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Anime DVD club
chobittsuchobittsuIl y a 6 ans
Got a collection of anime series on DVD? Here you can talk about them.
If Blu-ray has its own club, DVD should have one too!
MàJ Il y a 6 ans13 utilisateurs2 commentaires


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mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
I only buy DVDs now when there is no Bluray available. However, I still have a massive DVD collection because they're either older or haven't been released on Blu (because not every series is oddly enough). Or I love a show so much I will buy and keep both the Bluray and DVD. Remember the old style limited boxsets? Those huge ones? Love them and I collect them!
Il y a 6 ans
After noticing that there was a Blu-ray club but not a DVD club, I decided to create one myself.
Here you show off your collection of both Japanese import and subbed editions.
Il y a 6 ans