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Max Factory: FIGMA # 157 - Scarlet Rain - REVIEWMax Factory: FIGMA # 157 - Scarlet Rain - REVIEW

RaithosRaithosIl y a 5 ansReview
Hello Everyone, after a bit of a hiatus I'm back with another review! This time I'll be going over Max Factory's recently released Figma: Figma #157: "Scarlet Rain" from Accel World.
In this review I'll be going over a bit of the story as an intro, the character, the figure itself, my thoughts and impressions on it, the packaging, paint, sculpt/accuracy, as well as pose-ability. This figure has a lot of merits and only a few flaws, so let's get to it!

Accel Word is a technologically based anime set in the future (the year 2046 to be exact), fueled by epic battles, passionate emotions, and a sense of "drama" along with a sense of "escapism" by means of a virtual reality. It gave me throwbacks to ".hack//SIGN" when I first started watching it, and it sort of grew on me a little.

Here's a bit of a rough intro to the series, basically I'll just touch upon the most general topics in order to give the reader a sense of the terminology of the series. (I would recommend following the links to get some more information on your own)
(I've linked key terms to give you a better idea of what the description is talking about as well as get some quick information, if you know what this series is or are familiar with this information feel free to scroll down and skip past it.)

- Accel World (short form for "Accelerated World") is basically a virtual reality in which people "dive" (connect) into with the usage of "Nuero Linkers". Here's an excerpt from the Accel World Wiki:

"Brain Burst is a program which allows allows a person to accelerate their cognitive processes, basically enabling a person to think at a faster rate. Different commands allow for varying acceleration abilities and each uses a certain number of Burst Points. It is also, primarily a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online (VRMMO) Fighting Game, where a person can duel other players within a setting called the Accelerated World in order to obtain more Burst Points."

"To become a Burst Linker, an individual must have a Neuro-Linker installed since birth and successfully install the Brain Burst software on it. Upon successful installation, the player is given 100 burst points and an avatar with its appearance and abilities reflecting his/her personality. A Burst Linker starts on level 1 and can increase the level of their Duel Avatar by expending burst points obtained from other players or by defeating monsters in the Unlimited Field. A Level 9 player can only reach Level 10 by defeating 5 other Level 9 players in combat. So far no player has reached level 10 and there is much speculation about what would happen if a player eventually manages to do so."

The duel avatar of the current Red King "Scarlet Rain"

In the anime, the character named Yuniko Kozuki holds the title of "Red King" a level 9 (which is the highest current level one can achieve) Duel Avatar coded: "Scarlet Rain". She was also nicknamed "The Immobile Fortress" due to her long ranged fighting style involving a large impenetrable fortress. (On a side note regarding her fortress) Max Factory teased a 1/12 scaled prototype of her fortress that was truly amazing:

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttp://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll65/solitaryj/Agon1342150479_zps7008e872.jpg


I found it interesting to note in this picture, in the center there, you can see the round control unit that encompasses the nucleus of her fortress. That's the actual figma itself with the docking accessory attached inside the unit. If made, this would literally be able to be placed inside the fortress to replicate her "control center" within it, acting as the nerve center and control device for the fortress. I really liked this concept and was actually hoping to see it come to fruition. Then again, size and weight are always valid factors withholding something like this from being made.

Her fortress in the anime:




And in figure form:




(All of these pics snagged from the item listing here: ITEM #115994)

However, I'm guessing due to the sheer size and weight of the piece it wasn't made available for mass production and thus never saw the light of day past cafes and conventions. It's a shame though since it is an impressive piece. It's clearly not feasible for collectors to have in their homes, especially for the target audience that would not have the extra space to include this piece. (I mean few would considering it's size.)


