Jude Mathis Unboxing/Review (Alter)Jude Mathis Unboxing/Review (Alter)Review

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Hello guys and gals! Today I wanted to talk about Alter's new figure, Jude Mathis. Jude is Alter's latest figure in the Tales of series, more specifically Tales of Xillia. As is to be expected this figure is pretty much perfect and seems to be very true to the character. Once again Alter provides a very simplistic yet striking figure.

There are of course, as with any figure, some drawbacks here and there that I quickly want to point out first. The paint job is not 100% perfect, just quickly looking at Jude you will not notice any problems with the paint bur upon close (REALLY close) inspection there is some paint residue here and there, once again barely noticeable. Compared to Alter's Milla figure ITEM #84814 he does not stand out as much, this is product of the character but the color is very flat. Please understand that I am really nitpicking here because Alter truly did a fantastic job!

On to the positives! The most important part is he looks like Jude, his pose while not over exuberant is simply "cool" he is ready to fight. Jude comes with two different faces, one is a smiling one while the other is a more aggressive one. I personally decided to display him with the more aggressive face simply because I felt it went better with his "fighting" pose. The base is very pretty and has a water drops effect which is a nice addition. Bases are usually a big gripe for me, I want some color and I want it to compliment the figure. Now the nicest part about the base is that it goes along with Milla's base perfectly picture/600418&..., in fact they are the same, just a different color scheme (along with the fact Jude's is bigger). Overall I am very happy to have Jude Mathis in my collection, I love this figure!

Here is the unboxing video:youtu.be/TGGNiG...

And here are some photos:

Thank you for reading!
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Really love Jude <3333
Il y a 6 ans
Thanks for the review. It's a big relief that he looks good here, imo. I'm not so much worried of mine now - hopefully he would be more like yours. Love the details of his weapon and his outfit. His serious face would probably suit his pose more than his normal one.
Il y a 7 ans
Wow his base looks so lovely! I love blue
Il y a 7 ans
Thank you for the review & video! Your Jude came out really great. (I too like his serious face more!) The recent pictures I've seen made me hesitant to order Jude due to the messy paint job on his clothes and gloves. At the moment, I'll make a definite decision on ordering him once the game comes out in August. I just hope the price won't be too bad until then.
Il y a 7 ans
Hope to receive mine soon as I sent my payment a bit closer to the deadline, hopefully his paint job will be as nice as yours.
Il y a 7 ans
He does look very lovely :D The paint job on yours looks a lot better than some of the other photos I've seen of him. I kinda regretted not ordering him to go with Alter's Milla, but eh...given how dodgy his painting looks in a lot of photos right now...it's just not up to ALTAiR/Alter's usual standard of quality. I'm hoping that so far the majority of photos are of bad examples, and that Alter haven't become lazy.

Maybe I'll pick Jude up later on once I have some more room :)
Il y a 7 ans
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