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Fate/Hollow Ataraxia - Charinko Rider - Nendoroid - 021 (Good SmFate/Hollow Ataraxia - Charinko Rider - Nendoroid - 021 (Good Sm

David_McnabDavid_McnabIl y a 8 ansReview
My newest review regards the latest figure in my collection - Charinko Rider Nendoroid by GSC!

She is my 76th Nendoroid, and while not as highly-rated as previous Nendos, she is still a worthy addition to the collection!

But more of that in my in-depth review!

[size=small]#021 in GSC's Nendoroid collection, but #076 in mine! ^^

[size=large]Sculpting: (9/10)

As with 98% of Nendoroids made, the sculpting on Rider here is top-notch. The attention to details is spot-on and accurate, right down to her scribbly eyes and the work on the bicycle. The joints in her head, torso and legs are not tight, and turn very nicely. Her head parts are a simple interlocking system much like the regular Nendoroid, but there is a hole just behind the main joint for the support arm to fit into (but more on that when the base is mentioned).

The wheels on her bike move, as do the pedals! ^_^
The seat can be removed for her to sit on a modified seat included.

[size=large]Painting: (9/10)

As usual for GSC, the painting is excellent here. The details are precise, with no bleed or overflow of colour. In fact, the sometimes-present defect of a slight scuff or scratch of paint on many of the Nendos I receive is not present at all on this one - a very promising thing, that. The colours here are true to the Rider we know, and should never be an aspect to disappoint fans of her.

[size=large]Posing: (8/10)

The fact of the matter is that she only has three basic poses.

Little can be added to that without changing something where it wasn't provided with the standard version here, but it is not enough to completely discourage playing with her. The best part is that the poses they have given to Rider are enough to make a Nendoroid party fun! The trick she does in the picture provided to the right is the most famous aspect of her repertoire, but is indeed the better pose you can do with her. More pose-ability would have resulted in a higher score, without a doubt.

[size=large]Base: (8/10)

The base is your run-of-the-mill Nendoroid fare. It's basic and just holds our Rider up, but the difference here is that instead of a small little stand that sits beneath her bottom to hold her up, she has four different parts to do the job.

1. An arm that sticks into her head and then behind her and into the base.
2. A little triangular stand that holds the back wheel of the bike.
3. Another arm that sticks into her head, but combines with...
4. ...a stand that holds the bike in the upright position (see below).

So, there are a few nice things about the base, but because it is still a standard fare, it gets the lower score. But what nice stands! ^^

I really like this flame-like base piece! ^^

[size=large]Packaging: (8/10)

Ultra-standard for Nendoroids here. The colours are really nice as usual, and the small instructions inside the top flap on the left/right tabs is a nice touch. There really isn't much to say about it other than that. Serviceable and mine wasn't damaged. Good points those, so the score doesn't go too low...

[size=large]Enjoyment: (8/10)

The enjoyment to be had stems from the second bicycle pose, where Rider can do her little trick to show off at parties!

Nothing much to say other than that, but she is definitely a great Nendoroid, and old now. Enjoyment is actually the greatest coming from my collector's viewpoint; in that she's not that easy to find cheaply and sealed, so getting her in this condition is the best part, and that she is now taking me even further into the realm of huge Nendoroid collections! ^_~


In conclusion, this is a very good figure. Not great, but very good indeed. If only they made another Rider like they spew out those Sabers! But I am still happy to welcome another Nendoroid into the collection, and I am sure that those who like Nendoroids or Rider would like this one too. I recommend her to any who fall under these categories - let the stunts begin, Rider! :)

Thank you for reading my review! ^^
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