In the real world Yuniko or "Niko" is an eleven year old elementary school student that attends an all girls boarding school. She is intelligent far beyond her years and has a fiery temper to go alongside with it (which she conceals to mostly everyone). Yuniko herself is basically your run-of-the-mill Tsundere, acting nice and polite one minute and then shoving her foot in your face and yelling at you the next. Still, when it counts she is there to help and protect her friends in her legion and she does show that she really cares, (even if she acts like it's a bother to do).

Here are some snippets of her from the manga:

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler




I ended up liking her for her comedic relief she provides and also the power she expresses with her fortress. Here's just a snippet of it from the anime: www.youtube.com...

And with that, let's get into the figure itself:

The Box:10/10
Here we have the box comprising of a standard window box packaged presentation. On the face we have the window which showcases Scarlet and some of her accessories, along with a nice red colour theme throughout the box. Nothing worth mentioning, but also not disappointing, just your standard box. It's simple, yet compact and gets the job done, no complaints here.


On the right side we have a nice full body shot of the figure with one leg slightly up in a sort of action pose. The figma logo to the top right corner, the product number to the bottom right corner and her name in both Kanji and English at the bottom.


On the back we have an assortment of pictures of the figure showing the various forms you can pose her in. The neutral pose with her base, the pose where she is hooked up to her fortress control interface (which also happens to be the hardest pose of all, and I'll be explaining why in just a bit), a nice shot of her back with a sort of sassy pose, a small shot of the pose I just mentioned seen in the right side of her box, and also a shot of her hugging Figma Silver Crow. There is also a nice shot of her with her gun raised towards the bottom left.


On the left side is another full body shot of the figure, with the figma logo featured vertically along the torso in red, with the same info as the right side near the bottom.


The top and bottom of the box are the same, featuring the figma logo in red, product number, her name in both Kanji and English, the title of the anime (Accel world) and a shot of her connected or her fortress interface to the right hand side of the box.


The inside of the box features a rather generic design with a nice red-orange-golden yellow set series of colour gradients. The title of the anime (Accel World) and the figure are in the center
All in all again, nothing exemplary about the box, the presentation is clean cut and nice to look at, it gets the job done

The packaging is standard. It is comprised of two main shells. The first shell holds the figure, with a few of her accessories (her laser gun and two armaments for her arms to connect to her immobile fortress).


The second shell contains the rest of her accessories including: her standard set of 10 figma hands, and the rest of the armaments required to connect to her fortress including the docking interface (which connects to the figma stand) and the two large green cables that connect form the interface directly into her avatars' back. There is also a figma stand and a small grey base included for her to stand on. There are also the necessary attachments to connect her fortress linkage device onto her figma stand as well as the "claw" to hold her body with the stand. A plastic bag is also included to house spare parts and the like.



(These images depict how her Fortress docking accessory "clips onto" her figma base)

She also comes packaged with two small transparent pvc "skates" (as I like to call them) that help her stand free-base. I like these as they allow her to have some poses without being restricted to the base, although she can stand without them it is a tad difficult to get her to balance properly.

(In this picture you can see the transparent pvc "skates" that she stands on. These serve to function as an alternative mobile stand to her base)

Here are her hands:


As I mentioned before, this is the standard build with figma as you usually get a set of 10 hands (2 are on the figure already when you get it, and then 8 are included in their own plastic holder inside the packaging). In actuality you're getting 5 sets of hands, and 10 individual pieces. The hands are as follows:

- Four hands (two pairs) are set in position where she can hold an item in her hand (gun or what have you). Of these four hands, two have the hand with a closed trigger finger and two have her index finger extended to simulate her holding on to the trigger.

- Two hands (one pair) come in completely closed fits.

- She also has four individual hands (two pairs) that are in an outstretched position. Two hands have her palm spread open (almost in a waving gesture) and then two hands just have her palm open in a relaxed stationary/neutral position. These hands help to add a variety of character to her poses.

- (When you receive the figure I believe she has a pair of outstretched palm hands as the default hand setting.)

