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Phantom Kingdom - Yogensha Pram (Griffon Enterprises)Phantom Kingdom - Yogensha Pram (Griffon Enterprises)

Hey all. I wish I had a V For Vendetta figure to review today, since today is the fifth of November, but no such luck. At least I have a good one that I have been waiting to unbox for quite some time: Pram from Phantom Kingdom.


Though people from other countries may know it as Makai Kingdom, the name of the Playstation 2 game Pram originates in was originally called Phantom Kingdom. She is an oracle who tends to make the main character’s life difficult. Zetta, who is one heck of a boastful overlord, gets stuck in a book and has to deal with Pram frequently after. As one might guess from her design, this was made by Nippon Ichi, the same company that did Disgaea.


Pram’s box is one of the smallest that I have gotten, in terms of completed models. It is just right for Pram herself, seeing as she is not a tall figure. The box has a neat effect of a dark sky with stars, which is fitting for a character from Phantom Kingdom. A lot of the cutscenes in the game have similar backgrounds. Other than that, there is a close-up of the figure itself. I always find these sort of pointless with a box that has a clear window to see the figure through. Why put a picture of her again when you can already see her from that angle? It is not a flaw, I just do not see the purpose.


Having full shots of the figure on the back, however, is useful. A clear view of her front and back is shown on a side where the window is not present. It also has a well-sized logo for Phantom Kingdom, which looks nice.



The sides of the boxes are nearly identical to one another. I always like seeing a box with the artwork a figure is based on, and this box did not disappoint. It would have been nice to have had the sides look more different from each other, but they look good.


Sorry the box is upside-down, I was not thinking when I took this picture! I wanted to point out one thing about the top: it is not taped. This generally bothers me because the idea of the box popping open during shipping is disturbing. Thankfully, this box actually has a tight-fitting top and seemed unlikely to come apart easily. Other than that, the top has nothing noticeable. The picture and the one in the front are identical.


The inside plastic is secure and trustworthy for holding Pram. What surprised me was the gift waiting behind it! A stack of postcards with Pram’s artwork had been concealed in it. I never knew I would be getting that as well, so that knocks my enjoyment up by a point. The inside of the box has that same artwork to keep it from being too plain. Overall, I really could not find anything to take away from the box besides the fact that it was not taped at the top.


While Pram is my first Griffon Enterprises figure, I have seen pictures of them before. Griffon Enterprises, for their completed models at least, seems to enjoy making bases much like this one. All of the completed models I have seen from them (such as from Black Cat and Touhou Project) have a name plate for the figure at the front of the base. This is a cool feature that I really like. Pram, as with many Nippon Ichi characters, does not have a last name, so the title of Pram the Oracle is fitting for her nameplate. However, that nameplate is the only interesting detail about the otherwise plain base. It is only a black circle with a single peg to keep her from sliding.


Here is something to appreciate for those lacking in space. You actually do not need Pram’s base. Rather, Zetta the book can serve as her base. I personally prefer keeping her on her base due to the nameplate, but having the option to use it or not gets a thumbs up from me.


The hole at the bottom of the book fits well on the peg. There is no definite way she has to be positioned, which is also a plus. Because of this, Pram can go onto her base in any direction and be secure. Other than the plainness of the black base, it works well and has nice touches.


Looking at her pose, I am torn between two opinions. One is that she looks faithful to her artwork and, at the same time, pretty cute. I particularly like how her right hand is raised in an almost impish way. Having her sitting on Zetta also gets points from me. However, it also seems like an incredibly difficult way for her to sit. This is mainly due to the bulk of her dress, and the fact that her left hand actually does not touch the book. I think that in practice, it would be hard to sit like that. If the practicality of it is ignored, her pose is great. It gets my approval overall.


When it comes to Pram’s sculpting, there are only a few flaws that I could find. Her hair is attached in such a way that a seam is left near her ears. This is most noticeable from the top, if one actually looks at her from there. It is doubtful that will ever be an issue simply because most people would not display her in a position that showed just the top of her head.



It can also be seen from her sides. It is not as blatantly obvious, nor is it likely to be seen, but it is there. When faced from the front, her hair shows no signs of sculpting issues. Aside from that, a viewer might notice that Zetta does not have any signs of pages. Unlike in the artwork, which has lines to indicate pages, the figure has only a white block between the two covers. This is a small detail that does not take away from the figure much, but it would have been a nice touch to add some faint lines.


The last thing I noticed was something I forgot to take a detailed picture of, and I apologize for that. Even if I went back to do it, it would be difficult to get my camera to pick it up, so I will have to make do with explaining in words. Notice the two red, cross-shaped earrings Pram has? There is nothing to connect them to her ears. Rather, the earrings are simply stuck on her hair. This is only able to be seen if examined very closely and from specific angles, so it is not exactly an issue. I did get a laugh out of it though. Maybe Pram has invisible connections? If not, then it strikes me as a flaw, though a small one.


Honestly, I could find no flaws in my Pram’s paint job. No specks, no lines crossed with coloring, no smudges were seen. Her coloring is faithful to the artwork and nothing struck me as varying from it. I was fully satisfied in this category.




Here are some closer looks at Zetta. He turned out well too. It is a pity that his cover cannot be seen much, but with how Pram is sitting on it, what else could be expected? (Note I just took Pram out of the box for the first time and already specks of dust are appearing on her base. I blame it for being black. Get her to a case, quick!)


When I was first looking at the entry for this figure, I had some doubts about her. Mainly I was put off by her size. She really is small compared to many other completed models. But when I got her and did this review, I found that this figure of Pram is truly a good one. Thankfully so, because this is the only completed model of Pram to date. In fact, other than a small trading figure, Pram is woefully overlooked. Let Pram fans be grateful that Griffon Enterprises did her justice!

Pram’s retail price was 5600 yen, according to My Figure Collection. In my opinion, for her size, that seems too expensive. I personally got her on sale for around $35 and thought that was well worth it. It all depends on the buyer, of course. For anyone who likes Pram or Phantom Kingdom, they cannot go wrong with this addition to their collection. For those who like quality figures, grabbing her for the lower price that she usually goes for nowadays is worth it. Plus you get some spiffy postcards!
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Diabolo-MentheA very nice and complete review. I also recently ordered her, should be at home soon :-)

Thanks! I think you'll be quite pleased with her. Hope you get enjoyment out of having her in your collection. =)

Thanks for reading!
Il y a 8 ans
Diabolo-Menthe Old-school-Goth'boy
A very nice and complete review. I also recently ordered her, should be at home soon :-)
Il y a 8 ans
RabbitstewYay, another Pram fan!

I was surprised at first by how small she was, but her charm and personality have grown on me a lot. Her character really comes through in this figure - she's actually one of my favorites now.

Love that last picture of her on the books. :D

I'm glad to see another Pram fan as well! It's awesome that you enjoy her so much. Thanks for the compliment, I was hoping it would turn out well. =)

Thanks for reading!
Il y a 8 ans
Yay, another Pram fan!

I was surprised at first by how small she was, but her charm and personality have grown on me a lot. Her character really comes through in this figure - she's actually one of my favorites now.

Love that last picture of her on the books. :D
Il y a 8 ans
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