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0Il y a 5 ansnoctyrnnoctyrn
arcium (Il y a 5 ans) #1136144What do people think about the K-on movie?

I love love loved the K-ON movie! Especially the parts where Azusa was convinced that Yui was either not graduating or was "into" certain things between Yui and herself. It was a great movie all around though!
0Il y a 5 ansarciumarcium
What do people think about the K-on movie?
0Il y a 6 ansjkbjkb
Hi ! can't wait for the movie ! viva HTT !!
0Il y a 6 ansYomi_Yomi_
Film trailer: [ext link ]
0Il y a 6 ansprinnprinn
So.....anyone reading the K-ON! manga continuation?

I'm already liking the new characters!
0Il y a 7 anspaTKanypaTKany Over 9000
0Il y a 7 anspheranchispheranchis
Vote for azunyan for saimoe!
0Il y a 7 ansYukkuriYukkuri
Hi, I'm new here.

[ext link ]
0Il y a 7 ansyakumoyakumo You said Nendo?
;_; gonna miss it so much, hope they make allot more extra's and a new series with the 4 girls on the new school and azunyan with new members.
0Il y a 7 ansIdaiIdai
I like figma K-on

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