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pommedeterrepommedeterreIl y a 4 mois
Hello everyone!

As the summer has arrived, so has another Wonder Festival, as well as the usual reminders going into the event.

Some basic event info:
Wonder Festival 2023 [Summer] is to be held on July 30th, 2023 from 10:00 - 17:00 UTC+9 (in your timezone here).

Kaiyodo has a dedicated site with Wonfes info posted, including a map of the venue and list of all participating manufacturers/circles.

Although MFC has moved to a new server, we still experience some lags during large events, so please take some precautions going into Wonfes.

- Please consider not accessing the site in the first few hours after the event starts.
- Past events have led to significant slowdowns around this time, and the newest information can be found via other websites and social medias linked further below.
- If searching via Twitter tags, #ワンホビ37, #WF2023S, #WF2023夏, #ワンフェス2023夏, and #ワンダーフェスティバル2023夏 should cover the majority of announcements/people posting in-person.
- Outside of Twitter, the hobby news websites linked below will also have the same information posted (albeit slower for some companies).

Users doing things unrelated to the event:
- Try avoiding uploading non-event related pictures and entries until after the event.
- Keep alerts focused on issues or reposts related to event entries.

Event contributors:
- Tag event-relevant photos with wonder festival 2023 [summer] or its short form, wf2023s so others can look through them later :) The same can be done for blogs related to the event or new entries announced there!
- Check for existing entries before adding and hoping for the best.
- Do not add entries with only a picture and manufacturer. The entry will be removed, it'll annoy staff, and you could be banned from adding further entries.
- The usual minimum for an entry will be the origin, character, manufacturer, and product line, if applicable. In the case of original characters, try to credit the illustrator and fill in the title field if information is available.
- If a repost happens because the older entry lacked essential information, had the wrong information, or uses an image unreasonably low in quality when a better one is available, the entry will be merged in favour of any newer entries where someone has taken greater care.
- For Chrome users, Google Lens built into the "search by image" via a right click can detect text from images to get a (Google Translated but better than nothing) translation or Japanese text that can be pasted into MFC search to figure out what origin, character, or artist is indicated by info cards.

Reminder for image uploads:

MuntoeIl y a 7 ans#6464376Photos will be deleted without warning if you are violating any of these rules:
* Incorrect category. Twitter is no longer a valid official source, make sure those photos are in Chan and linked directly to the twitter status.
* Invalid source or a vague source. No www.google.com, www.twitter.com, www.moeyo.com, google picture search results etc.
* Unlinked photos. All Official and Chan photos must be linked to an item in the database. If you are rushing to be first to upload these photos make sure that you link the item in question. If not too bad, someone else can do it correctly.

Violate these repeatedly and we will be handing out photo bans.
Do not use reposters like Nekomagic, Ruru-Berryz, and Hpoi as sources. More likely than not, those images will be available firsthand elsewhere from a preferred source.

Though MFC has had some guideline expansions since the last Wonfes, there could still be some gaps in what's allowed vs what's announced.

Quick refresher of what figure entries are eligible:
- Japanese origin or manufacturer = yes
- Whitelisted origin or manufacturer = yes
- Non-JP/whitelisted origin and manufacturer = no
- For OCs, Japanese artist, manufacturer, whitelisted artist, or whitelisted manufacturer = yes
- All other OCs = no

Only one of a Japanese origin/manufacturer or whitelisted origin/manufacturer is required for an entry to be eligible (check currently whitelisted entries here). While staff have been whitelisting more origins/companies, some announcements may still be ineligible at the time, so anything that slipped our radar can be suggested in BLOG #59491 (if something has been suggested already, it likely was already in consideration). Please also feel free to ask if there are any questions on eligibility, as the recent updates can be a lot!

Also, try to avoid mistakenly sourcing from fake announcements.
- Avoid non-Japanese tweets, fanpages and Facebook pages or other social media as a source unless you know that they are at the event in person.
- Check the date of tweets, as fake announcements are usually posted before the event has started.
- The sources linked below will have reliable information, and can be used either to make entries or to get the latest information away from server strain ^^ (If anyone has any other official/firsthand sources not listed, please suggest them in the comments to be added!)

