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  • She's 25x31x29 from what I saw on plamoya (plamoya doesn't seem to offer SAL small packet either, here's the link plamoya.com/fr/...), so while some shop might offer SAL Small Packet for her, it's too close for AmiAmi I guess.

    Always good to check box size before hand, plamoya, hlj and hobbysearch are nice place to find that, over 82-85cm total size, it's a good guess that they might not offer SAL Small Packet. Not to mention, the closer to 90, the less protection if they offer it.
    Il y a 7 ans
    rivalappearsIl y a 7 ans#1431471Maybe it depends on who sends the invoice, it could be an employee trying to skim off the top or something. Anyway, after I received an invoice for a single mug with a shipping cost of almost 5000 yen, that was the final straw of being overcharged.
    I highly doubt that's the case since it's not like the the employee is going to be able to pocket that money.

    5000 yen for a mug sounds like they just accidentally invoiced you for SAL parcel instead of small packet or something.

    A lot of people seem to forget that different shops will use different boxes so while one shop might have a box that'll fit all your stuff and it'll still be eligible for small packet, another shop might not. I don't think AmiAmi is overcharging for shipping, or at least doing it purposefully. They just might not have the a box that'll fit your order perfectly. I'm also fairly certain that the employees don't have the items right in front of them so they can't "play Tetris" and only have numbers and weights to work with to figure out the right box for your order.
    Il y a 7 ans
    doku999Il y a 7 ans#1431594Their shipping costs are usually the same as HLJ that you like so much...
    Not really. I'm using Hobby Search these days anyway.
    Il y a 7 ans
    AmiAmi usually overcharges for shipping, it's just kind of how it goes.
    Il y a 7 ans
    Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
    Scam is a big word. I would recommend that you try see the weight of the item including the figure box which is around 600 g. Shipping box might be around 700g.

    However there is something strange... Your quoted price does not match any of the EMS Japan post official quotes:

    Up to 2,000 g 3,000 yen 4,000 yen 4,600 yen 7,000 yen
    Up to 2,500 g 3,500 yen 4,700 yen 5,400 yen 8,500 yen

    those are the prices from 2kg to 2.5kg for Asia, NA, EU and SA. In almost 95% of all cases, your quoted shipping price and weight much match one of the prices from the EMS Japan post website.

    For example, I know 1 nendoroid is going to be either 1,500 to 1,860 yen to me. and that 2 nendoroids are most likely 2,040 to 2,400 yen almost in 99% of the cases. So, yeah, I would be a little bit concerned in your case that Amiami is trying to either profit from you or do something strange with their quote. Maybe they are charging you a little extra for the shipping box.. not sure..
    however, if the box really weights a total of 1457, you should be charged 3,700 yen.
    your 2.3kg quote is wrong in terms of matching it to the price they are quoting you. I'm not sure where you are getting the quote that 2.3kg is 4195, as I direct quoted the prices per weight the EMS post states. but for more info www.post.japanp...
    Il y a 7 ans
    Well, I usually estimate about 0.5 kg just for the shipping box. If it's a larger-scale figure, 0.8 kg for the box and any packing material doesn't sound too outrageous. I don't know if they actually package the items before computing the shipping costs, but if their employees are estimating them, I'd have to believe they're instructed to estimate them a little high. Shipping overages will eat into their margins real fast, after all.
    Il y a 7 ans
    meteorstormedIl y a 7 ans#1431554When in comes to shipping, they're con artists if you ask me. But they have to make a profit somehow, what with all the discounts.

    Their shipping costs are usually the same as HLJ that you like so much...
    Il y a 7 ans
    When in comes to shipping, they're con artists if you ask me. But they have to make a profit somehow, what with all the discounts.
    Il y a 7 ans
    AlexiaIl y a 7 ans#1431004Not entirely true, sometimes ami packed figures with no cushion spot on the side.

    I had that with Godoka, There was maybe 1 sheet of paper in her box, compared to the usual over stuffage. I get when they do it to my expensive figures, but when my order is literally Punipuni pillows and rubber straps or my Etopen ITEM #14408 my feathers get a bit ruffled as too why so much paper is used...

    I kind of find that amiami's shipping makes up for the cheaper prices in general... so really I don't worry about it. I don't order much from them anyway.
    Il y a 7 ans
    BeaniIl y a 7 ans#1431478Haha wow. That would have made me totally pissed as well, did you ask them to recheck/repackage or just flat out cancel? I only ever ship things in one giant box per month so I guess I'm lucky not to have to deal with their single item shipment mistakes. (But in return I do pay over 10k shipping every month).

    I had been overcharged so often with them that it didn't even occur to me to ask them to recheck that time. I just threw my hands up and said "that's it" and flat out canceled.
    Il y a 7 ans
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