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ThediezgentlemanThediezgentlemanIl y a 9 ans
So here we have the first in the Super Movable Edition sub-line of Nendoroid; let's see if it lives up to expectations.


With this being my first Nendoroid Saber, I am sadly unable to compare it with previous editions, but I have to say I am quite impressed with the attention to detail on the figure. The rivets on her armor, the pleats in her dress, the attention to detail on her braided hair, all very good. The selection of faces that comes with her all fit very well with her character. The details on her swords are very nice too, however the translucent sword is not translucent like in the promo photos, it's very much opaque. A small quibble, but one none the less.


Again, a very good job here. No splotches or miss-applied paint apps and some nice detailing on the gold trim of her skirt. There was a photo floating around on the internet of a quality control problem in regards to missing eyebrows on one of Saber's faces; but thankfully that was not an issue with mine.


So this is where she should shine, right? Well in my case there are some ups and downs. Yes there is much more range of motion in the arms then the standard Nendoroid, however my Saber has an issue where the right arm will pop out if bent maybe more then 15 degrees from at her side. The left arm has a full 180 degrees of motion though. The lower half has a surprising amount of motion to it as well, allowing for some dynamic leaping/movement poses. However another minor issue springs up in that the joints for the dress segments are super-loose and will not hold a position. All in all the posability is good for something the size of a Nendoroid, but there are a few flaws.


The new Nendoroid bases are great, with multiple pegs to place the mount into. It's almost like a mini di:Stage. As for the mount itself the mini-Figma mount is light years better then the old mounts.


It's the standard Nendoroid box with gold "Super Moveable Edition" lettering on it. Nothing earth-shattering but durable enough to survive the trip to the USA.


So there's a few minor issues here, but how enjoyable is she? The answer there is very enjoyable. I've spent the last three days spending every free moment coming up with new silly poses for her. The amount of fun this figure is vastly outweighs the issues it has and makes me look forward to Super Movable Miku. So overall this is a good figure in general and a very good figure compared to other Nendoroids.
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Nice and honest. And honestly, mine has none of these issues. But that's the nature of mass-produced figures like these - they tend to have one better than another at times. Well, I only have to look at some of the other Nendos I have that don't work well to know that even I have my troubles with them...

Nice to see honesty in reviews! ^_^
Il y a 9 ans
A couple things readers may also want to note.

Unlike MOST nendos, she utilizes soft, easily bending material for hair and skirt (Like many long haired figmas are beginning to use) giving her improved mobility without being restricted by her base design (a slight flaw in her saber lily imo)

Also if her head is fully in the neck slot, she can't look up or down very easily, so that requires some adjusting, other than that I'd have to agree to the points. (and yes her shoulders have some... separation anxiety, she may not be good for stop action filming lol)
Il y a 9 ans
SmishedBrilliant review, but just to let you know, there are 5 saber nendoroids previous this one ^^ (6 if you include the one of konata dressed as her)

02,03,13,50,77 (34 Konata)

You are indeed correct, sadly I missed a typo in proof-reading the review. But there are still quite a few Sabers to get :)
Il y a 9 ans
Brilliant review, but just to let you know, there are 5 saber nendoroids previous this one ^^ (6 if you include the one of konata dressed as her)

02,03,13,50,77 (34 Konata)
Il y a 9 ans
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