You can have her simulating a hug, holding onto two guns, with her hands out, or waving at you, whatever you like... there are lots of options you can use.
Here are some examples of the uses and dynamic of her hands from myself:

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler
- Here we have her waving with Sanji:

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/Raithos1361690671.jpeg (And her hand looks sort of off partially because it's actually backwards. I couldn't get her hand to swivel around properly in the socket to make a wave happen at the angle that I needed her to do it so I just put her hand on backwards to do so.)

- Here she uses her outstretched palms to "hug" Metabee:


- And then here it's like they've been friends all along:


- Here she can dual wield guns thanks to her "trigger finger" hands.


Interestingly enough that second gun is actually from this: ITEM #75488.


Homura's gun fits Scarlet Rain perfectly. It was a cool little thing to have her dual welding the gun of my favourite little heroine. The gun also wasn't a hard fit into her hand at all and fits surprisingly snug in her hand. I'm wondering if the katana from my BRS Figma will fit her closed trigger hand...

- Also she's seen here almost in a dramatic kneeling act, amplified with the use of her outstretched hands, (almost like she's calling to you!)


Onto the sculpt! She's pretty anime accurate actually. I would say the sculpt is dead on. She looks like she was plucked right out of the anime, it's great. She is also somewhat in scale with others in this line: picture/616904&..., picture/473252&...



The figure stands at exactly 13 cm tall. Again, her basic design is very minimalistic so really there's' nothing extravagant to work off of in the first place. Therefore I would've been more concerned if the sculpt wasn't accurate I'd be all like: "Really? The design is this basic and you still messed up????" But no, Max Factory did a great job here. She looks spot on. All relevant details are included, right down to those five green gems on each forearm as well as the two in her forehead (the pink one in between her eyes and the green one located further up from that).

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler

Anime rendition:




Actual Figure:





The paintjob on Scarlet Rain is solid. She comes complete with a metallic red finish to compliment her mech based design. Her legs feature pink paint on her calves and it's painted well, nothing too glaring or sloppy. The pink end caps on her shoulders are made of a translucent pink pvc material while the pink on her chest is painted with a metallic finish. She has a pretty basic design, so there's nothing too extravagant that needed to be done in terms of paint in the first place. Max Factory gets the job done right here. Although, there have been reports of some paint deficiencies: comment/1363093, comment/1363105
However, the one I received was pretty bang on.


As a figma her possibility is one of her key points and she rises to the occasion wonderfully, granted there are a couple flaws that I have noticed, but i feel that these are derived from the way I handled the figure (albeit in a manner that was perhaps too rough). One of the first few flaws I noticed was that her legs seem to not want to go all the way around in some poses, like sometimes you try and put her into a pose with her leg striking forward and I feel like I'm going to break the joint, one time the leg even popped out. It looks like Max Factory addressed this in the promos even before releasing the figure however, by allowing you to sort of pull the legs out a but from their sockets in order to gain added flexibility as seen here :


Secondly I actually broke one of her twintails off when I was trying to pose her "hair?" in a certain manner. The twintails on her head are connected to the surface by two pink pvc ball joints. These in turn can be moved 180 degrees to fold the twintails back or have them fully spread out. This adds an extra variant of poseability to the figure. Although don't try to force it too much. You may be tempted to (I was, and I snapped the left one clear off :/ ). It was a simple fix with some superglue so no bid deal.

Other than that she's great to pose:
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler











But perhaps the last (and what I feel is her biggest) flaw is her cables. This is also probably the most frustrating part of this figure. This has to do with her fortress connector and the way those thick green cables attach to the figure itself. From an initial standpoint it seems rather simple to connect those cables to the fortress dock and then connect them to the figure, right? Wrong. It’s a tedious task that requires a lot of bending, twisting, pinching and adjustment. I spent nearly 5 minutes trying to get the cables to stay in her back, but I found a method to do it. Granted, you can't really move her after this so she will become rather stationary as long as you display her in this mode... but it is what it is. A partial reason for the difficulty in attaching the cables derives from the way the cables are made. They are in a fixed position so it’s difficult to attach them properly to the figure. I really wish the cables were made of a softer material so that they would’ve been easier to put in place.

