Ultimate Madoka 1/8 (GSC)Ultimate Madoka 1/8 (GSC)Review

SazakoSazakoIl y a 7 ans
Ultimate Madoka 1/8 Scale Good Smile Company.

The Most Hyped Figure of all time or at least 2012!

Disclaimer: This review will include spoilers from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, so if you somehow haven’t seen read ahead at your own risk.


For anime figures enthusiasts Ultimate Madoka, will need no introduction. Furthermore many of you would have already decided whether or not you would be adding her to your collections. Regardless I am here to share my thoughts on her in review form with you, so I hope you read on and enjoy!

Madoka is the titular character from the popular series Puella Magi Madoka Magica (PMMM). Ultimate Madoka (UM) is the form she, Madoka, takes in the finale of the show. Due to the show’s extreme popularity, Ultimate Madoka’s importance in the plot and complex yet graceful character design, the figure has drawn undivided attention to herself since she was announced in February 2012 as a 1/8 scale figure. Released in December 2012 for the retail price of 14095 yen, Ultimate Madoka was sculpted by Hiroshi. She is posed floating in space ready to fire her bow like she does in the show.

Designed by Ume Aoki, Madoka, as a character, is a kind and loving person. However due to her inability to excel at anything Madoka believes that she is weak and has nothing to offer the world. To me Ultimate Madoka is the personification of Madoka’s good characteristics, a being of love and kindness. But unlike her normal mode Ultimate Madoka is also strong and graceful, with her character design seemingly having outgrown being a magical girl yet still being one. With her personality reflected in her colours scheme purity pearl and kindness pink.

Madoka concept art by Ume Aoki in her normal magical girl mode.

This is only my opinion, but from a figure collecting perspective Ultimate Madoka figure represents something equal to the character’s importance in the story. 2012 as a year saw an increase number of companies releasing an increasing number of figures. To distinguish themselves from the competition companies must be willing to push the boundaries with their art, sculpting and pose of their figure designs. By announcing that they would produce Ultimate Madoka, GSC have taken a huge step forward in terms of defining, high production value, high quality and high quality scale figure design. Not only would they would have to recreate her complex character design in figure form but they would have to produce many, many of them to appease the fans riding upon the Madoka merchandising train, myself included.

Ultimate Madoka Concept art by Ume Aoki.

Get it right and not only would GSC sell massive amounts of figures and hence create massive amount of profit for themselves. They would have created a lasting statement declaring how well they would handle the large scale production of figure of this type for the world to see, one which would probably be conveniently sitting in the middle of your collection.

Get it wrong and all I could say is that Good Smile Company would have to deal with the resulting fall and lack of trust of many angry fans, a public relations nightmare! Madoka will be reviewed using my scoring criteria blog/2410&b... and we will see if she is success or failure. Read on to see why she is a success in my opinion.



When first taken out of her box there are nine loose pieces excluding Madoka and her base. There are four pieces to make up two different variations of her bow, her two main angelic type wings, two smaller wings for her feet and one energy arrow. Her first bow is in its standard base form, its second form is where it is energised by pink magic energy.

Since Ultimate Madoka is set in a pose drawing her arrow it would be realistic at least displaying her with a least one of the bows, the arrow being made of energy would be option since generates after she assumes the fire position.

Since UM only appears for a short while in the anime, her second bow is only GSC’s interpretation of it. It is based off normal Madoka’s bow when she is fires it, but naturally is on a much grander scale.
With Madoka’s energised bow I foresee a potential problem since even though it weighs only 34g I get the feeling it may cause Madoka’s left arm to sag if displayed holding it over the long term. I would suspect that GSC may have foreseen this problem and may have included a metal reinforcing rod in her arm to compensate for this, as it is already used to connect both pieces of each bow. I have also have problems keeping the energised bow in place in her hand as the top part keeps slipping/rotating off its alignment. Secondly it is hard to align and keep the bow facing the right direction. Regardless it is great that GSC has given you a choice on which one to display.

Photo Section
Here Madoka is rotated 360 degree with her powered up bow. Most of the photos in the review will use this configuration.

Now the 360 degree view with the bow in its standard form.
Other angles of the figure.


Packaging: 9/10

The packaging of Madoka is very important considering the complexity of the figure, as there is more potential for her to suffer damage through transportation. In my opinion I believe that GSC have applied their best effort when crafting the blisters so as to protect her delicate parts (hair and right arm) from paint transfer and fracture due to rough handling. The plastic blisters along the centreline are very sturdy which would prevent the box from being crushed. Her accessories are at the very edge of the blister however you shouldn’t worry as mentioned before the blisters are sturdy. I must note it was annoying opening up the blisters.

Madoka in her Blister.

