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Ikki Tousen Great Guardians - Kan'u Unchou - Figma - 010 (Max FaIkki Tousen Great Guardians - Kan'u Unchou - Figma - 010 (Max Fa

yakumoyakumoIl y a 10 ansReview
This Figma looks good but its a little bit small
(like the head and the rest of the body is a bit frail)

It comes with some extra\\'s wich are great
(for the hentai here XD)
is has a torn up skirt and a torn up shirt
you can see part of her boobs and look up to her pantsu.

Sculpting/Posing The great thing of Figma is that you can sculp it the way you want to, but with this Figma the the hair is a bit difficult to handle with

Painting: The colors are really nice and painting is also well done.
It has good detailed work.
(just great for that small face she has)

Base:Same as other figma but this one has difficulties (with the hair) because of that you have a extra part for the base but that one is ugly and wont fit (on mine)

Packaging:looks good. its nothing special imo

Enjoyment: I really enjoy all figma because you can do so much with them.She realy has beautifull fighting poses

The one negative thing about this Figma:
the base
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