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Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)

CasberryCasberryIl y a 10 ansReview
I want to try a Review for this figure, Hatsune Miku, because in one hand, there is no other at the moment and in the other, Miku's Popularity has rised with lightning-speed, so it seems, so it should be worth to write something for her, or for this figure in other words. ^^


- The Figure's background:
Hatsune Miku (from this point on, we will only say Miku ^^) comes from a computer music program called "The Character Vocal Series", which synthesizes singing in Japanese. For creating songs, the user has to input some melody and lyrics and then the program change it to a song. Because of some reasons, the company changed their focus from imitating certain singers to creating characteristic vocals and so each released Vocal version was given another anime-type character and our Miku here was the first installment in the series. The rise of Miku and her way/first steps of becoming popular, you can gather it from the link here: en.wikipedia.or...

- The Manufacturer:
I think, most people know about Good Smile Company (GSC). This company is well known for their figures, they are producing, but even more popular for their huge numbers of released Nendoroid's (Petit Nendo's too), who are wildly popular.
GSC has also a good number of affiliated company's, like Max Factory (Figmas and Figures), Gift (young company, making figures), Freeing (figures), Solid Theater (figures), Chara-ani (figures), Kaiyodo (figures) Orchid Seed (figures) and some more ^_^''
Homepage of GSC: www.goodsmile.i...

- Sculpting
I think, the Sculpting from the Sculptor YOSHI is well done. The Miku figure looks really near to the official pictures and most of the Miku Artworks, what it should be. The figure itself is good affixed in the scene.

- Painting
Miku's Painting is quite a good and fine look, not every figure has cyan colored hair ^_^. I really like, that on her thigh boots and also on her sleeves is put on some clear varnish, to give her some glance. And of course the painting on Miku is nice detailed, that#s also something that GSC has well done. But i'm not completely relieved when i'm looking at her hands, the fingertips of her are not really good painted, the green enamel is a bit of the place on some fingers. And also her grey top isn't enough clean painted. (i can see some dabs of paint)

- Posing
I like the pose of Miku, it looks like Miku is just singing a song (or maybe she supports you with your singing ^_^). Also like, that her left arm seems to hold her headphones, her pigtails seems to move to her body movement and that her left leg is a bit angled to the side. Miku definitly looks great with that pose of her, no mistake and i've no idea, to give her a better pose in this situation. Of course there are more options, giving her a microphone and let she looks like she is active singing a song or something else. But i think it's fine with this pose.

http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/4j52-9y.jpg http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/4j52-a0.jpg

- Base
The Base looks like a normal one, there are some Miku Hatsune initials on it, but nothing more than that. It is fitting a bit to the Vocaloid series, but i would like a better one with some extra details or so. A normal base, not that bad, but also not that good to be a great base, which only helps Miku to stand savely.

- Packaging
The Packagings from GSC are quite good in their Looks and also the green-black colored box with some silver-colored writings and some Pics at the back of the box, the Miku comes with, is nice. The size fits to the size of the figure, not to small or is too large. (Some Figure-boxes are superior large to the figure inside and also some boxes are really small, that you first think that there isn't enough space for the figure)

- Enjoyment
There should be much enjoyment, of course it's Miku and who will not like her ? I sometimes think she's more beloved than some real music star (not the really popular singer's) ^_^.
From my opinion she can placed everywhere, if it's near a musicbox or somewhere else, it won't be a wrong choice. And of course, if someone is also going to have Rin and Len Kagamine, which are also be released from GSC, i bet the group will be more magnificent. Or place Miku near her Nendo Ver. ^_^


- Overall
Overall, i'm very relieved with my Miku figure, i like her a lot.
I don't know yet if i will get Ren and Lin at the moment, probably, but if there will be a Release of Megurine Luka, i will get it.
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Great Figure, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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