The dimensions are:

H: 350mm
W: 370mm
D: 330mm
Weight: 2.14 kg

The theme on the outside of the box fits with circular window theme of the series of the other Puella Magi by Good Smile Company. The box is coloured using a pale shade of pink over pearl matching both the dress of UM. The figure is only visible through a relatively small circular window on the front and top of the box and hence due to these factors won’t catch your eye fast. Its two sides have a large photo of the figure from different angles. On the back there is use of the circular theme as well using it to frame photos of the figure from other directions.

When looking at how the figure is presented inside the box, due to the design of the window and blisters you can only get a clear view of her face, bow holding right arm, legs and the front side and starry underside of her dress. This is kind of lost potential as you can’t get a good look at her hair, topside of her skirt. The cardboard used for the background inside of the box is that of space which Ultimate Madoka appears it is decorated with the pink symbols of light which appear when Madoka fires her bow. I found that this insert handily fits into a deltof cabinet shelf if you choose to display the figure with it. On the packaging of the whole it could have used more/larger windows to let in more light and perhaps actually view her from different angles. Packaging receives 9 out of 10 from me.

Pose: 10/10

The pose she is set in is based off the most famous pose which Ultimate Madoka strikes in the anime. However if you imagine a more plainer figure taking her pose it would I believe it would be plain and boring archery pose with abstract hovering. However in this case I believe it works really well for this figure, as it accentuating Madoka’s sweeping hair and her dress, which really gives her the graceful god like appearance.


Describing her pose, Madoka’s upper body is twisted to be side so she looks along the flight path of her arrow. She is set in a way in which her body language indicates she is confident in herself and her weapon. Strangely enough her legs are set facing forwards. I am also glad Good Smile Company took the creative liberty to bend her left leg as I think it would have appeared awkward if it was posed straight like it did in the anime. The whole statue is elevated an impressive four centimetres off its base to give it the illusion of floating in space.

To me the pose is faithful to the source material, faithful to Madoka’s character and work really well with the sculpt and paint job so as to present this figures theme of grace and power. From that I could ask no more so it gets 10 out of 10 for me as it remains faithful and enhances the other features of the figure, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Sculpting: 10/10

The sculpting for Ultimate Madoka is excellent as mentioned before works with the pose and paint job to make her a truly striking figure. This is primary because she is so large yet there has been attention to detail given to her down to minute features however through all this the essence of her original design is maintained.

When glancing over her everything seems in proportion except for her head when compared to other anime figures. This is due to looking at the head straight on where you will be facing the side plus the fact that Ume Aoki designed the girls with pancake like faces so naturally they appear wider than the usual anime head.

Now for a close examination of the Ultimate Madoka starting with her hair, which in my opinion, is her most impressive feature. She has 19 major strands of hair of which about half of these which would be longer than she is tall. This certainly makes unique as far as figures are concerned with its numbers and length. Anymore being, more faithful to the anime, infinite length would probably make the figure look stupid/ridiculous/more expensive. Each of these major strands go down to her waist flaring out at the back are twisting and turning in seemingly random directions from implied energy generated at her weapon. It makes great use of the space above her skirt filling it along with her wings.

Madoka’s wings are the second part of this figure which really grab my attention. It has two types of feathers which combine with the shade of pink and translucence which give it a sense of angelic majesty.

For her dress I like how the top dress part is tight but appears really well fitting helping portray that this is Madoka’s powered up version. However the show stealer for the dress is definitely its skirt part. It has three layers which one is suspended above the other. The first two having more folds where there is sticking while the last one, coloured faded pink. The skirt part of the dress has a round trimming fitting along with her secondary sleeves and dress parts around her chest area which suits rest of the figure’s gentle design instead of being just plain cut or jagged triangles.
Being true to the character design front of the dress around chest and leg areas are cut away. While being relatively little the former helps the dress be unique while the latter being very important to show off her legs, stockings and the back of her skirt.
As for the others, Madoka’s hands and fingers are crafted to appear slender and well-articulated. There is good crafting on the surging energy of her arrow as well as bows. The sculpting on her hair bows and pig tails are just cute tying Ultimate Madoka back to her original character design.


For scale it’s hard to compare judging from her appearance in the in the anime. However using 1/8 scale on a guide she will fit well with your 1/8 collection of figures specifically looking “just about right” next to your other GSC Puella Magi. She has a height of 33 from the bottom of her base to the tip of her wing and 25.5 cm to the top of her head with her lowest foot being suspended five centimetres above the ground.

Ultimate Madoka with Good Smile Company Homura, the only other one I have.

I really like the face on this figure probably due to it fitting with the original art style and not appearing out of proportion. Her golden eyes and small mouth give her a determined expression, one which says I know what I want and am going to achieve it no matter what. I find this really nice coming from a character of her type of personality.

