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KamiSama's goods order splitting
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Ok me, Kami Sama, who lives in the US, likes to buy goods on all different Japanese webs. However, I always ended uo buying a whole box for few characters I actually want. So Imma gonna start this club and sort of split the order.


We can split anything together, I will be the host. And if anyone has any specific goods they want, we can always start a split, and try to save the shipping fee all together!!!!

This is gonna be a chill club, please just feel free to talk about anything that is not inappropriate here

Since this group is so new. PEOPLE ADD/INVITE UR FRIENDS PLZ
I really want to chill with more people lol bc its more fun right?

Rules and How this will work

Every month, KamiSa will ask yall what anime yall like and wish to order from. And I will pick ones that are less expensive and looks good

Then I will post the pictures to an individual forum with the month listed. Also a comment with the link and price of different goods. To "pre-order", simply save the picture, cross out the one(s) that you are interested (with your username written on top of every single one you want). And post (reply) it back to the forum.
If it is already taken, you can still put your name on top of it (below the other persons name), and depending on the amount our group wants, I might see if we have enough order to open another box.

And yes, we can try to order on Suruga-ya (www.suruga-ya.j...) and yahoo auctions (auctions.yahoo....) as will. And the goal for kamisa is to make sure EVERYTHING will be below 6 dollars. But just understand that some of them are used (but usually they are in good shape like new), however, no guarantee.

Also, as y'all know, sometimes things might get confusing when "international shipping" occurs. However, I will be in charge of everything, so all you need is to pay me for the goods thru paypal and wait till I received it then you can pay me the US shipping fee. But just saying, there IS a incredibly small chance that the package might get lost in the middle of the international shipping, I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED ONE, but just saying. When this occur, I will talk to the shipping company and the service provider (since I know some Japanese), if they could pay us back, then I will give full credit back to y'all. But if they do not, I guess it will be on me, then I will pay y'all half back.

If we have enough people in the future, we can also create a facebook group chat, and it will be easier to communicate with each other. But yeah, if we have ENOUGH ppl AND in the FUTURE. Plus if we have enough ppl yall could all follow kamisa on twitter, it might be easier as will. However, in the FUTURE with ENOUGH ppl.
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