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  • Very good write up with a lot of useful information.

    I don't think the line is going to die anytime soon, but I could def see them taking a big hit once they start pushing that 10K yen/$100 mark though.

    I wonder what GSC themselves want to do with the line, do they want to increase production and get more out there? Because that seems like a risky assumption since I have seen an increasing concern over quality and content that the Figmas come with.
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    Moeromoero Chinese Dress Hunter
    I never thought that Figma is dead.
    It's just the inconsistency on quality control draws criticism.
    Figma will continue on serving a niche segment in a niche market.

    I think it's gonna be alright.
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    www.amiami.com/... - Nendoroid Nakano Azusa, 3599 Yen, release in Jun 2010
    www.amiami.com/... - Figma Nakano Azusa, 2880 yen, release in Aug 2010

    www.amiami.com/... - Nendoroid Saber Alter, 4600 yen, release in Nov 2019
    www.amiami.com/...- Figma Saber Alter, 7944 yen, release in July 2019

    A price comparison between Figma and Nendoroid of the same character release around the same time.

    EDIT: Looking at the price increase, the line is probably going to be around for a long long time....
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    Nice article and great analytical work! I don't buy figmas but it is nice to stay informed about the industry trends.
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    Great article! I think figmas are a great line in theory. Their price point will definitely be a turnoff if it climbs to 1/8 scale figure heights.
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    littlefishgirlIl y a 2 mois#80327019Very interesting analysis! If you do make a Nendoroid one, I’d be interested in reading it.

    Ditto!! I would absolutely love to see a statistical analysis done not with just Nendos, but also with SAS (especially concerning the JoJo line!) and with RAHs. :) Keep up the good stuff! You are doing God's work XD
    Il y a 2 mois
    I'm honestly curious of the ratio of "announced/prototype" figmas that get canceled vs the ones that actually get released. Also, the average number of accessories to figmas over the years.

    (This is not a challenge by the way, it's just me thinking out loud)
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    Wow, that's some pretty impressive legwork you put in here.
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    plasticizer very mild
    Could be a number of reasons. What most people don't take into account aside from inflation in Japan is the countries where the stuff is produced. It could be that the price to design and make the figures (sculpting, die-making, licensing), the cost of the materials (PVC cost), regulations (QA costs, carbon tax), wages of laborers (painting, packaging), shipping/distribution, marketing costs have all increased, then, the company shifted the cost to the consumers.
    Il y a 2 mois
    TyjosAzariIl y a 2 mois#80327248I'd love to see an analysis on prices on Scaled figure increasing and how many of those get put out in a year's time next.There's a article series called "Figure Scale Trends" (SFW parts: BLOG #44130 and BLOG #44189) that check the count and quality of scale figures. It doesn't check figure prices if I remember correctly.

    What's interesting with charts provided in articles is a significant decrease of released figures in 2009 - a year after a financial crisis. We'll yet to see a coronavirus impact in figure announcements.
    Il y a 2 mois
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