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keterketerIl y a 1 mois
Hihi!! This is a club for SHOUJO ANIME AND MANGA, that are aimed at or suitable for children! This includes magical girls, idols, older shoujo, and slice of life stories! If you have a suggestion or addition for the club please feel free to comment!!
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keter Anomalous Precure!
FlorabelleCutiesIl y a 1 mois#81513070poast
Thank you for sharing!! My first shoujo was probably Smile Precure, which I watched sometime in 2014 I want to say. It led me down the precure rabbit hole where i live now <3

i've been meaning to branch out and watch some more shoujos though! some i've watched already are aikatsu, pripara, and parts of wedding peach, lady jewelpet, and magic knight rayearth!!

good luck watching all of precure btw!
Il y a 1 mois
Hello! Figured we could start off the comments section by telling one another our first and latest shoujo anime/manga endeavors! I'll start :D

So, my first ever Shoujo anime was WAAAAYYYY back in the day (2000/2001), when I used to catch the reruns of "Tokyo Mew-Mew" on YTV (old Canadian children's network). I loved the opening, transformations and flashy attacks...but, being four/five years old, I thought it was just an old American cartoon, like She-Ra XD

I really started getting into Shoujo anime last year after leaving my first job. I ended up falling for the cute, vibrant designs of "Mahou Tsukai PreCure" and decided to give it a watch. I immediately fell in love and began my continuing journey through the entire PreCure franchise (currently watching Max Heart, Hugtto and Healin' Good)!

My latest watch is going to be Futari wa PreCure Splash Star, which I'll be starting once I've completed Max Heart (then it's just Fresh and Heartcatch). In the meantime, I've also begun Pripara (my first and only idol anime), and am thinking of tackling Ojamajo Doremi afterwards...and maybe squeeze Cardcaptor Sakura in somewhere, too <3
Il y a 1 mois
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