Comiket 83 Group Order loot (finally!)Comiket 83 Group Order loot (finally!)Loot

SpizzySpizzyIl y a 7 ans

It’s finally here!

After a few months waiting from proxy delays (will elaborate at the end, I want some proxy user feedback as well), I finally got our biggest group order yet the other week. I had taken some pictures of it before (the unboxing was pretty glorious and amusing) but as some club members already know, I spent the week taking pictures of all the cool stuff, taking detail shots of some items and the whole spiel. And then I lost all the images due to technical difficulties.

Seriously, why did my camera let it save images to a micro SD inside an SD adapter card in the first place??

I was pretty irritated and ready to give up and move on with life but this package was just too big to not show off. While I cannot recover the fresh-out-of-the-box images, I can at least show you the aftermath:


Proxy: Treasure Japan
Shops: Toranoana, Melonbooks, Akibaoo, Surugaya
Item Count: 271+ (unsure of actual amount, probably closer to 300)
- 129 Doujinshis/artbooks
- 89 Cell charms/keychains
- 10 Figures
- 34 CDs/DVDs
- 4 Posters
- 4 cups
- + misc postcards/cards/mousepad etc
Shipping weight: (1) 18650 grams, (2) 8900 grams
Total Cost: 244,105 Yen ($2838 USD @ 86 Yen/1 USD)

Nobody cares about that, LOOOOOOT~

I have a photobucket gallery over here that has more pictures than what's displayed here in these posts (especially for books), but any and all commentary will remain here. Also, my pictures extend past the width of the blog column, so you may only be seeing half the image if you use a lower screen resolution (max width/height is 800 px due to photobucket)




Some Togainu figures, Sukusuku audio jack figures, and a Final Fantasy Creatures Kai box that was supposed to be a Malboro but ended up being a King Behemoth. Seemed like a shop mistake, since even the label on the outside says Malboro.


Some Fate/Stay stuff and Touhou keychains by Pink Company, and a Ronin (from Etrian Odyssey I believe)


Sukusuku in action on my dirty MP3 player. I’d be worried about breaking it if I put it on my phone..most phones seem to have a mini jack or the jack is on the bottom. IS CUTE THOUGH.



There’s posters too but I learned my lesson long ago; never unroll the posters unless you plan to keep them that way, and I’m not going to damage another person’s poster trying to roll it back up. If you’re curious posters are: Momiji (touhou), Tiger Bunny, Vocaloid, and UtaPri.


A close up of the Yuyuko fan; I can’t tell if it’s made of fabric or a very fabric-like paper for the pattern part. It’s huge too.

All the, small things *shot*


Key chains and cellphone charms ahoy! There were a lot of these guys (mostly Touhou). I unfortunately didn’t get any detail shots of the Mokou necklaces



So many key chains, many are for PiratePapillon. And I finally got my Utsuho and Nazrin metal charms to go with my steadily growin Girotin Touhou charm collection (next are the last three UFO girls I’m missing and the Komeiji sisters)

All the, CDs *shot again*


So many CDs. And most of them are for Kiiyame or Pirate. Mostly Vocaloid and Touhou Project



Nexus 8 was kind of the reason I did this order (basically for me, if Quintet comes out with a new album or Karaageyasan makes a new book, I’ll do a group order). I haven’t figured out if I like the album or not, but finding the circle for an unknown artist song I’ve had for years made up for any disappointment (Frenzy Frenzy CD; specific arranger was Eru as I’ve found out. It’s like if Touhou music was for a playstation Mega Man X game instead)

All the, Dv--


Touhou PV DVDs and a Touhou RPG game from the looks of it. Chronicle came with a little booklet that looks like it has all the weapon types for the game in it. Some of them are pretty amusing



Apparently the entire UFO crew is some sort of weapon or spell.



Trading cards and a lovely postcard set that I am jealous of.


Like really jealous. Also some Rin pins. There’s another pin in the box but it was kind of a pain to get in and out and was basically a giant sheet of cardboard with the pin in the center.


