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Mixed Materials: PVC + Clothing
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WARNING: this club contains NSFW figures/photography.

Welcome! This club is for collectors who enjoy customising their figures with clothes or accessories; pairing PVC with fabric and/or other materials!

Examples of materials;
- Fabric
- Ribbon
- Rope
- Jewellery
- Balloons (to give the impression of latex)

Clothes that are intended for dolls can also be used (e.g. Barbie). Alternatively, rather than buy clothes the collector may prefer to create clothes themselves, whether that be by sewing, knitting, crocheting or other means.

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This club aims to celebrate the creativity of the collector rather than figures that are already sold with mixed materials.

For example: Real Action Heroes (RAH) are action figures but instead of having their clothes sculpted on, they instead have fabric clothing. I don’t plan to list figures like that as I would rather the club just be for sharing photographs of figures with clothes that are created or bought by collectors. If you own something like a RAH but you de-robe it and place new clothes on it (that you either created, found or bought separately) then that type of thing is OK. Also, ball jointed dolls such as Dolfie Dream will be excluded as I am sure many clubs already exist for those. Plus, they are already designed with dressing up intended, unlike a scale figure.

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Please feel free to join, discuss and help me add photos! I’ve wanted to make this club for a long time but I probably will be slow to add more photos, so help me out if you can/would like to. Speaking of pictures, I've featured one of my favourites as well as a link to the gallery below;

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