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It's a bit hard to be a Lain fan. The series never enjoyed more than niche popularity (even in Japan) and consequently it doesn't have much in the way of merchandise.
The visual novel, which came first, never got an official translation (and the game itself is incredibly expensive to acquire even if you are fluent AND have a Japanese PlayStation on which to play it.) My very first blog entry was a review of the Vice 1/8 Lain figure, the only scale figure produced for the series discounting garage kits and a personal favorite in my collection.

Probably the most well-known Lain merchandise is this artbook, comprised of hundreds of illustrations by series creator Yoshitoshi Abe, called Rebuild an Omnipresence in Wired.

Apart from its Japanese release, this artbook actually got an English release and this is the version I have, so all the text in it is translated. The book is NOT flipped, however, still oriented right-to-left.
It's a beautiful book, hardcover and comes in a decorated slipcase to protect it. The illustration on the slipcase is also the illustration you get on the small poster inside, which was only included with the English release, strangely enough. I don't hear of English-only exclusive items much; usually it's the other way around.

http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/moronokimi/15405206/65313/65313_original.jpg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2013/03/13/657841.jpeg
The cover is very simple and you can just barely see the text on it in a shiny embossed black.
Two pages at the front and back of the book are a "frosted" acetate paper which is hard to capture in pictures but produces a very neat effect when layered over the background page underneath.

Yoshitoshi Abe's gift for soft lines contrasting with dizzying industrial details is represented beautifully.

There are numerous color illustrations and also very detailed pencil/black and white drawings.

There is also a small manga in here, the concepts in which will be very familiar to any fan of the series.

Lain has a variety of official outfits. Some illustrations depict outfits from the series and some are only found in the game. Others seem to be simply design exercises not used anywhere outside of the book.

Abe's illustrations are lavish and very detailed, and really capture the grungy feel of Lain's world.

This book is fairly widely available, since it's an English release and the series wasn't too popular. I regularly see it pop up at conventions for around $20-$30 so if you want to get it for yourself it's fairly easy. (It's also on Amazon for $50 right now, but you can definitely get a better price elsewhere, so I recommend poking around.)
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Love this article, thanks!! I really am thankful for some publishers like DMP for 'taking the risk' so to speak!
Il y a 7 ans
lain was a bit like heneke's earlier films on first viewing for me, difficult to sit through and the sense of viewer alienation was smothering. maybe that's why i liked it so much, i rarely get that state of artificial mundane consciousness from other anime anymore haha

Thanks for the artbook tip! such pretty visuals
Il y a 7 ans
lonesomefollyIl y a 7 ans#1410305woah, lain wasn't a success? I always thought it was THE cult series;
in any case, really nice book, if I can get it for 20 bucks I'll definitively keep my eyes open

It was a big cult hit but it wasn't a great commercial success, from what I understand. It wasn't that nobody liked it, but that it wasn't a big moneymaker.
Il y a 7 ans
woah, lain wasn't a success? I always thought it was THE cult series;
in any case, really nice book, if I can get it for 20 bucks I'll definitively keep my eyes open
Il y a 7 ans
I love Lain. Maybe it wasn't a success in the USA, but it was a big thing here in Russia, at least with my generation of otakus. We're also lucky to have a very good DVD edition.
The book is a great acquisition, congrats and thanks for sharing!
Il y a 7 ans
What a great article. It is great to see more Lain fans. I also know what you mean about the dificulty of being a fan.

I have the same book. The manga piece Nightmare of Fabrication was chilling, but great. Abe has such a great style.

I am glad we have the things for Lain we do.
Il y a 7 ans
Strife212 Original Blue
Lain is in my top two anime :>
Il y a 7 ans
I got it at some convention for 5$, they had too many copies for some reason so I grabbed one... it's really worth it if you're a fan of the series, or the artist, really.
Il y a 7 ans
I've always been interested in watching this but never did...it seemed interesting when I read summaries online.
Il y a 7 ans
I got this at a convention a couple of years back actually, it's a lovely book. Then again I'm a huge fan of Yoshitoshi Abe's art style as it is. I'm personally more of a Haibane Renmei fan (and Texhnolyze, although that was just character designs) than a Lain fan though, although I enjoyed Lain.
Il y a 7 ans
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