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ChuxChu Paradise - Melissa Seraphy - Nendoroid - Devil Ver. - 04ChuxChu Paradise - Melissa Seraphy - Nendoroid - Devil Ver. - 04

Singer_YunaSinger_YunaIl y a 10 ansReview
Lenneth and I are doing new reviews, and she choose for me one nendo review of...QUEEN MELISSA SERAPHY!!
So she is ^^
Firstly I must tell my story: I never loved Melissa...she always looked cute to me, but not for spending money...she wasn't one of my priorities...
I should also introduce you (if you didnt know already) the winter wonderfestival...in 2008 were two wonderfes, the winter one, which had as a special nendo the lucky star cosplaying fate stay night nendos. In summer there were Miku Hachune (with ton of hachune faces and two leeks(aka puerros)
and the subject of my review...Melissa Seraphy, with a big crown and cape, the letal queen. Melissa comes from "Chu x Chu" and she is an awesome nendoroid. In the summer wonderfes was an acidental death of one fan, so they stopped for a while doing wonderfes...until this summer, in july, there will be wonderfes again ^^

Well....lets start with Melissa's travel:
Here is, her angry face...her faces are awesome as always...but people who know me must know that I desire happy-smiling face of original version. She is so cute with her smiileee!! this WF08 edition has only angry and dot faced pieces ^^ but still, they are cute.
I am very pleased with Goodsmile Co. Not in vane is one of my favorite companies. Goodsmile did GREAT work with Melissa details. She is so funny with her angry face. And another difference with the normal version was the hair...the WF08 hair is so cute, sitting in one side. But normal version hairstyle is also 10/10. Goodsmile has done finely with both sculpting and painting. As you can see...the figurine has a lot of dedication in hair, accesories, and pumkin.
And yellow color doesn't look very loud...its very fitting to a pumkin queen.
My favourite part of Melissa is her eyes ^^
Score: 10/10

Come on to the next place
*-~_POSING and BASE_~-*
Queen Melissa Seraphy is based on the normal version of Melissa nendoroid. Her foot is tiny, and the WF08 base is ALSO different to the normal version...is black and it has a relief.
The base is a platform very fair, not big, suiting her perfectly. And its beauty...more than any other base of nendoroid.
The pose is very creative. She is expressive and comes with two pair of arms.
Score: 10/10

She's packed in a typical nendoroid box, but as usual with wonderfes nendos, there aren't any preview nendo in the box, only text.
I put it a 6, because its not bad, is very similar to the normal version.
Score: 6/10

Enjoyment with Melissa is great, because you can put together with the rest of the nendos and she rules a lot.
She has very important accessories, the crown and the big cape...which makes her a badass...Very playful.
Score: 10/10

Overall, she has got a 9 and in my personal ranking of nendoroids, she is the more big surprise and a great deal, because I found her at a awesome price with ebay discounts and the cheapest shipping method. So with her I have 3 wonderfes boxes.
PD - Photos are made with my laptop camera, so I added some beeeeee efects ^^ Im glad if you like them ^^
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Love the photos!
Il y a 9 ans
Lenneth the blue valkyrie
Great review. I seriously laughed out loud when I saw the ufo pic and I couldnt stop when I saw they continued. hehehe. I think mines going to be so boring now. xDD
Il y a 10 ans
LOLs! Now that's what I call a "fun review"! ^^
The pictures definitely speak louder than words... ^_^
Il y a 10 ans
Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
Thanks Marshmallowpiee *.*
Il y a 10 ans
Nice review, all the photos are so cute! XD I love Melissa with the goat hat, if only there was a real nendo accessory of it.
Il y a 10 ans
Live better. Play more!

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