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  • You should be able to drill holes through the side / back since all you need are small ones (wire gauge is fairly high)
    All you would need are :
    - Strips of 5050 SMD LEDs
    - LED remote / dimmer
    - CCTV jacks
    - A quality power supply (I like the Mean Wells that are cheaper, but can still actually put out their rated wattage/current, and not overheat like the cheap China ones)
    - High gauge wire
    - DC jack splitters (depends on how you wire all the individual strips together)

    How you wire the individual strips together doesn't really matter. It's more a matter of minimizing exposed wiring and/or making it more convenient to tie everything together.

    Here's an example of a bunch of 5050 LED strips (concealed + floor lamp wired together)
    Neat and tidy, no wires to be seen from up front
    Il y a 8 mois
    if there is daiso in ur area, they do sell some kinda of risers
    Il y a 8 mois
    I have one of those Billy bookcases from IKEA. I like my shelves really bright to show everything in its full glory so I use a strip of high density 6000K 120/M LED strips like these ones for each shelf: www.amazon.ca/g... You can probably find something similar on amazon.com. These have adhesive on the back so they will stick but if that doesn't work you could use superglue if it's permanent. I drilled holes through the back and wired them up there.

    If you can't drill through the back of the case, then I think your only option is to drill through the shelf and wire the lights down the interior wall and through each shelf.

    Or if there is enough space between the doors and shelves, you could run it along the door for only front facing lights.

    If you do go with these LED strips make sure you know how to wire things safely or the bookcase may catch fire and make sure you know how much power you need from the power supply to light the entire case.

    Good Luck!
    Il y a 8 mois
    Design your own risers and order them at any acrylic glass workshop in your area. You don't even need to do anything too sophisticated (like the blueprints) besides giving them the dimensions and your general idea of what those things should look like.

    Stuff you find online always costs more, and it's never perfect.
    Il y a 8 mois
    I make my own risers out of paper, based on this tutorial: BLOG #30134
    It only shows nendoroids but you can get it to work for other figures, as long as the base has a concave shape for the paper to hook on and the paper is thick enough to support the weight. It's not as pretty as clear risers but you can make it not conspicuous by matching the paper to the color of your shelves (or you could also get fancy and coordinate it with your figure).
    Il y a 8 mois
    lighting wise i have lights in from ikea, and they've lasted me since i built my cabinet, so 4-5 years. somehow they haven't burned out yet. i'm planning on replacing them when i redo my cabinets with hue lights so that i can change the color, etc.
    Il y a 8 mois
    MajesticOtaking Odayaka janai!
    I can't speak on lighting as my display isn't lit yet, but I can talk about risers a little! I actually have yet to purchase actual risers; I make my own! Sometimes this means re-purposing things, like the cases my Copic markers came in, small-ish black boxes from various things, and Gundam model boxes (I specifically use these for my Pokemon plush; there are so many you can't even see the boxes holding them, so it works well). I've also built some from scratch from foam core. My entire Beargguy display is on custom risers that I measured and built from foam core, then coated in a nice red fabric. Pictures under the spoiler:

    Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler

    You can also make risers for individual figures for more flexibility. I haven't experimented with this quite yet, but I like the idea that the risers themselves can become part of the display. The best part about custom risers is that you can make them any dimensions you want, so you aren't limited by what's available in stores.
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    For risers, I don't know if you are in the USA but I use those "power cubes" that Target and walmart would sell to try and get rid of old TCG stuff. www.amiami.com/... Kinda like these, and since the cubes come apart there are two instead of one.

    There is also this version as well on amazon. Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerwww.amazon.com/... though I have never used them.

    For lighting i don't know much but you could use LED strips and then drill a small hole in the back of the case for the wires?
    Il y a 8 mois
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