Major Seamlines

Ultimate Madoka, like other figures has the usual seamline on her head. Other prominent seamlines I could detect include where both arms have been attached to the figure. Minor seamlines/flash, only examinable under a close examination however include one running down the left side of her torso, some which have been run along the length of the strands of her hair (unfortunately including her pig tails) and one on the energy forming on her energised bow. Hence because of these small seam lines on a large figure it would score 9.5 which is rounded up to 10 for sculpting.

Minor Seamlines


GSC, in my opinion, have done a great job with Madoka’s paint job. Her pink hair is that of a tone whiter than original Madoka’ fitting the figure’s sense of pureness and her dress. The dress itself is painted a pearl white colour, indicating Madoka’s pure intentions.

Unfortunately as you go further down the dress where specifically where one layers over the other, the ruffles become tinged with paint transfer from the purple from where they airbrushed her underskirt. It’s not noticeable from afar and doesn’t really clash with the dress but it still is unfortunate. There is the small air bubble in the paint work here and there as well.

Paint Defects

Other colours include her gloves and thigh highs being a creamer white while her secondary sleeves being painted a toned down pink colour. Madoka’s underskirt is painted a mid to dark purple. While it is not the same colour as in the anime like the rest of the figure, GSC has used of their creative licence to better the figure in this regard. I believe the faithful black or blue coloured underskirts would clash against her overall colour theming. Likewise I am pleased with the number of stars on her under-dress as is not over bearing.
This figure has very few other defects minor paint defects however the paint job on her hair seems to fade a fair bit around her hair seamline. There are no other cases of paint transfer which I could find so the score for her paintjob is 9 out of 10.


Base: 9/10

Ultimate Madoka’s base is something which I think as fairly unique and clever as it is responsible for giving the floating in space effect while being part of the figure its self. I believe that it is one of those things which GSC would have put a lot of effort into designing yet something you shouldn’t really notice unless you aren’t specifically looking out for it. For the review of the base I will be analysing the circular disk which she floats on and the part of the skirt which attaches to the base and actively suspends the figure. The base is 14 cm in diameter and has a slight upwards curve. This matches the design of the bases of the other PMMM girl figures released by GSC. It is a shade of purple which is dark at the outside and transparent on the inside. The outside is decorated with stars while the inside has a white drawing of the symbols which occur when Madoka fires her arrows. It’s just my opinion but I would have preferred the base to be decorated with just stars as to fit in with the simple design of the other GSC Madoka girls, as well as the fact that those symbols appear behind her and not under her to my understanding.


Engineering wise I think the part Madoka’s skirt which plugs into this base is fairly impressive; as there haven’t been many figures which have been elevated in this way before. There is a little black elevation in this part which fits between the edge of Madoka’s skirt and the base. This is good as it separate the skirt from touch and melding into the base.


Structurally wise Madoka isn’t going to lean or fall over with this base. It is just two sturdy. What I can foresee coming a problem is that if you separate her and her base on a regular basis the weakest point of the plastic, the plugs in her skirt, may possibly crack. The Base scores 9 out of 10. Compared to the figure it is simple but it is very effective for what it does, without it you can forget about the figure’s hovering appearance.

Enjoyment: 10/10

As a figure collector and a Puella Magi Madoka Magica fan that I have wanted to acquire Ultimate Madoka for my collection ever since she was announced. If you haven’t figured out now that she is here I am very happy for purchasing her. She has exceeded my expectations for her price tag and met them for all of the hype surrounding her. She is all that I wanted, a memento to the finale of PMMM combined with an ambitious and complex figure. As said before I do believe there has been a lot of work done on sculpt, pose and paint job so they work together to instil this figure with sense of grace and power. She has her defects and they will be visible under close inspection but given how many good things there are about her they are going to be over looked. I have had comments from others who have no idea on what Puella Magi Madoka Magica is or even are not into anime comment on her beauty and gracefulness. Needless to say, being a 1/8 scale figure collector she is the centre piece of my collection and something I will enjoy admiring the professional craftsmanship and vividness of the sculpt for years to come so she gets 10 out of 10.

Ultimate Madoka with Good Smile Company Homura


Tallying up the scores Ultimate Madoka gets all up overall and out 9.5 of 10. For the important of pose, sculpting, painting and enjoyment categories she also gets 9.5 out of 10. GSC took the gamble and it payed off. As like GSC’s Motor Currsair Saber before, Unlimited Madoka represents what the leaders of the figure industry can do given a popular character, enough time and money. I really hope we would see this sort of attention given to other characters in the future, faithfully creating them in their moment of glory through either having a fancy base or being in powered up form where the character has a much more complex design.