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/Raithos1361154441.jpegYou can not BELIEVE how long it took me to get those cables to stay in like that :/




Basically you have to take one of the cables and twist it into her back so that it stays put. Then, you have to make sure the other cable is slacked a bit and pushed away to the corresponding side that it is on so that it does not interfere with the original cable that you have just placed in her back. (You have to put one cable in (doesn’t matter which side you start with), if the other cable is on the right then push the cable to the right in order to give it less resistance against the other cable, and vice-versa for the left side), then you have to really pinch and twist both ends into her back at the same time. If you do it right, you can get the cables to stay in place. However, it is extremely hard to do this because the holes in her back are very shallow, placed close together, and do not allow for enough of the cable to be inserted into her back so that it can stay in place. What will happen is that you think you’ve made the connection and then one side will pop out or both ends will just pop off altogether.

It’s frustrating to deal with as you can see here: comment/1377437 multiple users have mentioned having the same issue so I felt it was a glaring flaw that needed to be addressed in this review. Whoever designed this mechanism didn’t gauge how the cables were to connect into her back. I would’ve preferred if a little more effort had been put into this setup to allow for an easier docking interface. It's a very tedious procedure to get those cables in her back and get them to stay there. And don’t even try and re-enact the pose seen on the back of the box with the fortress docking mode enabled:

http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll65/solitaryj/747bfc05-69f2-4daa-9638-0423adc7e9be_zps65d32207.jpggood luck getting that pose out of this figure.

I was lucky enough to get away with the pose that I got:

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler










Even then, the cables popped out after about an hour...

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/Raithos1361154709.jpeg(You can actually see the left cable starting to pop out here)

This is a glaringly bad design flaw in regards to this particular accessory setup. It's tedious and a chore to deal with. Anyone who has this figure most likely knows what I'm talking about. If you've had success with installing her cables with relative ease please feel free to share your method. I was considering taking a knife, heating the tip, and then carving out deeper holes in her back. Or even a very small metal rod with the same diameter as the holes in her back and burning deeper holes into her back so that the cables would go in easier and actually stay there. I then decided against this method, but for a while there I was considering it. It's not a deal breaker obviously since the figure is still really great, but a definite word of warning is in order.

This isn't really applicable to her, she does come with one, but it's just a plain circular base. It has one small peg on it that allows for one of her feet to be inserted into the base. It's neither extravagant nor detailed. It's just simply there to help her stand. She also comes with a standard figma base. Her pvc "skates" also serve as a sort of "mobile base" if you will so technically she has 3 bases, but in the most basic terms her base is as plain as it gets. However it is effective in helping her to stand.

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/Raithos1361154265.jpeg(Pvc "skates")

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/Raithos1360373871.jpeg(Plain Base)

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/Raithos1361154713.jpeg(Figma Stand)

Final Thoughts
In the end I'm very glad I got this figure. I love Yuniko in Accel World and I think her duel avatar is boss. I was very glad that Max Factory decided to make her as they teased a couple of the other kings but didn't release them for god knows whatever reason: picture/487980&..., picture/487978&.... Still she's a pretty sweet figure, and I can' wait to get the Figma of both Silver Crow and Black Lotus to go alongside her. Here's hoping Max Factory pumps out the human Figma counterparts of the duel avatars as well.

- Small size (accurate to her design)
- Affordable
- Great paint job
- Lots of poseability

There's really only one issue I'd consider a flat out "con" and that's the problem regarding the connecting cables not being able to stay in her back. This is of particular issue when trying to display her in her "Fortress Mode" as the sockets in her back are way too shallow and do not allow for proper connections to be made with the cables



And there you have it... my review on Max Factory's Figma #157: "Scarlet Rain" from Accel World, I hope you enjoyed reading it!
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