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  • Huh, I actually find all of them cute in their own way.
    Kinda like with Snow Princess Miku, I feel like I'll get it, no matter which options win.
    Il y a 4 mois
    5 - It's simple but shape of the twintails is unusual for a Miku and very nice.
    3 is nice as well.
    1 is cute but it's not Miku.
    Il y a 4 mois
    I voted number 5, I like the other designs too but I feel they are very similar (to each other and previous snow Miku incarnations) and too busy in some instances. I was a bit disappointed as there was some beautiful entries of Miku with traditional Japanese clothing that I would have loved to have seen make the final vote!
    Il y a 4 mois
    I voted 3, but idk that I really care this year. None of them seem to be particularly amazing to me. The gradient on the shawl seemed nice on 3 I guess. Don't like the pastels on 1, really don't like 2 at all, 4 looks like a reject from last years, 6 reminds me of Snowbell, and I didn't really care for that one, then 5's just.. ok.

    My favorite is still the Magical one.
    Il y a 4 mois
    3,4 and 6 are great, i really dislike 1, it doesnt feel like a snow miku
    Il y a 4 mois
    I voted for #2, but honestly they are all great. I wouldn't mind it any one of them wins.
    Il y a 4 mois
    frankly speaking, when I first saw this picture, I won't vote for any of them, seemed pretty meh to me. 1 kinda stand out for me but she does not feel like Snow Miku, more like Magical or Cinderella Miku.....

    my wallet is safe for this round
    Il y a 4 mois
    jumpluff Pegasus Knight
    Thanks for linking the voting.

    These all look the same to me as old Snow Miku somehow... I think it's mostly not that the outfits are truly the same but the art style + the theme really reinforces it, I don't know. Like 5 reminds me of 2019 Snow Miku a lot, and 4 reminds me a lot of 2020 Snow Miku, etc... I can point at a Snow Miku for literally all of them. The theme forces certain colour schemes to an extent, but it's not that narrow...

    Trying to look at it in a less jaded way, 1 and 5 are my favourites, but I'm not a huge fan of the skirt on 5. 1's Yukine doesn't really seem to match, which bothers me. 3 has the best Yukine but my least favourite outfit. 6 would be the best overall to me if it didn't remind me too much of previous Snow Miku too much in terms of colour and outfit style.

    Voted for 5, but considered voting for 1 too because cute. The Rabbit Yukine not feeling out of place is important to me, and 1 and 5 had the most unique feelings to me (followed by 6).

    My favourite Snow Miku are 2015, 2017, and 2018 (especially 2018).
    Il y a 4 mois
    2!! it's adorable and reminds me of flavored yogurt for some reason
    Il y a 4 mois
    I pick 5. Not because it's the prettiest design to me, just that... I don't know, she looks different. I feel like we've kind of seen the others before.
    Il y a 4 mois
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