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David_McnabDavid_McnabIl y a 9 ans
Here is my first review under this moniker, and what a figure to start with!

Nendoroid #121 - Saber Super Movable Edition by Good Smile Company is just such an amazing figure, I felt that I had to start my reviews with her, simply because of how excellent this little one is!

Out of the fourteen Sabers I own, and out of that four Nendoroids, this Saber is by far the best yet, and I am so glad that I got her today! Let's get in-depth now to let you all know why I feel this way, starting with the Sculpt.

[size=large]Sculpting: (10/10)

With almost every figure I have ever bought made by Good Smile Company (hereby known as GSC), I have found that they are so expertly sculpted and rarely have faults. Many times in the past this has resulted from careless production or just because they were very old figures. This Saber Nendoroid here is neither of these things, and neither is she badly sculpted. Her joints are all movable, and she can easily shed them without issue (some Nendo's joints can stick so badly they snap inside their holes - see Konata). There are no shoddy holes nor are there any excessive molding bulges to be found on her. Each face fits easily into the hair mold, and the joints are all articulate (more on that in the pose section). In short, she is one of the best (if not the best) Nendoroids around, at least the specific one I have received. Keep in mind that one figure is always different from another - this one I have is near-perfect, but others may experience issues with any of these areas of score.

The details of the sculpt bear mention here also. Finite in their design, the mass-production has not neglected to give the Saber I have received the greatest attention to the details made by the original sculptor. Her bangs, her braided bun, the faces are all excellent. The individual fingers of each gauntlet-encased hand are finely molded and there are no signs of excess PVC anywhere. As with most Nendos, her fringe is sharply sculpted instead of having those pesky webbed locks you get on really shoddy figures. The skirts of the dress look fantastic, as does the breastplate. She is a divine figure to behold.

[size=large]Painting: (10/10)

Well, this is also a place for almost no issue with the painting of GSC's own figures. Rarely have I ever seen a bad job of painting given by the team at GSC, and this is no exception. The paint job lends a great hand to making the sculpt that much better than it is (if that could be possible), and totally grants Saber here a glorious look. The silver really shines (bad pun) in certain light, and from photos I have taken, she really makes a photo come alive thanks to her wonderful paint art.

The detail on the swords is a must, and has been handled with a fine hand here.

[size=large]Posing: (10/10)

Here's where Saber really comes alive. Saber is touted as 'Super Movable" on the box, and by her name. In this area, she does not disappoint.

Most Nendos have an articulation that is great to pose with. They are given life through this, and it is a boon to us to use them in whatever way we can to boost the playability or look of them in photos. The Saber I have received here has this and more. She is able to pose in so many small ways that there's rarely a moment for myself to count them. I am sure that you can, but the poses given here were enough to satisfy me. Cute, angry, defensive and K.O.ed poses are available, but not in just the regular ways. By far the greatest of these poses for me was the 'Berserker Mode' pose I took in my gallery, and it was fun to do that one! ^_^

The joints mentioned in the Sculpt section are what attribute to the great success of Saber's posing ability. For mine, they hold in position once you find the correct one for your pose you want to exact. Some others may be very hard to position, but with mine, it is not an issue at all, unless you grab the part and move it yourself. The arm in her back can be initially hard to put into her back, but once there it is very solid. Take the small part in her back out if you ever want to put her back into the box - it shouldn't be a problem.

[size=large]Base: (10/10)

Well, the base is the killer. The arm you put in her back makes it possible that she will never fall over; not unless you bend the arm way too far backwards for it to be able to hold Saber's weight. Nicely opaque and very sturdy, the base is what I wish all Nendoroids were issued with. It is one of the greatest aspects of the figure's charm, and the one I was most excited over, due to how good it makes posing.

There are holes all over it to make it possible to pose Saber anywhere you like, and that's a big plus in my book! it's also what makes me love #120 - Nekoarc Ultimate! ^^

[size=large]Packaging: (10/10)

The packaging is pretty - here you have Saber's various poses and faces shown on back like usual, but gone are the window holes on the sides, having been replaced with the same poses and more faces! ^^ The blue is of course Saber's signature colour, other than the blond and green, and it gives the box that much better a look. The name of Saber is etched in silver, to give it the 'special' vibe she is made out to prompt within us. The tabs inside the top of the box are the newer kind with no splits at the sides and a longer lip to slide into the top of the box.

The inner tray is the newer kind too, with beveled edges where the two parts of the tray meet, and the little buttons that snap into the bottom of the tray are quite good at holding firm. There is ample area given to hold the various parts of Saber herself. Just be careful when opening this tray that your parts don't go flying away!

[size=large]Enjoyment: (10/10)

What can I say? Saber here is all about enjoying your time spent playing and posing with her. For me, just looking at her in the poses I give her fills me with delight. I really love it to see her with the various faces and I can only hope that I can have even more fun as time goes by.

I enjoy all Nendoroids, and love having them sitting on the shelves I have. Posing this one in particular was the most fun I have ever had in posing a Nendoroid - I can only wish that all other Nendoroids I can find would be this excellent! And I am sure that even more enjoyment shall be had when I get all the available Saber Nendoroids together for some real fun! It shall be a blast! ^_^


In conclusion, this figure is exactly what I had hoped she would be, and more. She has struck a chord in my heart that will forever be thankful for ever having bought her, and I really am glad to have put in the purchase for her all those months ago. I think it is a testament to her popularity and quality that there are still so many of her available. GSC has gone far and beyond here in the making and distributing of such a fine figure, and I shall be surprised to see if it doesn't become a prized figure along the likes of Hatsune Miku #33! ^_^

I hope for more like her!
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I'd like to see a Super Moveable Lily and Alter~ xD Awesome review, you made me love my Saber even more.
Il y a 9 ans
I've got this nendoroid and I have to say I love it, I would have given the same score to her if I had done the review *_* Very nice job, congratulations! It's fine to read it >w<
I want a Super Movable Rider or Caster *____*
Il y a 9 ans
PairadiceI got my Saber the other day and I can say that I am in much in love with this figure as you are. I was also lucky enough to get one of such a perfect caliber and she does not disappoint in the least. I don't have a large collection but she has become a quick favourite of mine :) I hope GSC makes more like her!
Yes, she's excellent! I love both her and Neko Arc Ultimate for they're ultra-usefulness! Tohsaka Rin is a must for something like this! ^^
Il y a 9 ans
I got my Saber the other day and I can say that I am in much in love with this figure as you are. I was also lucky enough to get one of such a perfect caliber and she does not disappoint in the least. I don't have a large collection but she has become a quick favourite of mine :) I hope GSC makes more like her!
Il y a 9 ans
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