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Odin Sphere - Gwendolyn - 1/8 (ALTER)Odin Sphere - Gwendolyn - 1/8 (ALTER)

CasberryCasberryIl y a 10 ansReview
First, some short words as intro before i will begin my Review:
A few days ago i got my Gwendolyn (s), who is manufactured by Alter and since then i'm totally addicted to her, 'cause she is one of the best figures i've ever seen. As a honouring for her, i decided to write a review about her and take some pictures (of course i want to take some in spring/summer).


- The Figure's background:
Gwendolyn is one of the protagonists from the game "Odin Sphere", an action-roleplaying game for the PlayStation 2, which first release was on the 17th May 2007. (if you want to know a bit more, please look at en.wikipedia.or... )
Gwendolyn is a Valkyrie and the younger daughter of the demon lord Odin and since her elder sister Griselda is killed in battle, she inherits her sister's crystal-headed Psypher spear.
I've never seen or played the game before, but since i've seen the first pictures of Gwendolyn as a figure, i would like to play the game a bit if i can.

- The Manufacturer:
Alter is a Japanese model and figure manufacturer. They create models and figures of characters featured in anime, hentai, videogames, manga, and other otaku related media (so they say).
I know Alter since 2007 and don't know really since when they started to make figures, but it's for sure that they do their jobs with their figures really good. But they don't make much figures like Kotobukyia or Good Smile Company at the same time.
(Homepage of Alter: www.alter-web.j... )

Now the figure itself, slowly from the point of unpacking the figure to the point of Enjoyment of the figure.

- Packaging:
The first step, the Packaging, when you want to unpack her. Gwendolyn comes with a really big box and surely it will surprise everyone, it looks like you've ordered a figure with a scale of 1/6 or 1/5. But it does make sense, 'cause Gwendolyn's Wings are fixed on her and the box must have so much room for it. The black coloured Box itself looks good and has some pictures around the box, taken from the figure. Nothing really awesome i think, but it's good.

- Sculpting:
The sculpting of Gwendolyn, by Fukumoto Noritaka, is very great done, as if she had just come down from air. You can look at her from every angle and she still looks incredible with her wings, which are a bit transparent and can shine a bit with some light. In addition, Gwendolyn looks very humane, especially if you look at her chest. I want so say this, 'cause there are much figures with a big chest and i think, the balance of Gwendolyn's proportions would look bad, if she had a bigger chest. So as she looks now, It's kinda normal.

- Painting:
When it comes to painting, Alter is one of the most dependablest manufacturer and they use strong and clear colors for their figures and even at little details they are really good. When i take a close look at Gwen, i can't find mistakes, who could make the figure worse. The skin has a good shade, the clothes have a good paint too and as espected from Alter, their work on the Wings is impressive done. So the painting on Gwen is overwhelming, especially in my eyes.



- Posing:
Incredible Pose, in short words. Much figures are only standing or sitting on their base, but when you look at Gwen, you could think she just steps on the ground, coming down from the air with the spreaded wings of her.

http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/4j52-a3.jpg http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/4j52-a4.jpg

- Base:
This is really surprising, it's rare to find such modeled bases for figures and gives the figure one more good point. A rotten old tree wish some mushrooms on it and some plants arround, it was a good idea from Alter to do so and the stability of the base is more than enough, to hold the figure savely from falling. I really like it.

- Enjoyment:
Every moment of looking at her is pure enjoy and i think (and i hope too) it will take a long long time, when you try to move her a bit arround for seeing her in another angles or giving her some another background or lightings, it will be keep exciting.


- Overall:
The first time i saw her in pictures, it was kinda of love at first sight after seeing the complete design and i liked her so badly, that i pre-orderd two of her, yes really. I don't know yet, if the second one will be a present to someone or not, 'cause the second is still in her box. But i don't regret it, 'cause Gwendolyn is so beautiful, i will be forever her fan or something kind of that.
So, in the end, Alter has done a really fine and impressive job on Gwendolyn, the painting, the pose and so on and i hope other people will think so too.
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Why are all the images for this review prototype images???
Il y a 8 ans
I have played the game, all the way trough. Gwen and Velvet are the best (they are step-sisters after all).
I have pre-ordered her, now that she is re-released.
Il y a 8 ans
Thanks for your review. It was really good.
Il y a 9 ans
Wow ^^ Thank you for your review *_*
Now I can´t wait to get my Gwendo too....I hope archonia get it soon ^^
Il y a 10 ans
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