Media/hobby news sources for event information:
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler- hobby.dengeki.c... Hobby Dengeki
- twitter.com/fig... Figsoku
- twitter.com/ami... AmiAmi Hobby News
- hobby.watch.imp... Hobby Watch

Manufacturer sources:
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerAnnouncements covering multiple companies:
- whl4u.jp/en/ Wonhobby 37/Good Smile Company Event Page
- twitter.com/gsc... Kahotan (Good Smile)
- twitter.com/Goo... Good Smile US
- amicamp.jp/en/ AmiAmi Hobby Camp

Individual announcements from participating companies:
- twitter.com/KDc... KDColle/Kadokawa
- twitter.com/cha... CAworks (Chara-Ani)
- twitter.com/Pha... Phat Company
- twitter.com/wav... Wave
- twitter.com/hs_... Hobby Stock
- twitter.com/Won... Wonderful Works
- twitter.com/kai... Kaiyodo
- twitter.com/que... QuesQ
- twitter.com/hj_... Hobby Japan/Amakuni
- twitter.com/bro... Broccoli
- twitter.com/wan... Wanderer
- twitter.com/RIN... Bell Fine
- twitter.com/uni... Union Creative
- twitter.com/ani... Aniplex
- twitter.com/Cla... Claynel
- twitter.com/Spi... Spiritale
- twitter.com/eSt... eStream
- twitter.com/S_F... S-Fire (Sega)
- twitter.com/fur... Furyu
- twitter.com/des... Design Coco
- twitter.com/Elc... elCoco
- twitter.com/APE... Apex Innovation
- twitter.com/hob... Hobby Max
- twitter.com/DAI... Daiki Kougyou
- twitter.com/Q_s... Q-Six
- twitter.com/eig... Eighteen
- twitter.com/noc... Nocturne
- twitter.com/Pin... PinkMango

Thanks to everyone for all your contributions to this site, and extra thanks to Katto, Muntoe, and Kaneel for this template and picture comment! May all your wished figures/prototypes be shown off, and here's to another full-fledged Wonfes fueled by prayers and massacred wallets :)
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Looking forward to the site exploding in a few hours and then hopefully seeing a ton of new notification after the smoke clears.
Il y a 4 mois
ina figma ina figma ina figma ina figma ina figma ina figma ina figma ina figma
Il y a 4 mois
lambcaits synthesized sheep
Im so excited! I hope the genshin nendos are finally shown off. Theres so many figures too that ive seen protos for and I am DYING to see the finished ver (looking at you, panty and stocking L PUP!)
Il y a 4 mois
bkdk kacchan! ☆
for anyone interestsd in making bingos who has an android, an old article that was posted has a wonfes bingo app! its a downloadable APK but ive been using it for years now.

its good if you dont feel like hand editing a bingo sheet lol
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Il y a 4 mois
LucyMPIl y a 4 mois#126591650Native has their own event often in autumn and Alter and co are this end of august.SAT 8.26.2023 megahobbyexpo.j...Thank you!

Probably minority opinion, but I’m more excited for Megahobby. I’m guessing Wonhobby will be dominated by nendos and PuPs from franchises I don’t know x.x
Il y a 4 mois
MidnightFlowerIl y a 4 mois#126591510If I understand correctly, this event will not have a few notable companies like Alter, Megahouse, Kotobukiya, and Native. Was there some other event around this time of year where those companies are featured?

Native has their own event often in autumn and Alter and co are this end of august.SAT 8.26.2023 megahobbyexpo.j...
Il y a 4 mois
GCNess 魔人筆頭
With this and Comiket in a few weeks... My wallet isn't ready...
Il y a 4 mois
If I understand correctly, this event will not have a few notable companies like Alter, Megahouse, Kotobukiya, and Native. Was there some other event around this time of year where those companies are featured?
Il y a 4 mois
Exciting! Fingers crossed for an update of Alter's long hair Rei
Il y a 4 mois
Will be at the event, have ticket for the 10:00 queue. Gonna post some pics then later in the evening
Il y a 4 mois

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