Some paper bags and pencil boards and a clear file by the Touhouvania artist. Also Eevelutions


I actually got these while at MTAC but I wanted to show them off


SHOPPING IS VERY EXCITING. Also some Utapri towel/blankets/something or another and Utapri purses. I have no idea what the Fate/Stay things are supposed to be. Handkerchiefs?

Mugs and stuff!


Pretty mugs and Sukusukus! I love that the Marisa Suku even has a braid tail. Also a Mokou Oppai



While this thing is actually really comfortable (and the divet for the crack/cleavage doesn’t cut off your blood flow like most ‘wrist support’ mousepads), it also smells very strongly like paint thinner or something. It makes me think of the studios in my old art college so there’s something funky going on with it. Can you wash these things or do you just have to use them til the smell goes away?

Speaking of this thing..I wish I could have saved this picture at the very least, but when I went to open the box of goods, the majority of the top was covered in paper with only a little bit peaking through...and then Mokou's butt. I was very confused as to why there was just a butt coming out the side until I got the whole thing out. It made me laugh.




This shot had a few books of interest that I had to take pics of.

First off is a book by Yayuyo


I can’t tell much from the pictures alone what is going on but it’s a very beautiful novel between Yuyuko and Yukari. It’s also huge.


The original orderee for this book had to give it up after it had been ordered so this book technically doesn’t have an owner right now. I’m pondering keeping it but not sure I can afford to.

Next is an adorable little book focused on Were-Hakutaku form Keine from Touhou Project. There’s lots of little things about this book that make it adorable, such as the front cover with corresponding backside



Lots of friggin adorable stuff in here.

Then we have Covalent Bond (second from bottom) which is a full color Touhou Project illustration book (sorry for busting your book open Kibi; I was originally just opening it because I ran out of sleeves to put your other books in XD)


I’m starting to gain a liking for the Komeiji sisters I think


Another interesting book was the 18+ horror themed Touhou book. I didn’t see what the big deal was when looking at the samples but flipping through it in person. Well. Seiga is eating maggots off of Yoshika. That was perhaps the most squick thing in it for me and it’s too nicely done for me to really dislike it. It’s still gross though XD

Amazingly, I found a Klonoa doujinshi that WAS NOT FUR PORN. I feel lucky.


Clockworks is a Touhou illo book that is by the Touhouvania artist (can’t be bothered to look it up, sorry, should be easy enough to find)


What I thought was going to be a huge comic anthology ended up being a full color pivix artist collection of just UFO Touhou characters (my favorites, though SA is trying to take its place as a whole)


Of course you get my favorite Touhou girl for now.

I took too many pics of too many books in that round so let’s just move on


Somehow I managed to accidentally order two of the Nue doujin by Golden Pe Done.

I got this illo book for really cheap, expecting it to be really beat up. It was pretty much pristine other than a stain from the sticker, and it has the most adorable inner cover ever.


Also got two illo books by Elk, one of which is entirely Mokou focused. I am not particularly in love with them though they are lovely (hint)


Zukin got some boobilicious books up at the top which is fine just..some of the drawings made me lol


Girls, why are you eating ice cream in the shower naked? Do you not want it to melt onto the carpet?


Chicka, why did you get all the ice cream, it’s going to melt before you can eat it all. Also, I wouldn’t trust stringy ice cream, it shouldn’t do that, throw that stuff away.

Bitches love vanilla ice cream I guess.


Lots of IB stuff this order too, I guess that’s the in thing right now?

The three small books on the bottom right have some lovely Touhou artwork by P-Mans in it but otherwise, is 97% stuff I can’t read. I wish I could though. (Some people said it’s a text about weddings in Gensokyo ). Speaking of P-Mans..


P-Mans Touhou stuff seems a bit hard to get a hold of after it’s sold out on doujin sites so I felt lucky that I could grab this one.