Ultimate Madoka with Motor Currsair Saber GSC's other big release for 2012

Surprisingly enough, there actually be an oversupply of her as Ami Ami/other shops still seem to have her in stock so they must have made a lot of this. Given this fact and that she is a made to order I assume she probably be never be re-released, as everyone who has wants her has had a decent opportunity to acquire one. Due to this her price will stay low before increasing after it gets hard to find unopened ones. Does she live up to the most hyped figure of 2012 live up to my expectations? Yes! Does she live up to yours?

Thanks for reading!
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fhegIl y a 5 mois#76262005hi! This was a fantastic review. I was wondering if you still have this figure? I've heard stories of the bow breaking while on display. Have you been displaying it and had any issues with that at all?

Hey I'm glad you liked it and welcome! Yes I do still have her and she has been on display ever since. I've always displayed her with the smaller bow though in fears that it would bend her arm. I haven't had any issues with her. The next time I reshuffle my figures I'll take a photo and compare if she has leant or bended.
Il y a 5 mois
hi! This was a fantastic review. I was wondering if you still have this figure? I've heard stories of the bow breaking while on display. Have you been displaying it and had any issues with that at all?
Il y a 5 mois
SazakoIl y a 1 an#53693006Haha Thank you I accept it, I hope you were successful in your search.
I wish i could keep writing but time got away from me over all of these years.
Yeah its that sinking feeling is like knowing your figure isn't as advertised when you look at her and turning a blind eye to the faults. Its something which I have learnt to ignore inspecting my figures over the year. I hope the same is for you.

Man Its been 6 years!
I'm suprised to get a notification from comment 6 years ago lol, how are you? you good?

Oh btw I end up getting this figure and its great, definitely one of my top ten figures!
And yeah I hope you have a nice day and good weekend :)
Il y a 1 an
rindoIl y a 7 ans#1440757good review man
now i feel like want to buy her, take responsibility :D
keep writing for other figures

Haha Thank you I accept it, I hope you were successful in your search.

I wish i could keep writing but time got away from me over all of these years.

catvillage66Il y a 7 ans#1347330I don't feel that it completely ruined her for me. It did knock my love for her down a knotch though. The large ones are on the back of her skirt at least. If you step close though then you can easily make out small hairs and spots. I tried cleaning them off but to no avail. I'll try sending some pics to GSC like you said, see if they can do anything for me.

Yeah its that sinking feeling is like knowing your figure isn't as advertised when you look at her and turning a blind eye to the faults. Its something which I have learnt to ignore inspecting my figures over the year. I hope the same is for you.
Il y a 1 an
good review man

now i feel like want to buy her, take responsibility :D

keep writing for other figures
Il y a 7 ans
SazakoIl y a 7 ans#1343420Thats exactly right, a figure of this price shouldn't have that type of faults obvious failing in GSC QC. Does that ruin her for you? Black lint kinda like remnant paint? Could you clean it off. You should send pics to GSC customer service/post pics on here.

I don't feel that it completely ruined her for me. It did knock my love for her down a knotch though. The large ones are on the back of her skirt at least. If you step close though then you can easily make out small hairs and spots. I tried cleaning them off but to no avail. I'll try sending some pics to GSC like you said, see if they can do anything for me.
Il y a 7 ans
Thanks everyone for reading and leaving a comment it means a lot as the writer. Especially since I found writing this review very hard. Perhaps I am losing the passion. Anyway definitely less words next time.

RaithosIl y a 7 ans#1339940Oh godammit. You beat me to it.
Good review

Ah yeah, there was a review before me as well. That shouldn't stop you from writing though. I am sure people are your photos are really nice and people will appreciate a different POV.

.catvillage66Il y a 7 ans#1340052I was a little dissappointed in the one I recieved. She had black spots and lint all over her, mostly on her skirt. That's a big let down and not something a figure of her price should have. :( Very nice review by the way!

Thats exactly right, a figure of this price shouldn't have that type of faults obvious failing in GSC QC. Does that ruin her for you? Black lint kinda like remnant paint? Could you clean it off. You should send pics to GSC customer service/post pics on here.

Neko_OniIl y a 7 ans#1340529Fantastic review on a truely beautiful figure. This review reminds me why I enjoy looking at mine every day. Keep up the good work! ^____^

Yeah thanks, I too look at mine once or more every day. Always something new to admire.
Il y a 7 ans
She really is gorgeous but at the end of the day she wasn't $165+ worth of pretty. Just too expensive.
Il y a 7 ans
Fantastic review on a truely beautiful figure. This review reminds me why I enjoy looking at mine every day. Keep up the good work! ^____^
Il y a 7 ans
I must say thank you for the review.
Your passion for this fiure really comes though.
I own her as well and you just took the words right out of my mouth in how I feel about this figure.
Great job.
Il y a 7 ans