Thanks MFC ! Its BGS Showtime !Thanks MFC ! Its BGS Showtime !Review

KuugaKuugaIl y a 7 ans
Hi MFCers !
thanks for your advices on my last article BLOG #6406

I get the Figma BGS on the last saturday. Her price is USD40 (BIB) and dont worry, she is the original BGS Figma.
ITEM #42053

here some pics of her :

BGS in her box :

BGS outside her box :
Front :

Back :

Action :


Showtime :


With the others Swordgirls:


Special thanks and credit to :
1. My friend who sell his BGS and delivered her to my home and his camera to take pics.

2. All MFCers who give some advice on my article BLOG #6406

BGS : Who are you, my new master ?
Me : I'm A Passing Trough Newbie Collector ! Remember That !
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thank you :D
Il y a 7 ans
LUCKY YOU!!! How nice, enjoy her. (x
Il y a 7 ans
you are welcome
Il y a 7 ans
Great blog-post! :D And thank you for your comment ^^
Il y a 7 ans
Thanks you for ghirahim, Neko_oni, Gothlequin, Saeko_fanboy26, YamiUsagi, Chichi9521, Maakie, seiver, abzen,GodYagami, and Rei-fan for the advice
Il y a 7 ans
Great grab! Nice to see that you're having fun with her. (Figmas are fun to play with. ^_^)
Il y a 7 ans
Very nice :) Glad you got it
Il y a 7 ans
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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