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Welcome to the Custom Nendoroids Club!

This is a place for all creators and fans of custom Nendoroids ~

Nowadays, Custom makers sometimes struggle with publishing their creations on MFC. Sometimes, their work won't get the attention it deserves because of the daily flod of new images. Some users don't know how to tag most efficiantly, and some just aren't to well known.

I hope that this club will help Nendoroid customisers to get the attention they deserve! Here, you can share pictures of your custom Nendoroids, talk about future projects, link posts of your work or just simply enjoy the beautiful creations in the gallery ^^

If you want to share images or posts of a custom, just write a comment with a link and I will connect it to the club as soon as possible.


No pictures of unfinished customs in the gallery. Discussions and posts are ok, but the gallery is also used as an archive and shouldn't be spammed.

No repetition of one and the same custom in the gallery. Different poses and perspectives are alright as long as it's not crossing the line to spam.
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