like she is flying!


I had some difficulties with posing Nanoha. Her head always looks tilted to the side, no matter how I reposition her body. Her elbows felt stiff and tricky to move. In exchange, her shoulder guards are loose enough to twist around but tight enough to not give troubles. I really like how they feel to move. Also, you can remove Nanoha’s lower jacket part to leave her in just her skirt. I personally like it and left it on the entire time. It moves easily but requires some effort to remove, which means there is no danger of it falling off.


One issue I have with Nanoha is that she does not have many faces to be displayed with. She can either be happy or angry, and that is it. Most Figmas that are made now come with at least three face options. It is understandable since Nanoha was one of the first made, but it does not win her any extra points. The good news is that her two faces both look nice.


I like how Nanoha comes with both of Raising Heart’s common modes. It is easy to slide the pole into Nanoha’s appropriate hands and swap out its heads. Nanoha is ready to do some befriending with these options!


The sculpting is where Nanoha has my biggest annoyances. When I was trying to swap out her hands, I barely managed to get the right one in so she could hold Raising Heart. Her left circular hand literally was impossible for me to fit in. I had to put back her default one. Not a big deal since I like how she looks now, but it sure hurt my fingers.


I really like the idea behind the wings at Nanoha’s feet. You can insert them with a peg base that goes into her shoes, which is a lot less flimsy than trying to peg the wings themselves into holes. Her right foot made this work perfectly. I had difficulty getting her left one to hold it, but it seems firm now. Hopefully it will stay that way.


The worst part about this figure is her front hair piece. Figmas need their front hair pieces to be removable so faces can be swapped. Unfortunately, Nanoha’s hair piece is loose. Incredibly loose. So loose that, no exaggeration, I can tap it and it falls off. That is what happened in the picture above, in fact; I tapped her hair, let it fall, and took a picture. Taking her out of the box, putting her on her stand, swapping her parts, everything I did caused her hair to fall off.


She also has another piece that switches the thickness of her hair from the right to the left. Lots of art has Nanoha’s hair thicker on her right, but some swap it to the left. It is a nice idea, but that piece is just as loose. Handling Nanoha requires a lot of caution because of this. Her twintails are at least pretty sturdy. Her right one came out a couple of times for me when I was trying to swap her hands, but for the most part they were surprisingly tight.


I saw some painting flaws on Nanoha that were too minor for my camera to pick up. In other words, she had faint black dots, slightly smudged portions of lines, and some barely detectable smears on her hands. The errors are there, but not noticeable unless looking carefully. For such an early Figma and a small figure, she is done pretty well despite the mistakes.


Nanoha is a cute figure who can be used to recreate some epic moments from StrikerS. Taking pictures of her was fun and I definitely am happy to own her. My enjoyment takes a hit from her hands being hard to swap, her stand being hard to insert, and most annoyingly, her hair not staying on easily. Otherwise, I really do like her. She is a Figma I am happy to own, especially as a big Nanoha fan.


In fact, I hope to collect all of the Nanoha Figmas someday. Nanoha herself has her eyes on only one right now though. Someday, Nanoha. Someday when I can find Fate for less than the price of my arm…

I was fortunate in being able to get Nanoha on sale at beNippon. She can be hard to find now due to her age. A rerelease just happened and I am curious if she will be better crafted for it. Fans of Nanoha and Figmas will definitely enjoy having this Nanoha in their collection. Give some careful consideration on how much you spend for her. She has her flaws and they should be taken into account. But those flaws are no reason to not put her on your wishlist. Best of luck to anyone who wants her!
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