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PaulichuPaulichuIl y a 7 ans
This weekend was Animethon 20... one of the busiest conventions I've EVER experienced. On Friday I had 2 panels, a bootleg identification panel, and a Sailor Moon panel. Saturday and Sunday I ran my table in the Artist Alley and attempted to attend the con events as well (I never seen much lol).


...was a nightmare (and not an official con day). I was meeting up with a "friend" who made my Sailor Mercury costume. It was in various pieces, uneven, too short and incomplete. Her "BFF" was hand sewing our GROUPS gloves because she was forcing her to. It was a nightmare. Then she freeloaded off of me at my house and had me sewing costume parts instead of working on my bootleg panel like I had planned. I was working on a costume I paid HER to make. Yea. I have that costume and I'll finish it myself. Never went to bed until 4:30 am. We had to get up at 7am.


Woke up at 7:30am, showered and discovered my freeloading friend got up and started sewing. I told her we had to leave 9:30am... she started PACKING at 9:30. Got to the convention grounds after an hour of packing, picking up another friend and driving only to discover I forgot my laptop with my panel presentations. My first panel was 12:30, it was just after 10:30 when I discovered this.

Freeloading friend decided she needed to go to the hotel she hadn't checked into yet. SIDE TRACKED to hotel, dropped her off, rushed to my house, got my laptop, went back to the University for the con JUST IN TIME for my panel.

The Anime Collectors Guide Panel

This panel was about identifying bootlegs. Because of the fiasco the night before the presentation was a half assed slide show with black text and no pictures.

Besides that it still went well. There were lots of interesting questions like one about the future of 3D printing and figures, and bootlegging companies using 3D printers for MAKING bootlegs. But most of it was very basic.

Sailor Moon 2013

This panel went SO well. I had about 60 to 80 people in a theatre class room (I can't remember how many rows there were). Everyone seemed to enjoy it and I had people stopping me in the vendors and in the Artist Alley about how much they enjoyed it. Here's the video: youtu.be/oIvNXb...

I purchased these off of a friend in Saskatchewan, and she had me unbox it during my panel. The Saturn is from Irwin, and the costumes are official XD. Saturn is so pretty though! Omg and PERFECT! I need a stand for her though.


Artist Alley Table


I keep hearing that I have too much Sailor Moon... but only 1/3 of my table is Sailor Moon, minus my key chain set >.> I'm trying to supply a better variety soon though. Next con! lol.

The rest of the event was decent. I made decent money and got lots of awesome stuff (and spent the money lol). There was a $200 official DVD Clow Book set ;_; and I held it in my hands! There was also a great stand of official GSC figures, including the giant Ultimate Madoka. Man that box IS huge.


I didn't really pick up much this convention. This pay cheque is full of bills =( So I worked off of my Artist Alley money.

Kyouko is up for trade. I'm looking for Homura. I have both clear and solid plastic versions, but one of them is open and on display. I'll take either version of Homura as well.

My favourite items are definitely the GE Animation mug, binder, and Sailor Moon plush. They're SO awesome, and the mug is textured! I thought it was just printed, but the small light blue squares are actually slightly raised.

Aaaannd that's it for Animethon! One down, three more to go! Swapcon on September 14th, ECEE on September 28th and 29th, and our local Pop Culture Fair on October 27th. Busy year!
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