And last but not least, our small doujins:


Some more Yayuyo artwork and ZAZENBEAT with a strong Yuuka focus. I tried my best to photo these but the paper type and general muted style of the colors really washed things out.





Speaking of Yayuyo, their older PCB focused artbook is back in stock on melonbooks~

Lastly is pretty much the only book I had ORIGINALLY intended to purchase; Karaageya-san’s new Koishi themed book, done in a similar fashion to their Little Blossom and Komachi books. While I’m sure it’s translated somewhere, I haven’t looked it up yet; it seems to follow Satori’s thoughts as she wonders what her sister is doing on the surface and waits, hoping she’ll come home.




Pretty much I just love this circle. I think this book was probably my favorite thing I got from the order.

Well that’s all I suppose (well I guess it was a lot). Again, there are many more images in the photobucket gallery that you can look through, thanks for stopping by, now it’s time for me to get to work getting people their stuff!



About having some issues with our proxy. More and more I'm becoming convinced that Nahoko from Treasure Japan is a one person team. It took them about 45 days from our shipping request before they actually even bothered to respond to my emails of inquiry about the orders (and only because I mentioned how long it had been). I asked them repeatedly if anything was wrong and if I should stop making such large orders but pretty much got zero answer to any of those sorts of questions. Has anyone using TJ been having similar problems? (well, I know that some people have, but anyone else?). I've always loved their customer service but it seems like they're getting more business than they have man power to run it, and I'm hearing the From Japan will do things pretty cheap and is reliable (though I also heard they won't order from Toranoana?)
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astrum the unnecessary guy
SpizzyIl y a 6 ans#1740211This was a huge group order for something like 23 people. I only spent about 150 myself (some books, CDs, and keychains)

OOOO, now that makes a lot of sense!! hahahah (I need to get in on some of that o.o)
Il y a 6 ans
This was a huge group order for something like 23 people. I only spent about 150 myself (some books, CDs, and keychains)

astrumIl y a 7 ans#1666023You must have a really good job and payroll... xD I hope to be able to get a huge round of loot, at least 1/4th of what you got here someday. Awesome stuff! :P
Il y a 6 ans
astrum the unnecessary guy
You must have a really good job and payroll... xD I hope to be able to get a huge round of loot, at least 1/4th of what you got here someday. Awesome stuff! :P
Il y a 7 ans
Unfortunately I do not know specific places--those were another person's items, I just got touhou stuff. Most all of it came from Toranoana and the Suruga-ya store though!

AnimeChibi101Il y a 7 ans#1488623I am just been dying to ask this sence I saw the first Fate/Stay Night stuff in your first picture in this. Do you anywhere, where I can get Lancer stuff from fate/stay night or fate/zero! (<3 Lancer!)
Il y a 7 ans
I am just been dying to ask this sence I saw the first Fate/Stay Night stuff in your first picture in this. Do you anywhere, where I can get Lancer stuff from fate/stay night or fate/zero! (<3 Lancer!)
Il y a 7 ans
Oh well, that'll do it! But it's still available on melonbooks >.> *bad temptress*

aeonblueIl y a 7 ans#1473435Actually, I won't ever be able to look at it because I got it as a present for someone haha. I should've ordered another copy for myself too!
Il y a 7 ans
aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
SpizzyIl y a 7 ans#1472991how come you can't look at the clockworks book right now? (It's pretty nice btw hehe)
Actually, I won't ever be able to look at it because I got it as a present for someone haha. I should've ordered another copy for myself too!
Il y a 7 ans
Milkbiscuit ¥¥~~\(´Д` ) \ NOOO
Zukin-ManIl y a 7 ans#1471596

That just makes me want to collect them more! I am suspicious of your good intentions!

But nah, maybe when I've completed my entire figure wishlist (not including pre-orders), I might (MIGHT) take it up.
Il y a 7 ans
A group order for comiket 83? What the hell! How I didn't knew about this sooner? D:

Amazing loot btw
Il y a 7 ans
OhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
Yayuyo T_T
Il y a 7 ans
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